SAAB 9-5 NG sports suit acceptance in Sweden

Saab 9-5 NG sports suits are rare, and Kiel has become the port of call for these vehicles. Shortly before Christmas we should give one of the "lost" 9-5 pre-series sports suits MY12 a German approval.

Saab 9-5 SC at the Dekra in Trollhattan
Saab 9-5 SC at the Dekra in Trollhattan

Everything should happen if possible in the year 2013, because the owner wanted to drive the car in summer 2014. Since it was once again a car of a Swedish owner, the schedule was really tight, since none of us knew how long the decrease would take in this case.

From experience at Michel Annink - he drives the first 9-5 NG SC registered in Sweden - did we know that it can take up to 10 (!!!) months. But in the new case, the Swedish authorities should be a little faster. In mid-March there was official confirmation that the Saab would be approved for acceptance inspection in Sweden.

Afterwards there were a lot of phone calls with all parties involved, including with Saab veteran Göran Kähler. Göran had agreed in close contact with the owner that it would be best to have the Saab 9-5 NG sports suit removed from where it was built. In Trollhättan.

So the decision was made to make an appointment with DEKRA in Trollhättan. This was set for April 10th. Michel Annink and I also planned the appointment to be on site with our vehicles as moral support. In addition, I could have said something about the German acceptance test if I had any questions.

The DEKRA auditor was skeptical at first, but then quickly got to grips with our "group", which was later joined by reporters from the local newspaper ttela.

Done! Saab 9-5 NG sports car number 2 on Swedish roads.
Done! Saab 9-5 NG sports car number 2 on Swedish roads.

The result of the test was positive, as hoped. Thus, some time later there were the marks of the Swedish authorities, and the second Swedish 9-5 NG sports trolley was allowed back on the streets of Sweden and not in a garage!

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