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Some time ago, the chairmen of the Saab clubs and the authors of the German Saab blogs found a surprise in their mailbox. For the first edition of “Saab Inside”, the customer magazine of Orio Deutschland GmbH, there was a limited print edition.

Saab Inside, the exclusive print edition. @ 2014
Saab Inside, the exclusive print edition. @ 2014

A collector's item not for sale! The unexpected post from Eschborn is more than a nice gesture. It is an invitation for all Saab drivers to participate and to design the upcoming edition.

Reports and photos from meetings, round tables and trips are welcome. Of course, also the Saab stories that we are always looking for. Contributions can be made to the blog or to Ilknur Gürel (sometimes: to be sent to Orio Deutschland GmbH.

The upcoming edition of “Saab Inside”, which we are already working on, will be available exclusively for members of the new Saab Service Club. The subscription is free of charge, but only registered readers of the Saab Service Club will receive the new edition.

Not a member of the Saab Service Club yet? The registration is possible for all Saab owners in Germany and Austria. The only prerequisite: for the membership you have to have a Saab, no matter what year and what series.

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  • I like that there is now a print edition. I'm a self-confessed Internet printer, I just can't read longer documents on the screen ... In any case, I've already completed the registration.

  • The Saab Service Club and Inside Saab are an initiative of Orio Deutschland GmbH (not the blog), which is also responsible for the market in Austria. Actions of the Service Club are tailored to Germany and Austria. Switzerland has its own organization, Orio Schweiz AG, which takes care of the Saab drivers. If a customer magazine or a service club should come for the Swiss fans, then we report about it.

  • Why can Saab drivers from Switzerland not register?

  • Ahh, and when are we Swiss?

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