Spyker in trouble?

Spyker is running again a Dutch thriller, or better said a drama. The search for new donors was not successful so far, the bond to build the new Spyker B6 also brought no solution.

Spyker auction at Troostwijk
Spyker auction at Troostwijk

The partners from China are not fulfilling their contractual obligations, and things are getting tight for former Saab owner and CEO Victor Muller and the small sports car manufacturer. Spyker in the end? So it seems, I already had April about the increasingly difficult situation reported.

To cover the company's tax debts, an online promotion was scheduled from today to the 28. July should be running. Auctioned 85 Audi V8 engines and transmissions, rare Spyker sports cars with racing history, semi-finished Spyker C8. Several prototypes and test cars should come under the hammer, including the never built in series Spyker D8. The SUV would have been built together with partner Youngman, and to make the luxury-demanding customers in Asia happy.

The tax debts are, so Victor Muller to the press, now fully paid. However, days after this statement was added to the auction Troostwijk still online as an announcement. Only today, at the last minute, the auction list and the auction itself was taken off the net.

Muller did it again and averted the impending auction. Only for how long? The end of Spyker would be sad, again a small manufacturer less. The loss list of the small exotics, they are the icing on the cake of the car industry, is getting longer. Artega and Wiesman are already history, the exotics are dying out.

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3 thoughts on "Spyker in trouble?"

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    Victor Muller had the courage, and tried it with Saab, only he just got involved with Chinese. They do not need courage, because when it comes to complying with contracts is, as we have noticed, their signature is not worth the ink.

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    Too bad that the Chinese partners, even as NEVS felt, are not at all reliable.
    Why do not we have the courage to realize anything in Europe at all?
    There is enough capital but no courage.
    Or do we lack the necessary sense of self-awareness?

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      I have often asked myself that in many different directions.

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