Saab trolls tour Saxony

Is it a good idea to take a Saab 9-5 NG, a vehicle in the 5-meter category, on an orientation trip over narrow, Saxon country roads? An exciting question, because originally I wanted to start with an older Saab ...

Start free to 37. Troll Rally @2014
Start free to 37. Troll Rally @2014

With the 9-5 NG on Troll Rally

The weekend was time for self-experiment, the Saab friends Erftkreis uploaded to 37. Troll rally, around 35 vehicles came. On Saturday morning, a colorful, cheerful Saab troupe met in Radebeul. After detailed instruction and reception of the roadbooks, the tour extended to more than 120 kilometers, consisting of three stages. After the car was built, our 9-5 NG started pretty much at the start.

The ride went through the Dresden countryside, touched repeatedly the city, had several Elbe crossings. In between questions had to be solved, which mostly had something to do with Saxon history. Or just original. Like the question, what a strange blue thing is on the right side of the road. No, it was not the Aral gas station, also blue, but a blue water slide, which stood on the roadside.

After the first stage, we - friend Achim, his wife Johanna and I - were suddenly alone on the track. Did we get lost or did we lose touch? The goal of the second stage, the Lingnerschloss, located on Loschwitz Elbhang, brought clarity. Somehow we had managed, lying in front of all other participants, the milestone goal and at the same time drive off all rating points. How it came was not only a mystery to us. Too bad that there was no time rating!

Who drives something like that?

The organizing team had reserved parking spaces for the participants at the Lingnerschloss. What did not want to arouse enthusiasm among drivers of other brands. A Dresden Mercedes SUV owner then said "... Saab - who drives something like that?" Yes, who drives that? On this day 35 teams, some of them very young fans and also long-serving Saab veterans. All very nice, some club members, some like us for the first time at the Troll Rally. A group as different as the vehicles. From the Saab 96, Saab 900, 9000, various 9-3 and 9-5 to the last vehicles of the 2011 model year, everything was represented. Among them, which I was particularly happy about, two beautiful Saab 9000 CC, which you now see very rarely. And the Saab trolls were very tolerant this weekend. A Saab is a Saab, is a Saab. Disparaging sayings about models from the GM era, which unfortunately are still the order of the day at some regulars, were not heard during this event.

After a small, hearty snack on the palace terrace, with a great view of the Elbe and Dresden, we went to the last section. Small, narrow country roads, picturesque villages ... the 9-5 proved to be a handy vehicle despite its size, and Saab driving was great fun again this weekend!

And how does the 9-5 NG perform this?

Back at the starting point there was the obligatory group photo with all vehicles later in the evening. This was followed by the joint dinner and the award ceremony of the 37th Troll Rally, which some participants were eagerly awaiting. How did we do? Good, because our team with the 9-5 NG came in at a respectable 6th place.

The day ended with talks Saab, which sometimes must have been very, very intense, because some participants came to bed late. The 37. Troll rally was a lot of fun. I think to speak in the name of all Saab trolls, if I would like to thank Elisabeth, Walter, Rolf and Allen, who have invested so much work and heart in this great Saab event! And of course Ralf Muckelbauer from Saab Zentrum Bamberg, who supported the rally.

It goes on, the 38. Troll rally of the Saab friends Erftkreis is already in planning. In the year 2015, the Saab Trolls then tour the Weser-Bergland. The Saab fans can look forward to it today!

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  • blank

    "... Saab, who drives that?" - The one who doesn't want a Mercedes. 😉

    • blank

      Based on the LBS advertisement that ran a few years ago: "Mercedes ... how uncool."

  • blank

    Hej from Saxony,
    yes that was fun in the Elbe Valley again. First of all, we say many thanks to the grandiose organization of the rally. We were there for the first time in a rally and we have to say, we'll do it again. We had a lot of fun reading the landscape

    Many sincere greetings from Saxony

  • blank

    My answer to the Mercedes driver would have been: “Well, people who want to enjoy the car for a long time but don't rust!”
    Believe, I'll take the next tour with me

    • blank

      Well ... to be honest, SAAB also has a few problems with rust, so don't step too hard. But maybe people who can't define themselves just by the thickest company car.

      • blank

        I think that a person who asks such questions should definitely continue to drive a Mercedes ...

  • blank

    My tip to the Mercedes driver: gawk up and look - then he'll see who's driving something like that. Man, man, man ... the simplest things cannot be done 🙂 Are the fragrance dispensers that Mercedes is now installing so healthy?

    At least it looks like a nice weekend ... that's where people like to troll.

    • blank

      Nu, nu! :-))

    • blank

      On his question you could also have answered, people with a valid driving license !!

    • blank

      I just hope that the fragrance dispensers are not fed with the existing urea in some models! ;-)))

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    The troll rally was great, good weather, beautiful scenery, nice people and not to mention the cars from the 96 to the 9-5 NG. Where else can you see such a bandwidth. Well, a sonnet was missing as well as 99er, so there is still potential for improvement.
    Afterwards the meal together and many gasoline conversations, that's just part of it. The mood was really good, no matter which series the owners call their own, they got along well with the others. We are always happy to take part in this rally of Saab friends.

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