The Troll Rally is calling!

It has become a bit quieter on the blog because the Swedes are celebrating Midsommar. We use the time without news from Sweden and drive at the weekend, the 37. Troll rally in the Dresden Elbe Valley.

Saab Troll on Tour
Saab Troll on Tour

Very early on Saturday we start with our 9-5 NG in the direction of Saxony. The Troll Rally already starts for the 37. Time, making it a Saab traditional event in Germany. As in the past year, 2014 will also be taking the rally as a tour without a time rating. The route will lead more than 35 reported Saabs along the beautiful Elbe valley around Dresden.

The route is a good 100 kilometers; The planners of the Troll Rallye selected a hotel in Radebeul on the Saxon Wine Route as the starting and finishing point. The event is supported by Saab friends Erftkreis as in the previous year by the Saab center Bamberg, In the evening, a joint dinner with many Saabi talks is on the program.

Unfortunately not all registered participants can come. A very likable Saab fan was taken out of the race for health reasons. If he reads these lines - and I'm sure he does - then he knows that we are thinking of him and that he is expected to be there in 2015!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, a great Saab weekend and the fans. See you in Radebeul!

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5 thoughts on "The Troll Rally is calling!"

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    OK, was not meant to be bad, the tour would only have irritated me.
    Hope it is healthier again.
    I wish you all a great day.

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    I wish you much fun.
    I would also like to have been there, because I had to cancel Chemitzfahrt because of illness.
    Unfortunately my request, because it came after the official registration deadline until today, for me completely incomprehensible, not answered.

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      I wish all participants a lot of fun on Saturday.

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      Hello Wolfgang, please do not be gracious. First, this event is planned very far in advance in order to have exact numbers of participants (due to hotel reservations etc.). Simply go to the Saabfreunde Erftkreis website, you can usually register at the beginning of a year. I personally plan extra vacation for this appointment. It always takes place on Corpus Christi WE.
      Second, you see for weeks on the website no / no movement, for which there are health reasons. That's why you certainly could not make contact, please understand.

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    Whaaarum is that again on a Saturday? Unfortunately I can work there.
    Have fun and nice weather I wish you!

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