Nothing new in the north

NEVS is negotiating with two or - depending on the sources - four partners to become a long-term investor or shareholder. However, NEVS failed to achieve its stated goal of concluding negotiations in June.

SAAB 9-3 NEVS © 2014
SAAB 9-3 NEVS © 2014

And even if the topic annoys some readers - I would also like to have successfully put it to the file - there is reason for a short pan to Sweden. Anna Öfverman from Schwedenradio asked Mikael Östlund, NEVS Head of Communication.

“We had the ambition to close the talks in June. But it’s not about a specific date, it’s about closing the negotiations well, ”he said of the delay.

He sees no setback for NEVS in the fact that it takes a little longer and hopes to be able to show results soon. Östlund sees the reasons that the negotiations are lengthy in drawing up a new business plan and securing long-term investments. It is also about new platforms and additional new car models. Nothing that can be decided in a short time.

“This requires serious, hard work with the negotiating parties. As soon as this is complete and we don't have an exact date for it, we will let you know ”

As far as the short interview with the Sweden radio. Currently, even that came over the radio, against NEVS 29 millions of claims (3.15 million €) in Kronofogden pending. Thus, the sum in recent weeks has increased only slightly, still hold other strategic partners of NEVS.

As modest as the news from Stallbacka are the registration numbers that NEVS announces for June in Sweden. 18 new Saab 9-3 found a buyer, many a car dealer sells more a week. The market in Sweden is booming, the regulatory authority reports a big plus of more than 25%. Only NEVS is developing against the market.

If the negotiations drag on longer, the plan to start production in week 33 will no longer apply. Because the suppliers need a certain amount of advance notice as well as balanced accounts and prepayment. But preferably a serious, new major shareholder with an industrial background.

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    I did not mean the NEVS crisis now specifically but this herumgeeier is now under different owners at least since 2008. And now the sequel under NEVS direction. Since then I am already of the opinion that this drama should be terminated. Most people in the public are no longer aware that Saab still exists in any way. And if there is nobody who can bring new Saabs, and indeed new ones (not the old 9-3), onto the street in the old Saab markets as soon as possible, then it will end sometime.

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    18? So it's true!

    NEVS has produced “old” 9-3 sedans on heap that nobody wanted and then have to pledge the stock ...

    Since one wonders, why the production of these small limos should be resumed? Even if the strategy targeted China and you are on 4-Türer.

    "Look here, we have something from Sweden for you that nobody in Europe wants." How are you supposed to score points in China?

    The 9-3 SC (more practical and formerly with a higher registration number) or the convertible (special) would probably have been more useful in the situation. A resurrection for the (waste) heap? That's complete botch.

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    In my opinion, SAAB will no longer be able to rediscover itself - you should leave it and enjoy the previous car!

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    Hi all,

    My current experiences of the last few days with many Chinese customers of our company (printing presses) and with a few German ex-Saab drivers fit quite well here:

    At least for the very wealthy Chinese print shop owners, only German cars, Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Audi count - in that order. Audi in last place because many public servants are driven in these cars and therefore the enthusiasm for Audi is limited. At Mercedes, the motto is “the more expensive the better”, in other words, the long S-Class.
    Saab is completely unknown in these circles, also Volvo is only a few insiders familiar. Hardly believable that Saab can build a comparable image in China as our German ABM cars. Individuality is a foreign word in China.

    Ex-Saab drivers:
    Unfortunately, no positive news here either. Many of the 9-5 drivers at the time switched to Audi, apparently they really like this aggressive, garland “decorated” front, which has an increasing effect on the driving style of these Audi drivers (my opinion).
    At least with company car buyers, Saab no longer has a chance: bad experiences with reliability, uninterested Opel dealers, long distances to these dealers, very high spare parts prices, ...
    There is nothing left for Saab to get here, especially not after this eternal antics in recent years. In the opinion of these company car drivers - actually a clientele for Saab - unusual cars like Saab, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Citroen have been overtaken by the German brands on the left and right. Emotionality and individuality count less and less in these circles.

    And then there are the Saab fanatics (I am one of them) who enjoy the - still existing - charisma of a Saab, the excellent seats, the difference. But this small group, as enthusiastically looking after their old vehicles as the Citroen DS and Panhard drivers, will never be able to ensure the survival of Saab. It just hurts when more and more people flee in the direction of the gray, dark blue, black, silver main team merchandise. Just don't stand out in today's business environment.

    Too bad, especially for Saab and the people in Trollhättan.

