Still fancy Saab?

The last week had it, from my personal Saab perspective, in itself. On Tuesday, Saab owner NEVS announced a temporary break in production and admitted liquidity problems.

Saab 9-5 NG @ 2014
Saab 9-5 NG @ 2014

The day before, a good friend switched from Saab to Audi. Not entirely voluntarily! But for the reason that it is simply impossible to get a 2011 Saab 9-5 with a low mileage and at least approximately optional equipment at a low price.

In addition, an Audi A6 sedan is considerably cheaper than three-year-olds. In plain text, there is a good € 10.000 or more price difference between the two models with similar features in favor of the German premium provider. A 2011 Saab 9-5 is significantly above the residual value of a comparable Audi. What a situation! It makes you think ...

The traded Saab commented on the brand change in his own way. The day before the trade-ins, the cylinder head gasket quit its service. That was clear!

Okay, in my circle of friends the Saab ranks are clearing, and in Trollhättan everything is under scrutiny again. The 100 external employees saw their offices in Stallbacka last Friday for the time being. Accountants are at work and are taxing the assets. After all, the Saab News for the permanent staff are better. There should be no layoffs for the time being.

All this does not really lift my mood, even though I hope for a good outcome of the story. Readers who now expect daily economic updates on the upcoming changes to NEVS on the blog, I have to disappoint. After some thought, I decided that there will not be any news on the current Trollhattan trials until reliable reports from official channels are available.

That may cost us the one or the other reader and possibly quite a few clicks. But that's never what happened to me. Because the permanent cacophony from the year 2011 is still too present for me, as it was only about this one topic every day.

In a nutshell: of course, I still feel like Saab. I like the cars, the brand, the blog and the community. The heart beats Saab, as before. That more and more foreign brands appear in the circle of friends does not change this. It is the predictable course of things and manageable. Many readers will feel the same way.

What I don't like are the business crime stories from Sweden. I've had more than enough of that in the last three years. I am happy to leave Saab news on this topic to Mikael Östlund and the official channels. Here, however, it will continue with reports about our cars and everything else about Saab. Except for business crime stories.

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  • It sounds like in a sect ... some determine what is “right”, whoever has a different opinion or does not otherwise fit into the scheme is sorted out (shaking his head). I happily do without such a spirit. So far I actually thought that SAAB drivers were people with expertise.

  • That is not completly correct. 901 drivers seldom deigned to say hello to 9000s (partly until today), but 9000s usually greet each other ...

  • Reminds me of old times: Before the Saab 9000 greeted all Saab driver. That was over with the 9000er.

  • Jezt even more. Greetings every Saab driver I see. And longer the more Saabfahrer greet already from a distance.
    Pure Saab Spirit!

  • Here I have to give all SAAB friends in southern Germany a tip. The Auto Mühlbauer company in Furth im Wald (Upper Palatinate) has a top workshop and is always happy to help and is extremely competent. Anyone who has worries with the vehicle should take a look there. Mühlbauer was once one of the largest SAAB partners in Bavaria until GM left. The people from the workshop, as well as the boss, really have a knowledge and passion for SAAB. You can also - as I often do - take a nice hike in the Bay. Make the forest while the car is in the workshop.

  • For rational or economic reasons, you do not have to drive Saab anymore. Since it is understandable that some on Skoda, Audi or änliches changes. If you're happy with that, too.
    I have also met many former Saab drivers, who have raved me of their Saabzeit. (The real thing still vehicles)
    As a die-hard Saab driver like me, I've driven a few other brands, but in no one I felt as comfortable and safe as in a Saab. You get in and are at home.
    I drive Volvo due to my job. But I'm missing something here. Emotions are not the same as a Saab. Although the Volvo is a good Swedish car.
    Currently, my 9-5 Aero estate car and its lighting system are almost driving me crazy. Still, it would be hard for me to sell that part. The joy of the car still outweighs. (If everything works!)
    To be faithful to a Saab requires a certain attitude and the joy of driving something that not everyone has or wants to drive. I call the Saabismuss.

  • I don't really feel like NEVS anymore, too much chaos and contradictions in their business policy! But all the more pleasure in my old Saabs….

  • Desire for Saab is still there. I'm going to Trollhatten next week with my 9-5 NG, TiD machine, 2012, 19000km….
    I'm really looking forward to the journey! My two other Saab, 9-3 convertible and 9-3 Aero Coupe would also like to ride, but I think I drive with the big sedan and the diesel probably the best. And then Saab is sniffed.

