2. Space for Saab 9-3 STCC Team Tido

The last race weekend in Gothenburg, seen through our Saab glasses, had success and frustration close together. Emma Kimiläinen from PWR Racing Team could not meet the high expectations and did not go on one of the coveted podium finishes.

STCC 2014 - Duel Volvo Vs. Saab
STCC 2014 - Duel Volvo vs. Saab

Which, as we said last week, would have been more than a sensation. Because she was traveling for the first time on the course in Gothenburg. The fact that Emma did not finish in both races, so that she could not book a single point, was a bitter disappointment for her and the team. After four races, she is ranked 11 of the ranking.

Things went much better for Team Tidö, which starts without factory support. Richard Göransson's Saab 9-3 STCC came 8 in the chaotic first race, which was interrupted by two safety stages, earning valuable points.

Richard Goransson, Team Tido
Richard Goransson, Team Tido

In the second race Göransson was able to place behind the favored Volvo Polestar pilots and local matador Thed Björk on the fabulous second place, his team mate Roger Samuelsson secured with position 10 points for the team ranking. Although Saab Pilot Göransson slipped into fourth place in the table, he was able to reduce his gap to 23's leading Fredrik Larsson to 18 points.

The Swedish press already sees a duel between Richard Göransson and Thed Björk, the eternal duel Saab against Volvo, which may be somewhat optimistic. We will see how things will continue in the STCC in the next round in two weeks.

Run 1 STCC Gothenburg, result:

1. Erik Jonsson, WCR / BMW dealer team, BMW SR, 27: 36,122
2. Linus Ohlssom, Team Kia, Kia Optima, + 0,313
3. Mattias Andersson, Dacia Dealers Team, Dacia, + 0,446
4. Mattias Lindberg, Team Kia, Kia Optima, + 1,241
5. Fredrik Larsson, WCR / BMW dealer team, BMW SR + 2,576
6. Roger Samuelsson, Team Tido, SAAB 9-3 + 3,175
7. Fredrik Ekblom, Volvo Polestar Racing, Volvo S60, + 3,590
8. Richard Göransson, Team Tidö, SAAB 9-3, + 4,245
9. Thed Bjork, Volvo Polestar Racing, Volvo S60, + 6,780

Run 2 STCC Gothenburg, result:

1. Thed Björk, Volvo Polestar Racing, Volvo S60, 20: 24,442
2. Richard Göransson, Team Tidö, SAAB 9-3, +5,703
3. Linus Ohlsson, Team Kia, Kia Optima, +15,879
4. Mattias Andersson, Dacia Dealer Team, Dacia, +20,654
5. Fredrik Larsson, WCR / BMW Dealer Team, BMW SR, +32,594
6. Mattias Lindberg, Team Kia, Kia Optima, +33,389
7. Erik Jonsson, WCR / BMW Dealer Team, BMW SR, +40,225
8. Philip Forsman, WCR / BMW dealer team, BMW SR, + 40,578
9. Carl Philip Bernadotte, Volvo Polestar Racing, Volvo S60 + 1 varv
10. Roger Samuelsson, Tidö Team, SAAB 9-3, + 2 varv

Table after 4 of 12 runs

1. Fredrik Larsson, 87
2. Thed Bjork, 82
3. Fredrik Ekblom, 75
4. Richard Göransson, 69
5. Mattias Andersson, 61
6. Mattias Lindberg, 57
7. Linus Ohlsson, 55
8. Erik Jonsson, 48
9. Philip Forsman, 32
10. Roger Samuelsson, 10

Text: tom@saabblog.net

Images: STCC & Team Tidö

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