The Saab Inside customer magazine is here!

There was a long time ago, the Saab Moments Circle and a Saab customer magazine. Every new issue was eagerly awaited, every issue collected. At some point the magazine and the Moments Circle were discontinued, then nothing followed.

SAAB Inside - the Saab Service Club Magazine
SAAB Inside - the Saab Service Club magazine

The long time without a Saab magazine is now over, today Saab Service Club's new magazine starts with “Saab Inside”. The first edition is available as a free download for anyone interested; the following issues of the future semi-annual magazine are available exclusively and free of charge only for members of the upcoming Saab Service Club.

The media landscape has changed and “Saab Inside” is changing accordingly. In the past there was a print edition, today there is a download. The new magazine does not want to be a glossy magazine, but another, lively and contemporary interface between Saab and the community. As it fits the brand. The future collaboration between the editors in Eschborn and is correspondingly close.

We start reading campaigns together, the borders between the Internet and the print medium will disappear, and both media will complement each other.

We are looking for you and your Saab - we are looking for Saab stories!

All of this is happening for the Saab brand, which will make it even more present. The first joint campaign of “Saab Inside” and blog starts today. Under "We are looking for you and your Saab”We ask for a story that can only be experienced with the Trollhättan brand.

We are looking for you and your Saab!
We are looking for you and your Saab!

Each of us knows such events from everyday life with Saab. It's all about the little experiences around the brand. For example, the spontaneous conversation with a stranger at the gas station, who just loves Saab and always wanted to drive a Saab.

Saab drivers who would like to tell us a personal story about life with the Trollhättan brand can send their submission to the editorial office of “Saab Inside” or to the blog saabinside @ by June 15, 2014. Send

In addition to the usual contact information and one or more pictures, we would like to know the following points:

- Which model are you currently driving?
- How many years have you been driving a Saab?
- How many Saabs have you had and which models?

All readers from Germany and Austria are invited to participate, with the exception of employees of Orio Deutschland GmbH and the blog team.

The most interesting Saab story will be published both on the blog and in the next issue of “Saab Inside”. In addition, places two and three are published on

The winner waving a very individual, not for sale, saabiges single piece as a thank you. It's still a secret, but I'll tell you soon after a short break what we thought up. Tension must be!




24 thoughts on "The Saab Inside customer magazine is here!"

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    Too bad, wanted to register, but Switzerland does not exist in the country index. We have an above-average number of great Saabs driving around and the majority of the Swiss understand German also So we would be predestined to be part of the Saab Service Club. (We don't have to become a member of the EU right away, do we ?? ...)

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    Find it great that there will be a Saab magazine again.
    I've just looked at my "old" ones again. The last one I have (“Saab Magazine” and “Saab World”) is from 2008.
    Was there any after that?

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      Wolfgang, the last copy was, in my opinion, the saabwelt 2009. Cover story “The completely new Saab 9-5 sedan. Developed by independent thinkers ”. I'm just lying in front of me ... Greetings, Michael.

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    1. Great, that in this area SAAB is back! Retaining existing customers is a very, very important step before actively seeking new customers!

    2. The registration was very easy for me! In this regard, it is also very positive that you are not only addressing drivers of new models, but generally the SAAB community!

    3. That the layout of the PDF file is unsuitable for self-expression, I can / must unfortunately confirm!
    Even with all the options in the print menu, you can not manage to get everything onto the paper in both directions and in the right order.
    And I work in the field of printing and layout….

    Suggestion: Just single pages, then it works when printing and also better when reading on an iPad!

    Conclusion: Grade 2+, the VERY GOOD just missed, so just a little bit of room for improvement - but not much 🙂!

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    Well, the registration confirmation didn't work for me - “404er”.
    Well done - with some moose in the way and the text: “Road closed. Make a U-turn! " - but didn't work. A developer has to work again ... 😉

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    oh, fine the magazine!

    Maybe only as consecutive pages! This reads as e-paper more beautiful and you can print it well with the Broschürenfunkion

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    I think it's wonderful that there is a SAAB magazine again! I also think it's great that everyone can register for this club ... not just new car customers ...

    That there is the magazine "only" digital, has indeed its charm:

    1.) Printing and logistics costs are eliminated
    2.) Hardly any resources (ink, paper, energy) are used
    3.) Greater range for Saab drivers and fans

    That the community and of course are also involved is a dream after our fears from 2 years ago ...

    Greetings from the sunny Oldenburg again


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    Basically I find such a magazine to be a good opportunity to be informed about a wide range of topics. What is not very professional is that in the future only the people from the “Saab Service Club” and not all club members will get this magazine. Probably the club headquarters slept again. I have been waiting for my membership card for the second year, but they have collected the fee. Great!

    • blank

      Which club headquarters? The “Saab Service Club” has nothing to do with any clubs, is an Orio initiative.

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        Tom, that's really what YOU say
        BUT, for me as a Saab driver for 20 years, it makes no difference whether Saab Service Club or Saab Club member in Germany, otherwise we have an 2-class Saab fanbase. The people who order a new car today and the people who have been driving a Saab for x years. Where is the difference? Saab is Saab. Or am I wrong?

        • blank

          There is no difference. Everyone who drives a Saab, regardless of the age of the car, is welcome in the Service Club. And that's good. Only, and I wanted to say that so that there are no misinterpretations among the readers, none of this has anything to do with membership cards that have been missing for 2 years. This is (unfortunately) the not completely unknown construction site of a club ...

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    I tried it with the registration

  • blank

    Habs also tried printing, but it can not work because the title page is single on A4 and there are always two pages on A4 size for an A5 expression.

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    Oh, how did I miss the old SAAB magazine…. 🙁!
    This new beginning is fantastic! 🙂 Great idea! 2x in 2014 and 2015x from 4 ;-)… .. if I had one wish! There will hopefully be enough SAAB information ...
    This week starts really great! THANK YOU!

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    2 x in the year is not enough, 4 x should become mandatory

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    Very nice idea !!!!
    Finally “something to read” on the topic of SAAB!

    And I find the PDF solution even better and more contemporary than a “classic print edition”. (And it is certainly also much cheaper.)
    However, the quality of the images could have been a bit better (1.6 MB is already very “compact”). 😉

    That almost encourages you to take new (“round”) pictures of your own Saab and write something ... 😉

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    Hey there!
    I prefer to read “paper”, so I want to print out the magazine. By specifying it as double pages, it is not possible to print in the duplex process while maintaining the page order, maybe I'm too stupid. The link to the crossword puzzle doesn't work, the printout is difficult to read (font size / resolution not optimal) - so there is still room for improvement.

    But: Great that there is even a publication of SAAB!
    Plus “my” car on the front page - so the magazine goes straight to pole position!

    Can I have some more, please

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth

    • blank

      Hey Uli, we collect any suggestions and suggestions for improvement and pass them on to Sweden. Font size / resolution is not optimal, it is always about the download compact to keep.

      • blank

        Hi Tom!
        Being able to read the questions is one of the basic requirements to solve the crossword puzzle

        Today, the joy of the new magazine outweighs anyway!

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    Great thing and really surprising, even if there is unfortunately no print edition. But, why are most of the photos in miserable quality?

    • blank

      The agency has optimized the images for double-sided printing / A5. In this size the picture quality “fits”.

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    The surprise after the lunch break - great! 🙂

  • blank

    Ingenious - customer loyalty couldn't be better. A clear sign that the likeable brand is rolling forward again at all levels in Germany too! Thanks Tom, thanks Orio.

  • blank

    That's a great idea. Since almost every die-hard Saab fan would have a story in stock.

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