Pilots wanted 2014 Kiel

The Saab heart was beating particularly hard in the north this weekend. The following applies more and more: Saab is what is on our doorstep or - in this case - in the Kiel Saab Zone.

Saab Zone Kiel @2014 saabblog.net
Saab Zone Kiel @2014 saabblog.net

“Pilots wanted 2014” started on Friday with the check-in of the first Saab pilots and a summer barbecue in the evening. In the morning, the organizing team had completed the “Saab Welcome Packages” for the participants, sponsor Triboron The information booth was built and artist Alexander Heger prepared his exhibition of Nordic Saab art.

The next day, in the best of weather, around 35 Saab 9-5 NG, including 8 sports trunks, stood for breakfast after breakfast Saab center Kiel ready for the exit. Katrin and Markus Lafrentz had prepared a road book for the Saab crews for the more than 50 kilometer drive through the Kiel area. In 5 groups, the Saabs were sent to the track around noon.

My 9-5 NG acted as a press vehicle and I had one with me Orio Germany GmbH Managing Director Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher a prominent navigator on board. With the ambitious press and photo team in the back seats it went on the tour. First at the airfield in the direction of the Olympic center, then on small side roads. Fantastic viewpoints provided the opportunity for a photo shoot, and the colorful Saab troupe from different countries attracted the attention of tourists and locals.

At Gut Wulfshagen, an unplanned stopover was made that was not in the road book, and more and more 9-5 NGs gathered in the manor without prior agreement. While some were already driving, the next big Saabs rolled into the yard, and we had a lot of fun. A small ferry that crosses the Kiel Canal continued in the direction of Kiel, and after around an hour and a half the exit, which our team completed without errors, was unfortunately over.

The track itself was so well liked (again kudos to Katrin and Markus!) That not a few participants drove the track a second time in the afternoon. Gradually, the vehicles gathered in the yard, which was reserved that day only for the last large sedans and station wagons from Trollhättan. There was coffee and cake, the atmosphere was relaxed and relaxed, some festival feeling was noticeable. The situation in Sweden was an issue, but more on the sidelines. More important is what connects, the heart that beats for the brand, the friendship of the international community among each other.

The Saab Day in Kiel ended much too soon with a dinner together. While most of the participants returned home the next day, some fans had not yet had enough Saab Feeling. They take advantage of being so high in the north, and continued to travel towards Trollhättan.

What is left of the two days in the Kiel Saab Zone? Except for the fact that who was not there, missed something great. On the one hand, the realization that people are even prepared to book a North Atlantic flight for 24 hours of Saab flair in Germany! Then we travel with us, celebrate, enjoy the good Kiel beer and return to work on the US East Coast on Monday.

On the other hand, the certainty that country and language boundaries do not exist when it comes to our Saab passion. That one wins friends, by the love for the small car brand from Trollhättan. That is not little in our time!

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who made “Pilots wanted 2014” possible, and without whom we would never have been able to take off on our Kiel Saab sightseeing flight. To the Lafrentz family, who gave us hospitality again and gave us all generous hospitality. To the Orio Germany GmbH, which generously sponsored us again this year, as well Triboron Germany. And finally to Till with his CardyourCar Shop, who, like our fan shop, also ensured that the “Welcome Packages” for the participants were a bit fuller.

More pictures of “Pilot wanted 2014” from our photo team are coming soon on our event page.

Text & pictures: tom@saabblog.net

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    Hi Tom,
    It was a great Saab event - thank you very much for your commitment and the commitment of the Lafrentz family! Tanja and I enjoyed it very much and set off with just the right spirit for our short trip to the pilgrimage sites in Trollhättan.

    We look forward to seeing everyone we met again in the Saabian spirit - thank you very much!

    Best regards,

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    With such an occasion (meeting of new vehicles), which is actually unique in this form, bridges to other countries and federal states were and will be beaten, to meet together, to discuss SAAB across countries and languages, to exchange views and many get new information about other countries and SAAB. But also to build contacts and friendships over long distances.

    So despite the "unanswered questions about the future of SAAB", there is still reason to look hopefully into the future of our brand - maybe a reunion, which would be great. The great vehicles of the 95 NG in all colors and equipment were a feast for the eyes!

    Acknowledgment, respect and thanks to the organizers of the SAAB NG meeting in Kiel, in particular a special thanks to the Lafrentz family and employees, without whose commitment this meeting would not have been possible.

    But also thanks and appreciation to all those who have contributed with their personal commitment and mostly with family support, from the US !!! Norway, Sweden, Holland and just like me from Switzerland, to come to this meeting specially and to have made this meeting - to something unique !!

    With Saabian greetings


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      Joachim, it was a great meeting in Kiel! My family and I wish to meet you again in the future. We are on vacation in Germany and Austria this summer, where we are visiting Friedrichshafen on the border of Switzerland (we are Zeppelin fans :). Then maybe we will go on a day trip to Switzerland? Do you live far from Friedrichshafen / Lake Constance? Please drop me an email on tbaat “at” hotmail “dot” com. MfG Torgeir, Yuni, Marie & Edward.

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    Hmm, I get into the mood for 9-5 NG :-). The temptation is great 😉

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      .. give it to her, you will not regret it!

      ... from us also a big compliment to the organizers and many thanks for the great time in Kiel!

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    Nice pictures and obviously a nice Saab weekend with the 9.5 NG.

    Let's hope that the production of the 9.3 will start soon again, so that eventually there will be a NG :-).

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      Let's hope that together with Mahindra soon starts the production of various SAAB models and above all a larger 5-door hatchback model in the program of PHOENIX series is included !!!

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    Hello Tom
    As an owner of various vintage cars, I am always on meetings of other vehicle manufacturers.
    The (hopefully) annual meetings in Kiel are unique in terms of the warmth and solidarity of the participants across social status and national borders.
    The commitment of the Lafrentz family and their employees are also far beyond the scope of an "advertising measure" ...
    For this weekend Petra and I would like to thank you again, the conversations and friendships are priceless anyway.
    Keep the spirit alive !!

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    You are almost jealous not to have a 9.5. Great pictures, were definitely two days full of enthusiasm for Saab. But it can also make you sad that the cars didn't “make it” to populate the streets.
    The white is definitely you Tom.

    Have a nice week, let's see what she brings to Saab.

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    Even four-legged friend Pedro loves Saab, as you can see in the photo undoubtedly

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    Hi Tom,

    Thank you very much for the Saabist weekend.

    It was a great experience for us to get to know all these nice people.

    Special thanks to you and the entire Lafrentz family and the Lafrentz family.

    Especially, Katrin, Markus, Micha and Merle.

    Already at the reception we had the feeling to know all present for a long time and look forward to our next reunion.

    …thanks again.

    Best regards…

    Merve & Bora Albayrak

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    Hey Tom!
    It was a great weekend! Perfect all round - from the organization to the weather. A big thank you to all of you who made this possible!
    Kind regards, Janni, Olli - and Pedro 🙂

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