Trionic meeting - Saab pictures

Last weekend, a Saab meeting organized by Gothenburg's "Trionic-Klubben" took place on the grounds of the Saab Museum in Trollhättan. Time for Saab pictures from Trollhättan on the blog.

Photo © Michel Annink
Photo © Michel Annink

On-site were representatives of NEVS, who presented their new vehicles and sought dialogue with the fans. They had a lot to do that day.

Because there were more than 300 Saabs! The expectations of the organizers, who wanted to organize a small meeting in the Västra Götland, were more than exceeded. The brand is appealing, and when it calls, there is no way to go too far with our Scandinavian Saab friends.

The furthest drive was from Norway, driving 850 kilometers for a few hours of Saab-Talk and a dose of brand experience. Saab also traveled to Stockholm from 400 kilometers away. Also there was Michel Annink with his Saab 9-5 NG sports suit.

The "Arctic-White" 9-5 NG, which will also be part of "Pilots wanted 2014", is the first Swedish registered sports car to have achieved a certain fame. Meanwhile, there is a second wagon from the last 9-5 generation, which rolls over the Swedish roads.

Michel captured impressions of the meeting and made many pictures of Saab. He was - of course - also at the Saab factory in the Stallbacka. A must on every Trollhättan visit. In front of the factory there are some 100 Saab 9-3 Aero cars. All in "jet-black" and apparently not intended for Sweden, but ready for export. Where? No idea ! Again a little secret in Trollhättan.


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    Once again, I find that when you call up images in various posts on the blog, these overlap and "shine through".
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    • Hello Peter, read the blog daily (without not working

    • So on a Win 7 calculator that's the last with me.

  • Great impressions! The good mood almost "grows" over ... .Irres blue 9-5 II ... .and cool sunglasses! That is perfect saabig!
    At the div. Talks around SAAB / NEVS I would have liked to have been mice .... 😉

  • Moin Tom, no have retracted convertible, TurboX is still !!!
    Best regards, beautiful Pentecost!

  • a good report with beautiful pictures, which should also encourage!

  • No question, the blue 95 II was painted so ex factory - incredibly beautiful

  • Have just bought the car image, it contains a double-sided report on Markus Lafrentz and his great 9.5 SC.Den should have read as Saab fan and everyone else finally see what has been lost to us.

    Beautiful Pentecost and nice exits.

  • Oh what a pity ... I did not know anything about the meeting, even though I was in Trollhätten at the same time with my 9-5 NG! I arrived at 15 on Sunday and visited the museum on Monday ... unfortunately, would have liked to see all the great SAAB! I also visited the SAAB site. Looks sad and abandoned! What a pity.

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