More Saab Service Centers

A positive development, which affects our daily life with Saab, is to be reported for Germany and Austria. In addition to the traditional Saab service centers, a new, additional location type is being introduced.

Saab Service © 2014
Saab Service © 2014

In the near future there will also be “Saab Parts Center” at the previous bases. With the authorization of additional partners who have access to the original Saab spare parts from Nyköping, existing gaps on the Saab service map can be closed.

The new contracts offer small, dedicated workshops with Saab experience in particular the opportunity to officially use the logo and launch a “Parts Center” variant into the world of Saab. This is an asset for us Saab drivers, because in some regions the service network is very thin and needs reinforcement. The entry ticket as a “Saab Parts Center” can be purchased at more favorable conditions than before. In return, the offer made available by Orio AB is limited and some modules in the service catalog are subject to a fee.

The full package of support by the Orio Germany GmbH in the area of ​​marketing and service, only the “Saab Service Centers” continue to enjoy.

The new “Saab Parts Centers”, as has been assured in Eschborn, will not compete with the established “Saab Service Centers”. A clear, optical differentiation in the search system of the official website will also help to differentiate between “Saab Service Centers” and “Saab Parts Centers” in the future. Authorizations are only carried out where areas are idle and there is no partner in the area. Initial talks and establishment of “Saab Parts Centers” are already underway.

There are quite a few good Saab screwdrivers in rural areas and in the areas that are white spots on the Saab map. For them, entry into a service contract due to high hurdles was out of the question. For these companies, the new model offers the opportunity for official entry.

It also eliminates the dilemma of offering Saab services, but can not push any Saab stamp valued by the customer into the service booklet. In addition it offers the advantage over the Saab site to be found, and the purchase of original spare parts. The officially approved Saab logo on the workshop is an upgrade for any business and may be used promotionally. And maybe, if NEVS has solved the upcoming problems, it could be the entry into the Saab future.

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  • To mac9-5: I do not know if I can recommend workshops here, because the not mentioned can then ignored / ignored. If that is ok for Tom then I just call some in and around Hannover, otherwise delete my post.

    Personally, I know Finke in Laatzen (for 9-3 + 9-5), the workshop manager Malek comes mW from the old airport.
    Scania is very knowledgeable for the very old models 96, 99, 900 and 9000 at Stania in Eime (Hans Stania). That also makes engine repair, I was there with my 96er.

    I have not been there yet, but many Saab drivers from the area of ​​Brunswick to Harz at Stephan in Vienenburg. If I had a very modern Saab model (9-3X, 9-4X, 9-5 II) then I would go there because Bamberg is too far.

    Back to Hannover, there are some drivers of older models like 900-1 customers at Guhn in the List or at Vergölst in Stöcken (Master Witte). Then there is the Neustadt am Rübenberge KK car technology with a lot of Saab experience.

    And no, I get no money for any recommendations, my concern is solely in passing on my information about workshops in and around Hannover. Everyone then make their own experiences please, I exclude any liability.

  • Okay, it goes down - and Orio AB still has permission / usage rights for the griffin logo? So the advertising pylons etc. would come with this one?

  • Uiii ... that would interest me !!!!
    Hanover would be very, very right - but don't know any current workshop (we once had one of our old Saabs from dealers at the “old airport”). 🙁

  • Absolute approval. Fortunately, we have a good selection of workshops here in Hanover. You choose the one that suits your model best. Some know the old 900er, others the 9-3 I + II and 9-5 I models better.
    By the way, that was already about five years ago: My workshop, which looks after my 9-3 I + II, had more customer inflow than the local Opel dealer, which Saab only has by the way.
    What do I care about the stamp of the "real" Saab dealer if the service there is worse. There are no more guarantees or goodwill anyway, although the convertible top compartments of the 9-3 II convertibles will continue to rust.

  • And that's where the rabbit is in the pepper! It's Orio and not NEVS !!

  • Correctly. We have two “parallel worlds”: For partners of Orio AB, the use of the Saab Greif is (still) allowed, with NEVS not. All Saab partners in Germany and Austria are partners of Orio AB, not NEVS.

  • What does the old logo have to do with NEVS? Nevs is not yet represented in the German market so there is no new logo. When the time comes, the logos with Griffin will gradually disappear.
    That's just the way things are.

  • Will there then be a stand with a gryphon logo under NEVS (as shown), or is that over? The recognition value with the simple new SAAB lettering on a black circle is quite different from that of the griffin symbol.

  • Nevs doesn't approach his customers, which is sadly an isolated incident. A horror in Styria. Not a single Saab dealer anymore. Hundreds of kilometers have to be driven continuously. Slowly but surely not interesting.

  • In this catastrophic situation in Thuringia. Please do something !!!

  • Positive news, but I think everyone of us who has been addicted to the Saab virus for a few years has long since found “his” workshop. I even drive 140 KM (one way) for my Aero because my 9-5 was delivered there and gets its inspection every year. The checkbook is thus consistently stamped at a dealer. The workshop foreman, the salesman at the time, all familiar faces, a familiar atmosphere that has grown over the years. However, it would be useful if you could quickly switch a switch bulb or something similar. could get close. Therefore, every workshop with access to Saab Parts is to be welcomed. I still only let the mechanics I trust work on the car. The past experiences with some GM multi-brand booths were too bad ...

  • That sounds very good, I have had very good experiences with my Saab dealer / screwdriver on site, for example, but he is not one of the currently official Saab dealers and will not be because of the requirements of the showroom etc. ...... but he knows know about Saab vehicles and can repair them. I haven't had any good experiences with the big Saab dealers in the state capital.
    Because they always change and put your main focus on your other brands

  • Is similar to us, you could say my SAAB is making a comeback. Every month, there are some

  • 60-70 or even up to 150 km are unfortunately the “rule” for me at the moment ...
    I would also like to have a reliable contact point nearby.

    But at least more people seem “here” to discover their “love” for SAAB. In my place there are apparently at least 3-4 “new” SAABS in the last weeks / months (including a nice SC Aero). 🙂

  • Good news and HOPE for SAABians who live in the area, to possibly know “old” partners “on site” again.
    60 km journey to the SAAB factory town are annoying 🙁 (even if all employees are committed there !!!).
    Welcome back!

  • Very good news! More workshops are urgently needed, even if mine is still loyal to SAAB!

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