Diary: Review and Preview

We have reported several times on the blog about the countless events and trips and the diverse activities in the SAAB community. In our calendar you will find an excursion or a meeting for almost every weekend.

SAAB meeting at SAAB Service Hoebold in Holzweissig
SAAB meeting at SAAB Service Hoebold in Holzweissig

So also last weekend in Holzweißig near Bitterfeld at the SAAB Service Höbold. Unfortunately, due to bronchitis, I did not have the opportunity to attend the meeting of the Höbold family. But our loyal reader Steffen from Dresden was there and sent us some impressions and snapshots.

The meeting was held for the sixth time. Here is a short report from Steffen for everyone who, like me, did not make it there. "...Hello Mark, here is the summary from Saturday, according to a statement by Ben Höbold we were 42,5 cars, the 0,5 is half the 902 as a trailer from the workshop .

The process: - First meeting at the workshop with a small buffet, as in previous years - Then the volunteer fire brigade wood white with various demonstrations, first person stuck under the car. Then the Mr. Höbold jun. the airbags of the Test 9-3's blown up to demonstrate the force. Then the poor 9-3 was 'worked' with the spreader until it was a convertible with a hardtop. - then the famous raffle, the main prize was a boat trip on the Goitzsche - then we went in a convoy to the Goitzsche and queued up for a photo shoot of the Saab's in the closed parking lot - then there was the opportunity to make friends with the Segway's - but only for a short time Eating out, a nice buffet in the Bavarian atmosphere (South Tyrol) - after strengthening we went on a Segway Parkour ...

group photo
group photo

 Most of the Saabs were mainly from the surrounding area, otherwise a small group from Berlin, me as a Dresdener. A couple of people from Leipzig and Halle. In terms of the model, everything from the 96, 9-7, 9-3 (TX) to a beautiful “new” white 9-5 II was represented ... ”

Many thanks to Steffen and the entire Höbold family. We hope that we can be back next year.

The next highlight will follow next weekend. The SAAB friends from the Braunschweig / Hanover area and the Harz area will meet on Saturday, May 17.05.2014th, 10 for a trip through the beautiful Harz. The meeting is at 00:99 am for breakfast in the mountain restaurant “Maltermeister Turm”, Rammelsberger Straße 38644 in XNUMX Goslar. If you still want to take part spontaneously, please contact the organizer John

This time we are at the start and of course we will report about it.

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  • I'll correct a little ... Is a 902 trailer, Seensuchts Alm should be South Tyrol, according to the boss. And I am not Mr. Höbold but Benjamin or Ben ... Otherwise it's true ... Greetings Ben
    More pictures follow

    • Good morning Ben,

      Thank you very much for your hint. Corrected the affected areas ...

      LG Mark

  • ..was very nice….!

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