on the way: Excursion of the SAAB friends Saxony

Admittedly, the organizers of Sunday's exit come from Saxony. But Alex and Heiko probably hadn't expected participants from Bavaria, Thuringia and even Lower Saxony!

Photo stop in front of a historical backdrop - the former MZ plant in Zschopau
Photo stop in front of a historical backdrop - the former MZ plant in Zschopau

Once again many 23 arrived under the 900 vehicles. So it was not surprising that the youngest participants of the exit were traveling in the oldest car. Cool!!

The parking lot of a shopping center was chosen as the starting point. This was of course empty on Sunday morning and offered perfect space for those who had arrived in their sääben.

Everything was perfectly organized: for each participant there was a roadbook for the route with all the important information and an overview of the lunch dishes to shorten the waiting time in the beer garden of the Augustus Keller.

At about eleven o'clock, after a lot of SAAB talk and well strengthened: o) we went on the track. This led from Chemnitz via Flöha to the Augustusburg. After a spectacular photo stop in front of the castle gate, there was a delicious lunch with a SAAB quiz.

Photo stop and lunch at Schloss Augustusburg
Photo stop and lunch at Schloss Augustusburg

The journey continued in the direction of Zschopau to the next photo stop at the former MZ plant. In addition to a short historical talk on the history of just once again become insolvent motorcycle manufacturer, there was again a lot of SAAB Talk.

Back on the track it went through Drehbach, Venusberg, Amtsberg and Burkhardtsdorf back to Chemnitz to the Museum of Saxon vehicleswhere our tour ended after nearly 80 kilometers. Many thanks in this way again to Mr. Schmerschneider from the museum, who gave us in a very interesting and entertaining hour a first rough overview of the Saxon vehicle manufacturers.

After the evaluation of the little quiz and the subsequent distribution of the little presents, the Mobile Forum Dresden and the blog had provided, it went back home.

It was a really great petrol-heavy excursion! A well-chosen route, nice SAAB drivers and perfect weather! Many thanks to Alex and Heiko for their commitment to our brand ... We look forward to the next tour.

In our diary there is a lot of information and information about the next round tables and exits !!!

5 thoughts on " on the way: Excursion of the SAAB friends Saxony"

  • Hey guys, it was just nice to drive around with all the sacks and see that there are still enough people like you.

  • It was a really nice tour, a lot of fun. We'll be happy to be there again at the next ... Greetings to all participants and blog readers

  • These are a few great pictures and it was certainly a nice day with great weather.
    We regretted that we had to cancel at short notice due to illness, were in thoughts of the 25. but always with you.
    Heiko, we could also organize a tour together in Thuringia, Saxony is also a stone's throw away. For example, the Leuchtenburg and surroundings is a beautiful area.

  • I would also like to thank all who were there and have made the day perfect. The 4 months planning had been worthwhile. Let's see if and when we do something again.

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