on the road: At the AMI and for the RTL Nachtjournal

My visit to the AMI of Auto Mobil International in Leipzig was planned long before the stop of production in the Stallbacka. It certainly was not to be expected that NEVS 2014 was represented at a European auto show. If anything then in the fall in Paris.

German premiere at the AMI. Unfortunately, no SAAB

But still, even without the participation of SAAB, the fair is once again recommended. If you have the opportunity, should go to Leipzig until 08.Juni.

Around noon, I was finished with my tour and already on the way home when a call from the organizer of the Convertible Rally Saxony reached. He had received a call from a reporter team to a current ADAC study wanted to shoot a report for today's RTL Nachtjournal. And then I was in the game. So we went back to Leipzig for an interview.

We met in the parking lot of the Canoe parks at Markkleeberger See. Here I was wired first, then it started. After a short film about the ADAC rollover test, there were a few questions about SAAB and convertibles and their safety. Then some driving impressions should be turned. So we drove to Pier 1 on Lake Cospuden. Here there was also the SAAB sighting of the day: a 9-3 convertible from Zwickau !!!

According to the editorial team, the report should be broadcast in the RTL Nachtjournal this evening. I'm curious what is left after editing and cutting !! Have fun watching.

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  • on rtlnow there is nothing of it to be seen in the program ...? Or did I miss something?

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    .. say next time, in Leipzig can Saabsichtungen organize!

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