We give away a Saab 9-3x Concept!

We are giving away a Saab 9-3x Concept by Michael Maurer. Not the original, the study is unique and unsaleable. But an equally rare pressure, the Saab in limited edition to the release of the Saab 9-3x issued.

Saab 9-3x Concept by Michael Maurer @ 2014 saabblog.net
Saab 9-3x Concept by Michael Maurer @ 2014 saabblog.net

However, for all our selflessness, we expect a little something in return from our readers.

In cooperation with the customer magazine “Saab Inside” and the “Saab Service Club” of Orio Deutschland GmbH, the campaign “We are looking for you and your Saab". Little anecdotes that Saab drivers have experienced about the cult brand from Trollhättan are in demand. The first stories have already arrived in our mailbox, but we are of the opinion: there is still potential for more!

Orio Deutschland GmbH donated the printing of the Saab 1-9x Concept as 3st prize. Other saabige prices also come from the German subsidiary of Orio AB. The print in the aluminum frame, a draft by the former Saab and current Porsche design boss Michael Maurer, cannot be purchased and is only available here. For every fan of the brand, this should be a reason to pick up the keyboard and write us their personal Saab anecdote.

Saab drivers from Germany and Austria who would like to tell their story about life with the brand from Trollhättan can send your submission to the editorial team of “Saab Inside” (ilknur.guerel@orio.com) or of course by June 15, 2014 also send to the blog (saabinside@saabblog.net).

In addition to the usual contact information and one or more pictures we are interested in the following points:

- Which model are you currently driving?
- How many years have you been driving a Saab?
- How many Saabs have you had and which models?

All readers from Germany and Austria are invited to participate, with the exception of employees of Orio Deutschland GmbH and the blog team.

The most interesting Saab story will be published both on the blog and in the next issue of Saab Inside. In addition, the places 2 and 3 are published on saabblog.net.

Text & image: tom@saabblog.net

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