Adele Neuhauser drives Saab

Many of us know her from the Viennese crime scene. There she plays as Bibi Fellner the always somewhat oblique colleague of Moritz Eisner, who is played by Harald Krassnitzer. Bibi Fellner always swims against the current, is always a bit too emotional on the road, stands to their opinion, which may be quite uncomfortable.

Adele Neuhauser drives Saab
Adele Neuhauser drives Saab

Adele Neuhauser plays Bibi Fellner with a lot of passion and a high level of credibility. The crime scene from Austria likes to be socially critical, also illuminates topics that we don't really like to see. That has consequences. Adele Neuhauser and Harald Krassnitzer were "counted" with the crime scene Grimme Award Straps 2014.

Let's talk about Adele Neuhauser and cars! According to the crime scene scripts, she has a weakness for unusual vehicles. During the shoot, she drives a striking Pontiac through Vienna, in the series "Four women and one death“She doesn't have a driver's license, which doesn't stop her from using anything with an engine to get around.

Adele Neuhauser naturally holds the driver's license in real life. Passed the second attempt at the age of 19 ... and she has a good taste when choosing a car. Your daily vehicle is as individual as your roles.

Adele Neuhauser, aka Bibi Fellner, drives a Saab 9-5, which she regularly hosts Car steel to be expertly serviced in Vienna.

Auto Stahl, authorized partner of Orio AB, is proud of its prominent customer. Such a Saab, writes the Saab partner on the website, which also has rough edges and a character of its own. Some say he is indestructible. Similar to Adele Neuhauser's movie characters. That's probably why she likes her vehicle so much.

I could not have expressed it better.


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    So what ?
    In one crime scene, SAAB has also been badly done, the only time that a "commissioner" spoke badly about his vehicle.
    But what makes me itchy if a celebrity drives a vehicle of my brand, if she also cares for hours in the garage with the care of the beloved Swedes?
    Or if that's us, the fans.
    Acting is no work anyway!

    And to lower blood pressure now a small exit * g *

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    Adele Neuhauser was at the theater in Regensburg for a long time, some time ago I saw you personally at a reading and was impressed. She also has a very interesting life story that wasn't always so rosy. Every Saab driver somehow supports Saab in his own way, whether famous or not. I like Saab and most of the Saab drivers too - there is some information about famous Saab drivers online. Nice little story.

    Best regards!


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    Does not Stefan Raab drive one !?

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    Alice Schwarzer also drives Saab. There are some things you can't choose ... :-)

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    Well she drives a Saab privately. Well, there were many celebrities who did that including Peter Ustinov an 9000er. In another crime scene from Dortmund, the main character drives a Saab 900 I Sedan in the respective episode.

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    That makes her even more sympathetic. If that still works.

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      In any case, even more sympathetic with the above article

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