Saab production rests until KW 33

No surprises after work from Trollhättan! The production stop originally scheduled for 4 weeks is to be extended until the summer holidays. The production break then reaches at least into the 33. KW.

SAAB production at NEVS @2014
SAAB production at NEVS @ 2014

“Saab production will start in week 33 at the earliest, by then we should also know what our situation will look like in the future,” NEVS press chief Mikael Östlund said today to the Swedish radio P4 Väst. Quick solutions, as originally announced, look different. The hangover about the future of NEVS will not end quickly and will continue for a few more weeks. Okay, let's be honest, which of the readers believed in the 4-week break?

Not a nice scenario for the employees during the holiday season. However, and this is the only good news at the end of the day, their June salaries should be secured, as Ronnie Hermansson of the Union Union today announced to Sweden Radio.

As before, NEVS does not comment on the current negotiations. Ongoing discussions with Mahindra and Dongfeng have not been confirmed by any other party today either, although several sources have reported them.

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8 thoughts on "Saab production rests until KW 33"

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    Did the eponyms for the new platform possibly have clairvoyant abilities?
    It seems to be the fate of Saab to rise again and again like the phoenix from the ashes ...

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    I slowly realize why the old 9-3 was put back on -> it should just do something and smoke the chimneys again. A stupid idea, since many SAAB friends are waiting for new vehicles. Ultimately, it would have been better to complete the strategy first, i.e. to find RELIABLE, global partners with whom you can share the platform so that the quantities are right. But in the end, no one can see through behind these opaque business practices. At least this way has given some a new SAAB. If I convert all the costs of NEVS into the cars, then each one probably cost around EUR 250.000 to manufacture.

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      ... it would have been better to sell to Mahindra right away, according to Spyker. Why NEVS won the bid is still a mystery to me.

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        Apparently Mahindra at that time gave a worse or no concrete bid?
        If anything should work then if someone wants to actually let some money flow and in front of all really CAN and does it. We really had enough announcements.

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          It might have been like that - unfortunately the negotiations with the bankruptcy attorneys are largely behind closed doors and we can only guess what the reason was.

          Now that the “shop” is in full glory (including the almost finished PHOENIX platform), the current owner will hopefully speak or negotiate with some serious potential investors to be on the safe side - only relying on M&M would be a little risky considering the anomalies at the time (if M&M at all).

          Under certain circumstances, a serious investor will soon come into play that no one has expected. The starting position is completely different than under Spyker and there are so-called deep pockets all over the world - so it remains kind of exciting.

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    Even if it is repeated over and over, GM did a good job in the beginning. Without GM, SAAB would not have managed such a great, almost perfect car like the 9/5 at this point in time. Nobody was interested in the company back then, even the old owners like the Wallenbergs were at a distance. But everything is and will fail because of the lethargic Swedish nature and the prescribed do-gooding.
    Just think of the former SAAB plant in Malmö - the world's most efficient automobile plant. Nowhere was the sickness rate so high and nowhere were so few cars built per employee. It didn't work and it won't work in the future either.
    The days of the ingenious “hobbyists” around Gunnar Ljungström and Sven Otterbeck are over - and they will never come back. (Bullerbü burned down long ago)

    no offense !

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    Ok, if a buyer can't be found quickly who has an understanding of the automotive business, then that's it. It's a shame, actually, this startup couldn't deny a certain charm of the Swedish shirt-sleeved. The cardinal error was committed much earlier: On the day on which GM's participation in Saab was decided, the funeral bells began to ring….

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      Without GM, Saab would have been history since the mid-90s ... even if the quality deteriorated with GM's entry.

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