Saab 9-5 new cars (almost)

The Saab 9-5 NG is rare, and if a specimen comes in the new car condition, then it is something of a rarity. Or just a dreamabout. An 9-5 Biopower, model year 2011, with incredible 3.767 kilometers on the odometer and in the new car condition, is now for sale.

Saab 9-5 NG MY 2011 © 2014
Saab 9-5 NG MY 2011 © 2014

I was a guest at the Saab Zentrum Mainz today and of course had to take a look at the Saab.

The mileage and the history is verifiable and verifiable, the car was the first 2.000 kilometers as a vehicle from Saab Germany on the road. Then he came in second possession and was moved very little for personal reasons. Fjord-Blue is without question one of the most beautiful finishes for the great Swede from Trollhättan.

The Aero Trim with black leather fits, automatic and BioPower are the ideal engine. If you want the Saab a bit faster, you can treat yourself with performance at Hirsch Performance. A seat test in the 9-5: and yes, the typical new-car-scent is present ... how long ago is it to have this scent in the nose? The interior is as good as untouched, because the Saab was hardly in use. Nice options like DriveSense and cornering lights are also on board. Fits almost everything, only the navigation system is missing.

It's a pity, but you can have it retrofitted, if you like. A Saab 9-5 NG (almost) new car in otherwise very harmonious equipment and color will not appear so quickly on the market again. An option for fans!

The Traumsaab was delivered and maintained by the Saab center Mainzwhere he is now for sale. More pictures and information are available under phone 06131 / 59 20 22 and also on

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  • There are also many new Saab 9-5 NGs on offer at Venza in Almere, Holland.

  • The price is ok! If I did not already have one ... ..

  • Oh dear, in Mainz, Ssang Yong is already being sold next to Saab.

  • So I have to ask a question in the room: Is the boot of the limousine big enough to get a stroller and luggage? Maybe someone of you knows the boot of the Audi A6 (C6 PA) and can make a comparison - I know that from my parents-in-law.

    The background is that we look for a new car and there is the deal - woman gets her Golf Convertible and I decide on the family car. And such a Saab 9-5 NG would be very irritating, but I need strong arguments, since my better half (a) does not really want a sedan and (b) does not want a car that looks like a Stormtrooper - even if I did may choose the family car - women stop

    I will look at the opportunity but also again in the Saab forum (if I find the link here on the page again) =).

    A quiet weekend and best regards,

    • Dear Schü, a good friend of mine drives a C6PA. The trunk of the 9-5NG seems a bit wider and deeper in direct comparison. Prams and luggage in a limousine are still a challenge 😉

  • We have a 9-5 NG and travel with two children and strollers for 10 days on vacation. As in the 9-3 I the trunk is really a "black hole". Only the flat loading opening disturbs every now and then.

  • Well, how nice would have been the big tailgate. Would have changed the shape of the car almost nothing - should not be ...

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