Podium for Emma Kimiläinen

A historic victory in the STCC has retracted on the past race weekend in Falkenberg Emma Kimiläinen. The pilot of the PWR Racing Team, which started with Saab works support, set a sensational second place in the first race.

Emma Kimilainen with Saab 9-3 in place 2
Emma Kimilainen with Saab 9-3 in place 2

She has been the first female driver of the Swedish Touring Car Championship since 1996 to secure a podium finish. After an accident at the previous Gothenburg race, and a broken frame, that was PWR Racing Team forced to build a new car for Emma. Normally no good conditions for a successful performance, because the vote of the Saab 9-3 STCC had to be adjusted again.

Emma drove a great race with the 9-3, kept Thed Björk and the Polestar Volvo at a distance, in the end was only 3/10 seconds behind the winner Philip Forsman. Great done - Congratulations to the PWR Racing Team and Emma Kimiläinen!

In the second run, Emma Kimiläinen was ranked 7 until a puncture forced her to the task. The PWR Racing Team and Team Principal Daniel Haglöf are nevertheless very satisfied with the result. Emma is now, after 6 of 12 races, ranked 10 of the rankings.

While one team cheered, the other Saab team reported hangover. Team Tidö showed that things are really tough at STCC this weekend. Richard Göransson, the most successful Saab 9-3 driver of the season so far, with ambitions for the title, delivered in the first race a spectacular duel with Fredrick Ekblom on Polestar Volvo.

For the resulting collision Göransson was punished with a demotion to 5 starting places in the course of two. It then passed to the place 5 in the second round, in the settlement meant Falkenberg a harsh setback for Göransson.

Before the two races, the lead of the championship was only 12 points away, in Sweden it was hoped for a new edition of the eternal duel between Saab and Volvo. Now Göransson is 40 with more than 5 points behind.

Results STCC Falkenberg 11-12 July

Run 1 - 27 laps

1. Philip Forsman, WCR / BMW dealer team 23: 38,632
2. Emma Kimiläinen, PWR Racing Team + 0,329
3. Thed Bjork, Volvo Polestar Racing + 1,989
4. Fredrik Larsson, WCR / BMW dealer team + 3,173
5. Mattias Andersson, Dacia Dealer Team + 8,117
6. Andreas Wernersson, Team Kia + 9,294
7. Erik Jonsson, WCR / BMW dealer team + 18,575
8. Linus Ohlsson, Team Kia + 20,901
9. Roger Samuelsson, Team Tidö + 30,207
10. Carl Philip Bernadotte, Volvo Polestar Racing + 57,655

Run 2 - 27 laps

1. Fredrik Ekblom, Volvo Polestar Racing, 21: 29,405
2. Fredrik Larsson, WCR / BMW dealer team + 1,360
3. Mattias Andersson, Dacia Dealer Team + 11,068
4. Mattias Lindberg, Team Kia + 11,779
5. Richard Göransson, Team Tidö + 12,918
6. Linus Ohlsson, Team Kia + 13,141
7. Erik Jonsson, WCR / BMW dealer team + 38,929
8. Roger Samuelsson, Team Tidö + 1 varv
9. Thed Bjork, Volvo Polestar Racing + 1 varv
10. Carl Philip Bernadotte, Volvo Polestar Racing + 3 varv
Table after 6 of 12 runs

1. Fredrik Larsson 135
2. Fredrik Ekblom 125
3. Thed Bjork 109
4. Mattias Andersson 98
5. Richard Göransson 94
6. Linus Ohlsson 75
7. Mattias Lindberg 73
8. Erik Jonsson 60
9. Philip Forsman 59
10. Emma Kimiläinen 31

Text: tom@saabblog.net

Images: stcc (2); pwr racing team (1)


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