Emma Kimiläinen premiere in the STCC

On Saturday, the STCC started the new season. But last weekend was not quite the prelude we had hoped for Emma Kimiläinen on the Knutstorp Ring.

Emma Kimiläinen
Emma Kimiläinen

Their Saab 9-3 from the PWR Racing Team collided in both races with the Volvo of Prince Carl Philip. In the first race both cars were heavily damaged, followed by a safety car phase, both vehicles could not finish the race.

In the second race, both drivers had again body contact, Emma Kimiläinen could continue the race and reached the 9. Place. The prince retired a lap later due to the accident.

The 25-year-old Emma from Helsinki is the first woman since 15 years in the STCC. She drives since the 5. Kart and tested as a teenager for the DTM series. The media interest in her and the, with NEVS factory support launched Saab 9-3 of the PWR Racing Teams, is big. On Friday, there was a video clip of Emma with the STCC Saab on Swedish television at the start of the new season.

In the first race of the STCC on the Knutstorp Ring no Saab could place on the podium. In the second race Richard Göransson on Saab 9-3 of Team Tidö achieved an outstanding third place, showed the potential for more and kept the brand flag up.

The next STCC race will start at 6. and 7. June in Gothenburg.

The results in the overview:

STCC, barrel 1 Ring Knutstorp Top 10: 

1. Mattias Lindberg, Team Kia 20 varv
2. Philip Forsman, WestCoast Racing BMW Dealer Team + 1,272
3. Erik Jonsson, WestCoast Racing BMW Dealer Team + 7,721
4. Fredrik Larsson, WestCoast Racing BMW Dealer Team + 7,833
5. Mattias Andersson, Dacia Dealer Team + 8,588
6. Fredrik Ekblom, Polestar Racing + 8,861
7. Thed Bjork, Polestar Racing + 9,806
8. Roger Samuelsson, Team Tidö + 26,479
9. Richard Göransson, Team Tidö + 1 varv
10. Andreas Wernersson, Team Kia + 5 varv

STCC, barrel 2 Ring Knutstorp Top 10:

1. Fredrik Ekblom, Volvo Polestar Racing
2. Fredrik Larsson, WCR / BMW dealer team + 0,798
3. Richard Göransson, Team Tidö + 4,207
4. Thed Bjork, Volvo Polestar Racing + 7,119
5. Mattias Andersson, Dacia Dealer Team + 12,806
6. Linus Ohlsson, Team Kia + 13,568
7. Philip Forsman, WCR / BMW dealer team + 18,446
8. Mattias Lindberg, Team Kia + 18,927
9. Emma Kimiläinen, PWR Racing Team + 19,141
10. Roger Samuelsson, Team Tidö + 49,658

Text: tom@saabblog.net

Picture: pwr racing team

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