Saab Service Club Germany & Austria is coming!

Good news for Saab fans in Germany and Austria! Orio Deutschland GmbH announces the “Saab Service Club” for both countries.

The Saab Service Club for Germany and Austria is coming.
The Saab Service Club for Germany and Austria is coming.

The launch will take place in the second quarter of this year. Another positive step towards the future and customer focus for our brand in both markets. Service clubs are common to most new car vendors, reinforcing brand loyalty, and contributing to what marketers describe as a brand experience.

Everything is different with our traditional brand. The brand experience is guaranteed by a full calendar of events, the possible new car supply is a pleasing option for the future. The Saab Service Club will therefore be more than what we usually mean by that. Of course there will also be exclusive offers and discounts for the members. But the club has more potential!

It will also be the interface between Saab drivers, the authorized Saab service centers and Orio AB as a supplier of original spare parts. The traditional Swedish brand, manufacturers and retailers are moving closer together. For the Saab Service Club, there will be a close cooperation between the German subsidiary of Orio AB and

A lot is possible in the future. Actions, exclusive events ... the list of options is long and we can be surprised. Orio Deutschland GmbH managing director Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher is open to suggestions from the community.

Membership of the Saab Service Club, which will soon be available on the sites for Germany and Austria goes online, of course, is free. A first taste of what Saabiges is coming to me, I'll tell you on the blog tomorrow. And then it is already concrete. Because at the same time we start our first joint action. It will be exciting!



5 thoughts on "Saab Service Club Germany & Austria is coming!"

  • Hello Tom.
    There is only one in Styria !!!! Saab dealer.
    Do you have any idea if there might be more in the future?
    Many thanks and best regards to all Saab drivers.

    • Much will have to be done before our brand will be interesting for new traders. A convincing market launch, new products that inspire. Both are not (yet) in sight.

  • Good news, the week starts well (from SAAB point of view .-))
    @ Andrej The Swiss are sure to get their club 😉

  • And what about the poor confederates? Sniff ...

  • Step by step ... .. a positive development! 🙂 The week starts (again) happily! SAAB greetings

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