SAAB Parking only!

There are many more or less tastefully made “Saab Parking only” signs on the Internet. For my parking spaces, which are all firmly in Saab's hand, I really didn't want to like them.

Saab Parking only @2014
Saab Parking only @2014

An opportunity to let our daily Saab madness run wild and once again to realize a new idea for our Saab fan shop. We have 3 different versions of “Saab Parking only!” Signs produced. One with the Saab plane and one Saab Scania version for the traditionalists.

With a wink, there is still a troll version that is supposed to keep the parking lot free. “Saab Parking” becomes “Troll Parking” and is therefore applicable to everything that comes from Scandinavia, has wheels and drives.

We have not yet tested whether it works. All “Saab Parking only!” Signs are printed as outdoor versions for a long life on weatherproof aluminum and can now be ordered in our fan shop.

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8 thoughts on "SAAB Parking only!"

  • I think so much better. First, the English-speaking market has always been important to SAAB; secondly, a message that few people understand is not a message.

  • I would have thought it was even funnier if the Parking Only would naturally adorn the sign in Swedish.

  • Let's hope that VW doesn't intervene here ...

  • I couldn't resist - and ordered the sign that went with the emblem on the car. Will be a pretty embellishment of the garage door ...

  • That's (again)
    I will order a sign with the plane on it.

    How does it look in Sweden?
    Is there already news when the production can start again ???

  • I ordered the traditional sign before 5 days.
    My garage forecourt is already looking forward. Then there is also an 9.3. Convertible with the traditional Saab-Scania emblem.
    In the current situation, there are still reasons to look forward to something.
    I wait daily for the package, which also contains two cups.
    There are already great ideas in the shop.
    Damke Tom.

  • Hi Tom, that's a nice idea despite the bleak news.

    Greetings from the sunny coast

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