Saab 9-3 Griffin 2012

A beautiful Saab 9-3 Griffin in diamond silver is for sale in Kiel near the Saab center. With only 18 (!) Kilometers on the speedometer again a fast new car. Where do they all come from? The Saab will not only make me wonder.

Saab 9-3 Griffin 2012 © 2014 saab center keel
Saab 9-3 Griffin 2012 © 2014 saab center keel

Because it is very well equipped. Navigation and Bluetooth are on board, xenon anyway. And he has the famous Griffin seats with full leather and visible seams. I like the whole package - better than what NEVS currently offers.

This is heretical, I admit it, and I won't be liked for it in Trollhättan. But - why didn't they manage to install an integrated hands-free system, not a retrofit solution, in the 2014 model? A feature that many small cars now offer in series and that simply has to be on board. And why is there no built-in navigation - popular with frequent drivers? We don't even want to talk about missing diesel engines.

The final stage of the 9-3, which was still being developed in GM times and the 9-3 Griffin, which was built in small numbers during the short Spyker phase, is probably the most successful version of all.

Yes, and where does he come from? The Saab 9-3 Griffin for sale at Saab Zentrum Kiel comes from Sweden, from the holdings of the administrators. Even years after the end of production, they provide surprises again and again when they unexpectedly release factory-fresh Saabs from mysterious warehouses for sale.


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  • Well, here are the right experts on the way.

  • The Griffin-Aero had the aluminum frame etc ... Just like the Aero had these details before ...

  • mhh,
    Did not Griffin have that ugly chrome clasp on the fog lights?
    And the double pipe exhaust (wheelbarrow), not that it is still a "tinkered" version.

  • Tom, I just had to look it up, of course. Sorry, some things just fall into oblivion. I did not remember this look. The last GRIFFIN CV, in which I was allowed to sit, had the leather without contrast inserts and was in the usual, smoother look. Who exactly releases the vehicles?

  • ... those grooves ... that's the Griffin Aero Trim. Is series 2012 and looks really sharp in the original. There is no story about the vehicle in this sense. As written, there is a low three-digit number of vehicles of a certain brand in some halls that I would classify as fresh from the factory. Every now and then you release something for sale ...

  • ... but these grooves ... have the seats subsequently been upgraded from partial to full leather? Somehow unique. In any case, it would be great to learn more about the vehicle's background story.

  • Well, well, is high quality leather. In Natura much better than in the pictures.

  • Tom, what kind of cheap leather did you use? Those stripes look terrible. Has anyone fished leather that cannot be processed out of the container in the last few days? The exact origin of the past life of the vehicle would, however, be worth a story ... What actually happened to the US vehicles that gathered dust and rusted in and in front of the warehouse in the States ... ???

  • For this, the NEVS 9-3 GM is free.

  • Very pretty! I imagine the 9-3 x with the griffin look ... awesome!

  • If the 9-3 Griffin Diesel offered by Lafrentz also had an automatic transmission, I would really ponder ………

  • Whether 9-3x, Sportcombis, Cabriolets or even 9-5 sedans are kept hidden in these ominous halls ...?

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