  • My 9-3 2.2 TiD has 330000 on it and I think I'm pretty much done. In addition to the turbo and the noise level (even louder than in the above-mentioned 9-5) are several dashboard lights through, the power steering yowls, some rust spots on the body, smelly smell, and since March no more HU. Must give it away, because my daughter just has no need for driving a car.

    However, a lot of highway at 200 km / h

  • Crap. Well, I'll talk to the workshop. I think he's got louder too. But can be imagination. And neither Contintal nor Pirelli seem to want to offer the last year largely announced new quiet tires with PU foam for normal cars, only Megamonster Audis.

  • I can agree with that though. I sold the 9-5 deer because I needed a diesel. I chose a S60 D5. The engine is really good and economical. Unfortunately, Saab can not offer anything comparable. Only the 1.9 TTiD (160 / 180PS) would have been comparable, but only available from 2008 or 2010.

  • Of course I still want to SAAB! Why ? Because these vehicles are just great and I don't have to go with the boring bunch that drive the Passat, Audi, BMW, Benz and similar boring or baroque pickles. The quality is great and the cars are durable - my 9-3 II can now cover 300.000 km and I don't care. The maintenance is manageable. Probably because I hardly drive on the Autobahn (the best invention of the construction and automotive industries for increasing wear and tear). The design of the SAAB is timeless and so nobody notices that the car has been around for almost 9 years. No rust, no stress. What could I want more ? Oh yes ... a 9-3 II Kombi BJ 2014, or better still a 9-3 III Kombi Hybrid BJ 2016. There is no other vehicle comparable to SAAB! A SAAB is a SAAB is a SAAB!

  • I've been driving Saab for 32 years. My wife, who was a Saab 96 driver at the time, gave me the idea to test drive a Saab 900 Turbo. The Saab virus immediately infected me. I didn't drive any other vehicle. With an average annual mileage of 60.000 km, a new vehicle every 4 years. Now my Saab 9-3 Kombi Aero 1,9 TTID (200 PS), registered 08/2010, has already traveled more than 220.000 km. I had to choose. Now another make is coming. With almost tears in my eyes, I signed the sales contract with another brand. At the end of June 2014 I'm changing - not with pleasure. Where is the "old" Saab? It stays in the family - my daughter will take it over!
    What drives my wife for a car: Of course, a Saab convertible.
    We treat our Saab's like friends. I hope we will have something from these vehicles for a long time to come.
    PS. Joy in my new vehicle - almost zero

  • Arrogance? That sounds very familiar to me ... obviously it's part of the sales strategy 😉

  • Unfortunately we had to buy a different brand after 220000 km. Well, all the lost money for Saab.

  • Hi Michael,
    have you been to Auto Bende in Karben? Erik B and his team are doing really well. The Bende team has never disappointed me, so far all my Saabs have been taken there
    Detlef H.

  • Totally accepted. Good decision Tom.

  • The pleasure of SAAB is not.

    Until the “cold shoulder”, which NEVS has shown SAAB drivers so far, becomes a “home”, a lot would have to happen. ☺

  • To return to the question asked in the title: Yes.

    Even if the brochures from two other manufacturers are currently on my table - but more out of an interest in the subject than the real intention to buy. As they say here: You can watch, 'gess gebbt dahemm (= you eat at home).

  • That's right!
    The griffin still graces the door to my garage and the little 30-year-old troll sticks to the window of the cottage.

  • Hey Tom
    super thank you and ... have just talked to Mr. Ratzmann calls and he had given me an appointment. Thank you.

  • Hi, Tom and all the others,
    everything is not easy! I drive a company sow and it is changed I must pull with whom I can not hold the Saab as a second car for me. But either I drive Saab crazy then I drive Saab for as long as there are spare parts. If I am not, everyone should sell their Saab quickly so we Saab-crazy people have enough Saab's to cover us.


  • Of course, still fancy Saab! I am always happy when I see a Saab in the street scene or get out of the garage.

    For me it is also true that I have not really become warm with NEVS and therefore read the (bad) news from there relatively emotionless.

  • OK. Of course, Kiel is always worth a visit 🙂 For difficult cases, Ralf Muckelbauer, Saab Zentrum Bamberg and Gerard Ratzmann, Saab Service Frankfurt have always helped a lot. So as an idea.

