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Reader's contribution by Philipp Bohr

Recently I had an accident. A stupid thing - a collision, self-inflicted. The highway wet with rain, in the dusk, at seven in the morning. An accident-prone driveway, now slowly known as the accident center - to get off the highway onto the highway, one must drive an 270-degree curve, and then accelerate vigorously on a short acceleration lane.

Allow: Clarence, the SAAB with the silver look
Allow: Clarence, the SAAB with the silver look

Someone did not do that, so my front man had to slow down. I also slowed down. And too late I realized that full braking was necessary - it crunches, it crashes, and with little residual speed I drove on the Citroen in front of me.

In such a situation, it can be helpful to have reasonable people. The question of guilt was quickly clarified, it is much more interesting for my accident "opponent" that my SAAB has so little damage. The police also attest to my SAAB tank qualities, in fact the most obvious damage is the badly battered license plate and the cracked license plate holder (from the now defunct SAAB center Saarbrücken).

The full extent of the damage occurs to me only in the evening, when I look at the SAAB in the parking lot from the side and the front end looks very inharmonious. After I also noticed that the left headlight is no longer straight, but diagonally to the upper right lights, I baptize the repair project spontaneously "Clarence".

First of all, the good news: in fact, no major damage escaped. Oil, water and intercooler are still tight, frame and track still grade, the damage so more of a cosmetic nature and thus classic "now I help myself" work. How the repair works, I describe in the four acts in which the repair has taken place on the Saab Youngtimer Blog.

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  • Many years ago in FFM, a Fiat Punto slipped onto my 99 Sedan at the traffic lights. The front of the Punto was clearly damaged, apron, grill, headlights all scrap, bent bonnet. I went straight to Eschborn with my sweetheart to the SAAB headquarters at the time to have a specialist look at the rear of the 99. The master fetched a hand brush from the workshop, swept the broken pieces off the bumper and said: “Finished - have a nice day!”. At the latest then it was clear that I had made EVERYTHING CORRECT with my choice.

  • Well typed - it's the Brabus conversion. And it is even rarer: Serious estimates assume fewer than 90 copies. I published something about it here last year. As far as the procurement of spare parts is concerned, in the worst case scenario I will have to procure replicas - and in the future I will have to treat the good piece extremely carefully.

  • When starting and unexpected stop in front of a traffic light my backman (big Opel) pushed me with my 901 on the Merc in front of me.
    Opel was then insufficient and the Merc had gotten something!
    Me too: But only trouble from my appointment 😉 (back then I didn't have a cell phone) - but it was quickly resolved.
    Saab at most a few scratches on the good old black unpainted bumpers.

    @ Saab-owl:
    How did the question of guilt actually go out?

  • The grill and the rest of the muzzle look like a Brabus conversion. There was, corrected me if I am wrong, only 500 piece of. There will certainly be problems with spare parts procurement. At least if you want to restore the vehicle as it was before the accident.

  • This front lip has always had a slightly wider gap to the bumper, but that's a good thing, because it quickly comes into contact with the ground with curbs - it's good to have some play. But this also looks more dramatic than it is because of the lighting.

    And yes, that with the grill was a real shame. That's not cheap, I could imagine. But that there is no official or unofficial (classifieds, eBay, etc.) replacement, I was surprised.

  • 1990 rammed me with my 901 Precision Schnauzer exactly bumper corner on bumper corner a Sierra, he just drove over a stop sign and wanted to go on vacation so fast! Tia out of it was nothing, the older man had to tow his Sierra, total loss! And my SAAB got a new bumper, more was not!

  • My compassion. But as so often: the main thing is no personal injury. There are solutions for everything else. It's a shame that the bonnet also took a hit. What is going on in the basement, is that previous damage? Somehow the bumper and front spoiler are drifting apart ... It's a shame about the Hirsch Grill too ...

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