Saab shows flag

Today, the right life was in the foreground, Saab and the blog had to wait. What happened in the meantime? In Trollhättan, the union is waiting for news from NEVS, we land up a picture gallery, and Saab shows its flag.

Pilots wanted 2014 - Saab Image Gallery @2014
Pilots wanted 2014 - Saab picture gallery @ 2014

News from Nevs?

IF Metall expects fresh information on the current situation in Trollhättan. After several attempts, the union managed to set up a group at the plant. The chairman of the "Klubben" is Stefan Larsson, who today has his first meeting (which is also the last before the summer break) with the NEVS management and is hoping for an update on the situation.

He describes the basic mood in the factory and among the employees as positive on his site. The time without production is used to optimize the order system and the processes in the production. If new, publicizable information comes from NEVS, then we will write about it.

Saab shows flag!

The farewell to the griffin is sealed, that was clear! Orio AB and theirs German daughter in Eschborn, new flags have been produced for Saab partners. Without griffin, but with a consistent Saab logo on the length, the new Saab flag is very noticeable.

The design is in shades of gray, looks cool and at the same time noble; the flags are either 3 or 4 meters long. Still no new Saab flag blows in Germany, the dealers can order only since yesterday, the delivery begins now. As soon as the first new Saab flags turn in the wind, pictures are coming.

Pilots wanted 2014 - photo gallery

Our Saab event in Kiel was almost a month ago - the first part of the photo gallery is online at The second part will follow in the next few days, there will be special pictures to look forward to.

The first emails are now coming, what we are planning for 2015. Hmm ... Markus and I have a few options, but we're not sure yet. As in Trollhättan, a lot is open with us. As always, updates come on the blog.

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2 thoughts on "Saab shows flag"

  • Well, the flag is not number 1 for me. There are more important things. Trollhättan has now seen enough breaks in recent years. Sometimes it only consisted of extended company holidays. It all costs a lot of unnecessary pengar. Now all that counts is results - ahoy greetings from the north

    • blank

      That's the way it is ! The flags are currently a clear "Subordinate" external presentation. We SAABists already know where our good SAAB workshops can be found! And of course it is gratifying that the supply of spare parts for the existing vehicles is secured! That calms you down!
      Personally, I would like to see soon GOOD News from Trollhättan!

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