We all know this situation! You wait for the decision of a friend, business partner ... and while you wait, the time gets longer and longer. When it comes to the Saab future, we are specialists in waiting and hoping.

Mattias Bergman, NEVS CEO @ 2014
Mattias Bergman, NEVS CEO @ 2014

In principle, we have been practicing it for 3 years and were of the opinion that we had already overcome this phase and the Saab future would be secured. We were wrong! The current situation is a hangover ... for everyone involved.

And the last week was tough. As announced, we stay away from speculation, as well as from the daily water level reports. There were two Saab interviews in Sweden last week. A reason for a quick look north.

Mikael Östlund speaks with the Svenska Dagbladet

The temporary employment contracts were not renewed at NEVS, as announced, which according to the 100 external consultants will also 72 other forces in the coming weeks lose their current employment. For the employees a hard time. Because many had already experienced the Saab end of 2011, accordingly comprehensible are the fears now.

Faces and gestures often say more than 1.000 words. While press chief Mikael Östlund gave Svenska Dagbladet an interview on “pengar crisis” on Wednesday, the employees were seen leaving the factory in the background. Nobody wanted to be in front of the camera, but the gestures and the faces say one thing: frustration.

And also Östlund does not look too good that day. The tension is written in his face. It is also a hangover for him.

Mattias Bergman speaks with Sweden Radio

Negotiations on the Saab future with two Asian manufacturers are going well. So NEVS CEO Mattias Bergman a day later to Victor Jensen from Schwedenradio.

The talks are conducted with two parties. With a company that could start as a shareholder, as well as with an interested party who would invest in a development partnership with the Phoenix platform. With this partner, products based on the platform would be possible, which would carry a different brand name than the Saab logo.

All negotiations are intense and are on schedule. Bergman is hopeful that everything will be completed smoothly this month. Until the negotiations are over and the contracts signed, NEVS continues to reduce the running costs. What, on the other hand, as Bergman admits, is a temporal setback in the development of the Phoenix platform.

Names of possible new shareholders are not mentioned. At least not officially. But both possible contract partners know the conditions on site well. One of visits 2012 and 2014, the other maintains an office in Trollhättan.

Confidence in the future - the Swedes are relaxed.

It is not easy to trust the conduct of negotiations at NEVS. The experiences of the Spyker period are too present for all of us. And when I hear sentences like "the future looks great, we just have to cope with the current crisis“, Then the alarm lamp goes on for me. Okay, we're pre-damaged from the Victor Muller era. I admit it. A week ago I wrote that the situation was not comparable to 2011. That still applies. We should give the impending upheaval, which could be profound, a chance.

In Sweden, the readers of the Auto Motor Sport see the situation surprisingly relaxed at NEVS. In a Befragung, to terminate temporary employment contracts, the vast majority believe that NEVS will master the crisis.

The Swedes as a role model? Maybe. All readers and Saab fans a relaxed start to the week!

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  • Is Volvo's development positive? Take a look at Volvo's sales and financial resources. Geely starves the one on the outstretched arm.
    NEVS doesn't do that so wrong. Two partners - no matter which one - who have sufficient financial resources are certainly good. There has been speculation about Mahindra for a long time. And if the rumors are to be believed, there is more of a mess than a mess here.

  • Well, let's wait and see. But I would also like to know who the 2. Interested, who has an office nearby.

    I can only hope that the Indians and the Japanese (???) are more productive and more decisive. I'm not really surprised anymore that the funds from China are not flowing as they should. In the meantime, I often work with Chinese colleagues who are constantly rigorously adhering to the given processes and thus slow down all work (especially development).

  • Hello Peter,
    Of course, your car is a true Saab, and yet the takeover by GM was not enough for survival. That means a big company alone is not enough to survive a company. Strangely, I think that the people who scream for new cars today, did not want to buy at GM time. If the sales had been profitable, GM would not have separated from Saab.
    Hope, which results in something positive with Saab, we all do. It just does not seem realistic. Unfortunately

  • Is already a problem of this coarse mesh network. For me it's already 30 Km to the next Saab service. Although I know very well taken care of in this Saabbetrieb, but I make most of a free workshop in my city on the spot .Has also a great service such. free replacement car this free workshop. But for some things just needs the brand workshop and I'm glad that in my case, the dealership Roth also continues to stand firmly to the brand.

  • The problem is known, it is working positively. The next article is about the regions without the service base

  • They are sure to be committed. Hirsch still does his thing great when you bring his Saab over there. But especially in Germany, even if there were new vehicles, you are completely cut off from the market in some regions because the next FSH is> 100km away. This may not be a problem for irradiated fans of the brand, but new customers who might want to approach the brand for the first time are definitely a no go.

  • There are still many dedicated Saab workshops in Germany, not only in Kiel and Bamberg. Frankfurt, Berlin, Rostock, Leinfelden, Bonn, I think of many. Most have now taken a second or third mark in the offer. Only Kiel is one of the last companies that make only Saab. There you have recognized a very specific gap in the market and used it.
    Customers are increasingly focusing on these businesses, which have full workshops. In return, many Opel operations have unscrewed the Saab shield.

