Still fancy Saab?

The last week had it, from my personal Saab perspective, in itself. On Tuesday, Saab owner NEVS announced a temporary break in production and admitted liquidity problems.

Saab 9-5 NG @ 2014
Saab 9-5 NG @ 2014

The day before, a good friend switched from Saab to Audi. Not entirely voluntarily! But for the reason that it is simply impossible to get a 2011 Saab 9-5 with a low mileage and at least approximately optional equipment at a low price.

In addition, an Audi A6 sedan is considerably cheaper than three-year-olds. In plain text, there is a good € 10.000 or more price difference between the two models with similar features in favor of the German premium provider. A 2011 Saab 9-5 is significantly above the residual value of a comparable Audi. What a situation! It makes you think ...

The traded Saab commented on the brand change in his own way. The day before the trade-ins, the cylinder head gasket quit its service. That was clear!

Okay, in my circle of friends the Saab ranks are clearing, and in Trollhättan everything is under scrutiny again. The 100 external employees saw their offices in Stallbacka last Friday for the time being. Accountants are at work and are taxing the assets. After all, the Saab News for the permanent staff are better. There should be no layoffs for the time being.

All this does not really lift my mood, even though I hope for a good outcome of the story. Readers who now expect daily economic updates on the upcoming changes to NEVS on the blog, I have to disappoint. After some thought, I decided that there will not be any news on the current Trollhattan trials until reliable reports from official channels are available.

That may cost us the one or the other reader and possibly quite a few clicks. But that's never what happened to me. Because the permanent cacophony from the year 2011 is still too present for me, as it was only about this one topic every day.

In a nutshell: of course, I still feel like Saab. I like the cars, the brand, the blog and the community. The heart beats Saab, as before. That more and more foreign brands appear in the circle of friends does not change this. It is the predictable course of things and manageable. Many readers will feel the same way.

What I don't like are the business crime stories from Sweden. I've had more than enough of that in the last three years. I am happy to leave Saab news on this topic to Mikael Östlund and the official channels. Here, however, it will continue with reports about our cars and everything else about Saab. Except for business crime stories.

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  • Well, that's the way it should be and you write “again” yourself. In 25 years of 9000 and 12 years of 902 by the way, I've made my experiences and these two types seem to be somehow the “dirty kids” (without cult) - completely wrong. But I don't care, I look forward to every trip with it!

  • I can only conditionally agree with that. Especially in the last 12-20 months, I have noticed that Saab drivers with older years, regardless of which Saab are driven, usually greet each other again.
    Only the newer cars that leave the elders on the left. I have been driving an 1996er 900 II since October and enjoy my greeting.

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