More Saab at Auto Stahl

Saab as a business model - and then even more Saab than ever? Without a doubt, they say at Auto Stahl in Vienna. And there is a positive development for Saab drivers that we are happy to report on.

More Saab at Auto Stahl
More Saab at Auto Stahl

But first something about the Saab background of the service base in Vienna. The company has been taking care of the vehicles from Trollhättan since 2010. The team around managing director Gernot Keusch came to the brand from southern Sweden quite late.

However, the ties to the manufacturer were even closer from the very beginning. Saab Austria, the branch of Saab Automobile AB in the Alpine Republic, had its headquarters in Auto Stahl's premises from 2010 to 2011. So the manufacturer was in fact with in-house, which is a good basis to develop lasting good relationships. After a factory visit in the summer 2010 in Trollhättan, the Saab virus finally jumped on the team of Auto Stahl.

No question that there was no doubt about a positive Saab infection and that after the temporary end of new car production, the brand remained faithful to the brand. And one hopes in Vienna further a comeback of Saab, because customers and traditional brand would have earned it.

As an authorized partner of Orio Deutschland GmbH, which also ensures the supply of original Saab spare parts for Austria from Eschborn in Hesse, Auto Stahl is one of the few Saab specialists in the greater Vienna area. Trained technicians, some of whom also travel privately via Saab, take care of the vehicles every day. And honestly - where do you feel better off than with employees who drive Saab themselves?

In order to improve service for Saab customers, make daily life with Saab even more enjoyable, and close gaps in the service network, the official Saab Partner is now present at two locations in Vienna.

Saab driver find Car steel at the following locations:

Vienna 20 (Heistergasse 4-6, 1200 Vienna):
Contact person: Mr. Roman Karger (…SAAB driver)
Telephone: 01/33122 ext. 30 (mail:

Vienna 23 (Brunner Street 81a, 1230 Vienna):
Contact: Mr. Thomas Kellner
Telephone: 01 / 2051515 DW 32 (mail:


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    Dear Tom!
    Thanks for following up. I only figured it out because you also swapped the number plate brackets on my 9-3 sports suit (previously Saab Oberlaa) and "rattled" the board. Since I move the two Saab's very rarely (no more than 4000km in total) I came up with it very late. I just wondered why that wasn't the case with the convertible. The reason was the 4 tin drivers! My two Saabs are in an underground car park with limited or poor lighting because you don't really notice the 4 black screws right away. With the station wagon you have now glued the bracket with window sealing compound, which will probably only last about 1 year. -> Statement from the mechanic himself. Then it will rattle again… .better than 4 tin drivers still …….

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    Only a membership in the Saab Club Austria helps. We also have our own number of Taferl mounts, which certainly no dealer will dismantle.
    I only know the steel from very early times - I was once allowed to pick up a Saab 95-NG there for testing at a club trip. Nice people. I can definitely recommend the Ebner company in Oeyenhausen.

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    just for information: Stahl has always been represented with 2 branches.

    I'm very happy with them, the only problem seems to be the size, not always what you order, things are rarely questioned. Mine has retrofitted sports suspension, therefore larger brakes, were installed, the smaller discs, as this is the sticker ... But it is obvious because the sheets are correspondingly larger ... in the communication between customers and workshop, there is a need to catch up with steel.

    Lately a great service ordered by WIS (120.000tkm), but not made of polyester belt and water pump - that had bothered me a bit ... well then will probably have to be made up.

    As I said, in internal communication, you can improve something. I try to get around this by giving them a note with the things that I think are to do ... but even then it does not always work - see above.

    Also, the service can not be as individual as it should be due to the size, they also make X other brands ... Jaguar, Range Rover, etc. - are so really big.

    But ... they are unique in diagnosing and repairing defects, they can do almost everything, and so far everything has been cost-effectively eliminated. So there they are really good (almost better than Oberlaa), and that, in my opinion, is the most important thing in a workshop that has people who know what they are doing.

    The first one can change, the second is a huge plus ... keep it up.

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    I'm the proud owner of a Saab 9-3 1.8t Vector Convertible (Hirsch Performance Tuning) MJ 2005 with less than 38.000km. I move the Saab only in the summer and enjoy the Cabriofeeling and hope to spend several years with the Saab on the road. I took my car to service (small) at Auto Stahl. The mechanics there exchanged the number plate holders, since the Opel Beyschlag panel did not go the competition. No problem for me if the steel or Beyschlag is on it. Only after some time I came up with it, since I own another Saab and drive on change marks, that the dear mechanics had fastened the plates with hunz ordinary sheet drivers front and rear (trunk). In particular, in the trunk lid, where there are the wonderful threaded inserts saw and writing 4 piece of metal sheet drivers were driven into the trunk steel. I complained to the service manager for Saab how to do that?
    Terse answer: how else should we have assembled the board? And how do I want to know if that was steel at all I should prove it to you !!!! When asked why you couldn't have left the old ones? I accepted that in the terms and conditions when signing the order that the panels would be exchanged if there were no steel panels on them. Bad luck, you should just read the small print!?!?!
    After this snotty answer, I then turned on the manager, who has taken the boys something to the curb. In short, I have now used in place of the metal plate 4 threaded sleeves of the Range Rover with appropriate screws. All in all, I now have 6 screws for a simple number plate holder. For me, not a satisfactory solution, but still better than the sheet metal drivers.
    So I can recommend the steel only with restriction. I did not recognize anything from the Saab Spirit. They have a huge workshop in 20, which seems to be underutilized and they are now trying to fill the hole with Saab. Unfortunately, Saab Oberlaa has finally disappeared and Opel Beyschlag no real alternative, because you are one of those annoying customers who do not want to buy a new Opel. Saab Oberlaa has recommended the car dealer Ebner in Oeynhausen, but can not say anything.

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      The bad habit with the exchange of brackets I know of Opel workshops in the area. That's just annoying.

      Nevertheless, hats off to Stahl, which has opened a second meeting point in Vienna. I wish that from SAAB friends in D!

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      I have informed myself about the process at Auto Stahl and would like to comment the following: After the complaint - which took place with a considerable delay - the managing director of Auto Stahl, Mr. Keusch, took on the case and initiated a dialogue with the customer. Customer satisfaction and the solution of occurring problems, this is the top priority at Auto Stahl. We deeply regret the unfortunate process and the resulting dissatisfaction.

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      I can really recommend Autohaus Ebner in Oeynhausen!

      There are still people with Saabspirit and is since 2 years also a Saab specialist in the troupe (Markus Glatz), who was previously long at Oberlaa and already around. 18 years on Saab works and therefore has a heart for it. He drives a Saab convertible himself.
      Behind the counter is Mr. Wanecek the helpful and competent spirit, for whom goodwill is no foreign word.
      I have been very satisfied with my convertible since 2005 and with my 9-3x-Combi since 2012.

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