  • I did not even have the dealers in sight anymore. Part of the former dealer will probably not come back to Saab, even if that should give something again.
    One of the most well-known dealers in Europe, the Hirsch AG in St. Gallen now officially sells Lamborghini and Bentley. An indication of Saab is only hidden. The offshoot Hirsch-Ruckstuhl in Kloten is now officially Volvo dealer. Except for a small Saab logo on the facade and for the Saab clientele a Saab letterhead, there is nothing reminiscent of Saab.
    Also in Germany some dealers have changed over and can not / just do not want to go back.
    Even at the workshops often mentioned here in Kiel and Bamberg I would be interested to know how long the only with workshop services and the sale of (rest) used. This question can certainly better assess others here.

  • Hey! Now, the pink glasses should be removed.
    I see it the way Daniel described it. What are we actually waiting for here? For 3 years everyone has been responsible for the large company with the so-called cash injection.
    Nobody has money to give away and the production numbers are just ridiculous. NEVS also has to earn. Even in the 'golden times' of SAAB, the sales figures were not so abundant and they were hardly ever in the black. The world is not waiting for SAAB. Germany wasn't even put in the mouth by NEVS. Like everyone else here, I'm attached to this brand, but you have to be able to let go slowly. Our dealers hardly have any cars in circulation in the yard and forever high odometer readings and stability can no longer be sold in the long run. In addition, there is no prospect of new cars. Respect for my dealer, he fights till he drops. Greetings from the north!
    Maybe it will come into light after all ...

  • I do not think that would have brought anything to the corporate shelf in the past. I drive a 9-3 from the year 2006 with, for example, an Australian engine from said group shelf and this list could be continued with tie rods and much more, and still it is a real Saab that gives me pleasure, otherwise I would have long something else added. It is not always the ingredients but the right Swedish packaging, refinement and seasoning.

  • ... you don't even notice the ownership move towards the Chinese. This remark is appropriate in the case of Volvo - but the Asian influence is also there (positively) with Volvo.

    Why should not this work with SAAB?

    If it works with Mahindra, I would have great faith in the local managers.

  • Having access to a large corporate shelf has done nothing in the past. I think Saab has only one chance, if at all, if you remember its roots. Money is one thing. But as long as the Asiatic influence is as big as it is now, it will not work with Saab anymore. How it can work shows Volvo. The change of ownership to the Chinese is no longer true. But this is also because the influence on the brand (design and technology) is European. The folks at Volvo knew this was the way to go. Unfortunately, Saab is a single construction site. I know someone who works there. The local people do not know what will happen tomorrow. These are very bad conditions for a predictable future. I've been driving Saab myself for about 16 years, but have resigned myself to the fact that there will be no new Saabs anymore. Unfortunately.

  • I agree. The trump card is the platform, everything else is a bit tougher than JLR.

  • The problem is probably also that there is nothing promising for the future except for the platform. Jaguar and Land Rover had some salable models and Ford genes with which one could start with something for the time being, until they have put something new into their own hands. That's why Saab can only work with a large corporate shelf that you can access.

  • They have wanted to secure the future in the long term for at least three years ... in my opinion, it not only requires a strong partner but also products that are bought. With Jaguar and Land Rover, the starting position was slightly different. They could calmly develop conventional cars that also sold. Historically, NEVS is in a transition phase. Purely conventional vehicles will not be enough, and purely electric vehicles will not be enough either. There is a lack of practical know-how. Unfortunately, neither of the two techniques at NEVS is strong enough to make up for the other side's losses, or gains that have not yet been made.

  • Everyone involved is concerned with making the future secure in the long term and rebuilding the brand. It can only be positive when a strong partner comes on board who has the appropriate industrial background and the means. And it is clear to everyone that investments must be made over the years before income is generated in the appropriate amount. It was similar with Jaguar & Land Rover ...

  • I don't know, it all seems to me as if you want to ride a dead horse forever. Another injection of money ... how long does it last this time? NEVS cannot survive with conventional cars and with electromobility even VW is ahead of them ... and that means something.
    It may be that they develop “something”, whether now or only when there are new investors? In other words, they only spend money and take nothing. The few cars that they have sold so far probably do not even cover the electricity costs of the factory buildings ... To hope that the Chinese will tear an e-mobile out of their hands if it really comes at some point ... everything seems very thin to me.

  • It really should not be put off! A quick decision is welcome at all, especially with the staff !!

  • then at least this time the state should have a safe suitcase ready - just in case 😉

  • The "calm-back-lean" phase won't take too long. There will be a quick agreement, which is also wanted politically. The pressure is high, on September 14th the Swedes will elect a new Reichstag. The government cannot afford to lose jobs.

  • I drive SAAB! 🙂
    Only by leaning back quietly do I have my difficulties now… ..

  • The Swedes' vote is clear - wow. We should sit back and wait and drive SAAB 🙂

  • It is probably no secret who has an office in Trollhättan. The general readership will still not know this - so please ventilate this open secret.

    The other (possibly the upcoming co-owner) will probably be Mahindra - there were a few visits here in 2012 and delegations are said to have been on site this year as well. Mahindra would still be my preferred candidate!

  • Hi all,
    i'm confident too! Especially when you look at the community ... On Saturday in Stuttgart I saw no less than 3 (three) 901 convertibles, one 9-5NG and two 9-3 SC !!!!
    A wonderful day… ;-))

  • The one Asian of 2012 and 2014 Toyota? Would not be the worst. The other with office in Trollhättan?

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