  • Hello Tom

    Thanks for your information. Since I know almost all Saab dealers or service partners in my room from Stuttgart to Frankfurt u. In addition, it is difficult to find someone here. Wanted to go to Markus to Kiel !! ??
    If you wish, I'll be happy to put my experience with Triboron in the blog
    Best Regards

  • Hello Tom,
    What a question. Without praising myself, but me and my family have driven most of the German and international car brands from VW to Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Chevi, Chrysler, Jaguar etc. About 20 years ago I started with Saab and probably will still drive Saab, when the lid to the box already opened. I stay with saab and when the world goes down.

  • Well, at least Saab will not let you go, otherwise you would not read here. I would say it diplomatically: Saab has not always appreciated the affection of the fans accordingly

  • The quality of the individual dealers is different, what can I say about that? Each of us has had our experiences and when you find the Saab partner where it fits, then you stick with it. In the case of vehicles with a high mileage, the willingness to guess also increases. If you like to post where you come from, then a reader might think of a good Saab workshop nearby ... 😉
    Triboron reports are of course welcome, Mark is still driving his test!

  • Sure, we can make it easy and just drive another manufacturer with service network and high liquidity.

    Because of what are you driving your Saabs?
    With a Saab one expresses the will to individuality, the will to be different. A statement against unification and rectification.
    The fact that Saabs (mostly ...) are of good quality and have a long service life does not matter, but in any case not the only decisive factor, because then you can buy and drive an XY car.

    You can also drive the old Saabs without the living brand Saab / NEVS, that's a good thing.
    But unfortunately most of us cannot use a 20 year old Saab as a daily driver ...

    No matter what, I drive (at least) a Saab.

  • Sorry: had forgotten, (my topic startup problem) to describe the car: it is a 9-3 Aero Cabrio 2,0 T with stagun tuning, Bj. 2 / 2005 u. now current 324.000 driven KM

  • Hello Tom
    I too can understand your frustration, which I have myself. Since 1978, drive continuously Saab u. follow all your reports u. also in Sweden. Was just 4 weeks up, also how it belongs in Trollhättan. Let's wait and see what happens there. Then go on
    But now to a phone call today, among other things, 1. Saab dealer because I have a problem with my 9-3 Aero I can briefly describe here because I hope this help: I ​​have recently start problems when the car is in a slope, whether rear high or front high. If he is like this, he does not jump on u. the display shows: Traction control defective, consult workshop. If I place the car in a plane, it immediately starts again. Fuel pump was renewed 2,5 years ago, tank is full. This phenomenon I described this morning at 4 Saab dealer I called. Everyone had a different idea u. at a dealer, I got the answer: buy a BMW, Audi or the star, the brand they drive are now bankrupt again. We do not feel like being told by our customers: do not you know anyone who wants to buy my Saab u. why are they building Saab's u. not any longer longer. That's stupid people u. deceived. We, as dealers, even have to pay Euros to Saab every month for our Serviec contract. We will shoot this mark soon
    Yes that was total frustration ... .. but there is something true about it !!!
    Still, I stay with Saab no matter what. Mine is still a few thousand km of it I am convinced u. if not, then the next used SAAB will come or hope…. New…

    To my startup problem, here I would be absolutely grateful for tips.

    One last thing: was at the Essen Motor Show on the stand of Triboron u. I bought a fuel amplifier from Götz. With previously 5.345 km driven Triboron Km, on highways here in D u. also in S u. Roads, I've actually cut consumption by 1 liters. For details, I like to write what u. how I drove with it

  • Wacky, a friend of mine thinks her husband's V70 five-cylinder diesel is a class better than my TiD. That would be so loud, and the V70 “a completely different car”. Is something broken with me?

  • Strangely, after almost 30 years of violently ending SAAB driving (economic total loss of my cotton swab-tended 9/5 and the absolute inability of all surrounding SAAB workshops to offer us a car), I feel almost the opposite.
    Professional and courteous handling that has never been experienced before and no permanent “a gout” in the pricing of invoices from a (the?) German premium manufacturer.
    Who or what should we mourn?
    The half-silk workshops with untrustworthy and borderline behavior, or the permanently belly-swelling Rumgekaspere the former resourceful and cleverly correct Sweden?
    If SAAB was a pupil or employee, I would write to him in the testimony: He has made every effort!
    Everyone knows what that means.
    I almost think even TOM would sign it.

