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Reader's contribution by Wolfgang

It was an unusual occasion for 12 SAAB riders of the north to make their way from Hamburg to Celle. Once a year, the Celler Street Parade takes place there.

SAAB meets jazz - exit to Celle
SAAB meets jazz - exit to Celle

Following the model of New Orleans, ten first-class jazz bands moved along the tranquil streets of the old town of Celle following the good old tradition. On the streets and in front of the two stages formed singing and dancing groups, the well-known jazz classics from the early years of the 20. Century listened. Six hours of great music, good mood and delicious food and drink.

Our path was under the motto "Elbe greets everyone" and crossed the north and south heath. So our tour started right after the descent on the Elbe and led us up the Elbe. Translate the 12 vehicles by ferry to Hoopte. Bardowik's cathedral was our first destination. We continued over the asparagus farm to Lopausee near Amelinghausen. Fried potatoes and various side dishes and delicious cakes delighted us. Sitting in the shade, it was time for the gasoline talks.

The convertible roofs remained open until shortly before Celle. The many avenues and the long stretches through the woods provided shade and finally the long missed smell experiences of a cross-country journey. As a column, we always stayed together and no vehicle was lost. At the port of Aller, yes there is something in Celle, our tour ended after about 200 KM and 5 driving lessons.

The vehicles in a row next to each other formed a beautiful picture to the conclusion. And then it went to the street parade. By the way, even on the evening before the drive home, there is a desire to go jazzing to Celle in the coming year, but then maybe overnight, as two of our SAAB friends did, who then drove on Sunday to Melle for the Swedish meeting - but this is another story.

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  • At the Bardowicker Dom a meeting would have been possible ... but was booked and planned elsewhere .... :-(
    SAVE sun weekend!

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