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      Hello Uli Beitel,

      In Europe and other parts of the world, well-made vehicles with an appealing design are not only driven as company and business vehicles - there are, presumably with the exception of China, enough wealthy private individuals who would like to take into account and also buy a more individual car.

      Original or individually manufactured vehicles from Lancia or Citroen (your examples) are no longer produced at all and can therefore not be selected - no wonder that they are drowned in the mass of everyday cars.

      You don't have to be a SAAB fanatic to include a well-made individual new SAAB (from hopefully already planned new model series) in your purchase considerations - in the future, this could also be people, for example, who are nosy about the current German so-called premium brands for various reasons have full. As mentioned, there is not only the company car driver, who sometimes doesn't care about the choice of vehicle made by his employer.

      The current standstill in Trollhättan will not remain unchanged and for forecasts we simply lack the business plan from there - according to press spokesman Östlund, however, this is being processed.

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      The automotive fringe groups for individualists are unfortunately dying out.
      For me, however, there will never be a boring all-weather box from Ingolstadt or Munich.
      For almost 30 years I drive Citroen DS, in addition GSA, CX, duck, Ami6, C3-Picasso and Jumper have.
      After my last C6HDI, which was really bad in quality, I switched 2011 to 6-900 II in addition to my existing SAAB Cabriolet Aero V1 and my 9 / 5.
      After the ordered Turbo6 SC could not be delivered, I bought an Aero sedan, which unfortunately was too impractical and thus heavy heart 2012 was sold again.
      I found a real alternative to SAAB in the SUBARU Outback, which will soon be accompanied by a WRX-STI.
      Of course, SUBARU and SAAB are not really comparable, but Boxer and Symetric AWD with incredible reliability and sympathetic rarity speak for it.
      If SAAB brings back a real estate car or SUV (dream similar to 9-4X), I'm guaranteed to be there again ...

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      Very well written! I recognize myself in almost all respects. I will take care of my three SAABs and drive as long as I can (and certainly never buy one of the ABM cars!)
      Greetings from the CH

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    Don't see this as a drama - I'm glad that something else has happened! That showed how popular SAAB still is. Unfortunately, NEVS 'approach to the project was very much shaped by the wishes of the Chinese partners, who ultimately - for whatever reason - dropped out. The strategy didn't quite fit. I don't quite think that only 19 vehicles were sold. Let's see what's to come ...

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    It takes too much time to do it, and Saab does not deserve it. Then unfortunately, dignity finally let Saab die. In the consumer electronics, there are unfortunately many cases where ultimately big names such. For example, Telefunken stand on devices of irgentwelchen nameless Mongolian manufacturers. So dear NEVS people: this is the last chance for SAAB. Now the big hit has to succeed or please finish the drama.

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    NEVS sees no setback? Production in the 33rd week done-18 SAAB sold-laughs-if it weren't so sad. The matter has been out of control for a long time. Personally, I have now used up the bonus. The German customer has not been treated at all for months. For me, the liquidation of the fleet begins now (2x SAAB 1997/2001 are now retiring) 3x SAAB will stay until the middle of next year. I don't feel like waiting for air bubbles anymore and I think the patience of many of our dealers is finally finally here. You just have to take a look at Nothing big there in the younger years. Unfortunately, our neighbor VOLVO is no longer getting its prices under control and is setting a wrong bearing. Even with the small V40, the price list is speechless. Of course one was never a cheap brand, but the sales figures in Europe are already the receipt here. Until next year I'll keep a flame on for SAAB. I'm a big fan of this brand, but then somewhere it's the end of the day. Greetings from the north

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    I think that's annoying any real fan. Slowly something could really happen. But who cares what we want.

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    Tom! Death said live longer

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    It's not annoying that you write about it. It is annoying nothing countable until now it has come out during the negotiations. If Mahindra is still in the game I think I'm playing for time. It is easier to take over a company that is broke than to buy it out before.

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      Thank you! I'm just annoyed by the long time of uncertainty. Patience is no longer my strength after so many years

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      once a company has gone bankrupt, lawyers come back into play, who can then tell you where to go. Neither NEVS nor the already negotiating investors will want that - because nobody knows what the bankruptcy attorneys would hatch again.

      So wait and see - an agreement without a wrongdoer is actually always the better option.

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    If it is about new SAAB models, then they should negotiate in peace 😉 Maybe we should hold back on the assessment, it seems to me that NEVS is working very seriously on the future of SAAB !!

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