    Greetings GALLIX

  • The decision to change is to be understood. There is no selection of 9-5 II. My budget is max. 25k, petrol, automatic, EZ 2011. One (!) Only vehicle is available at in Germany. Since we do not want to talk about equipment requests.
    I continue my old as long as possible, then something else comes. A SAAB as a hobby must be!

  • Hello Tom, Hello Saab fans and SaabfahrerInnen

    Who or which owner or CEO is at the top of a company is actually secondary from the point of view of current product owners. It looks different for the future strategy and marketing of a product. Fortunately, the spare parts area has been split off / sold by its own company.
    My enjoyment of the SAAB 9-5II is not tarnished.
    Even so many good car brands have already disappeared from the market. Eating and being eaten is commonplace.
    Big IT companies send their regards….
    Of course, the development for SAAB is still a shame ...
    Best regards

  • Hi guys, it certainly makes a difference if you buy the Saab privately and maintain it or if you get a company car provided. As a private buyer, you also have to keep an eye on the costs, because you can look at a used car after as few miles as possible, and even more so with a rare 9-5 II.
    I have also been lucky enough to drive Saab as a company car for a number of years, thanks to the close company relationship with mobilforum. However, we are currently swapping the entire fleet, and we will all switch to Opel Insignia in the next few weeks. Also my 9-3 and thus my “Saab affiliation” is unfortunately history. In spite of everything, the heart stays with the brand, which used to have a 9-5 of the first series in private.


  • Hi Tom,
    I can understand you in the current situation. Also read facts about Saab as speculation, which then can not be implemented as under Muller.
    But I'm sure that Saab will come back to calmer waters and I look forward to further report from you. Thank you again for your extraordinary reports!

    What I can not understand is that you switch to German manufacturers.
    I myself am affected every 2 years by a vehicle change, because with us all 150tkm is changed.
    Now for the second time I have the “pleasure” of choosing a vehicle that cannot come from Saab.
    Since my current V70 unfortunately doesn't come close to a Saab, I visited the branches of the manufacturers from Munich, Wolfsburg, Ingolstadt & Stuttgart. What can I say, besides the not strange looking vehicles, the unusually condescending nature of the salespeople came with more or less looking ones Competence.
    Therefore I remain loyal to the Gothenburgers despite a little ailments….

  • Comprehensibly..

    Nobody really wants to speculate and “what if”.

    It is up to Nevs to set up or leave a viable business model.

    My 9-5 Aero SC is currently holding out surprisingly well after 6 years and 230 km with good maintenance. I have no problem with high mileage.
    However, if a major repair becomes necessary, SAAB is history for me as well. If NEVS wants to be perceived as a viable provider at the next purchase, something has to do more than it does today.

  • Hope dies last!

  • More than 100tkm per year?

  • Absolutely correct! Wait what happens, then watch!

  • That will be fine

  • Good decision. Speculation does not bring anyone anything and it just pulls you down.

  • Hi Tom,
    Your mood would be a lot better if you had seen all the SAAB'IS yesterday!
    It was again a really good trip with nice people, great weather and the track has also liked everyone. Next time you're back!
    Finally, we were still in the Automobile Museum in Chemnitz and I have to say it was a surprise for everyone there are treasures and it reminded so many brand fate of the activities at SAAB.
    Of course, pictures will follow!
    So let's enjoy our SAAB's and everything will be fine!

    Ciao Alex

    PS: our great “Saab car dealer” was of course not involved with a syllable…. a real shame for the great brand!

    A big thank you to the blog and the MobilForum for the great prices!

  • Hi,

    So always look after the "old" ones. My 9-3 TTiD (Bj 09) is with the Freundlichen today for its annual inspection.
    Who knows if and when there will be new ones (if at all).


  • One should understand in this case. The annual mileage is considerable, after 3 or 4 years it is usually over ...

  • So I'm still optimistic. I think that NEVS already knows the problem for some time, why else do you start with some cars and the production. The trade with the Chinese is already a few months old.
    But now that you have shot in so much money, I hardly think that you will stop completely. Possibly. Will you, as mentioned by you, a cooperation with another manufacturer (engine technically so well through out makes sense), you could possibly just synonymous with the sales involve.

    I still have my company sow for about 1,5 years and then certainly do not have to hand it over immediately. If there are any signs here, then I'll just drive him for another year.

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