Saab 900 speculation

We've gotten used to the fact that the prices for the classic Saab 900 are on the up. Friend Mark has been on the hunt for his 900er for a long time, so far without great success.

Saab 900 1982 - 300 pcs © 2014
Saab 900 1982 - 300 pcs © 2014

The viewing appointments were usually disappointing, often something is offered, which has no relation to the requested price. If you then, like him, still has a precise wish configuration, it will be tight. The prices for the Saab 900 are one thing, another is that of model cars.

Neo Scale Models launched the Saab 900, built in 1982, exclusively for the Car World model. Limited to 300 pieces, with Munich license plate. It goes without saying that the Saab was quickly sold out by the manufacturer. On the model car exchanges, in the collector's warehouse, the 900 now costs over € 70,00, although also Model Car World still has copies available. A nice speculative gain, but understandable, because sold out from the manufacturer. And from a different perspective, it speaks a lot for the Saab brand and the 900. Which is an absolutely positive thing.

We have secured, more by accident, a box of limited edition. We sell the Saab 900, without speculation, for the normal price in our shop. And to prevent any speculation, we give only one copy per customer.

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12 thoughts on "Saab 900 speculation"

  • Hello Matthias;

    … Exterior color, interior color, condition ??
    Pictures please

    LG Mark

  • Moin Tom, I have a 900er Turbo with 150PS Year of construction 1986 who would like to evacuate (in the scale 1: 1) !! Who wants to can sign up !!!

  • hey,

    I would like to say / write to you. in Saab-cars?
    there is nothing but currently.

  • Sorry rims do not lie :-)

  • Pekka in the text is 1982 and not 1992
    95 ll would be really nice with edge and javabraun

  • Do you mean the Griffin kit? I hope, there is something else in the matter of museum edition of DB

  • the 95 II is already available 😉

  • yes and no. Not especially SC MY04 / 05
    But ... he won't be missing for long

  • What a shame ... We should finally make detailed (like the 900 Cab) 1:18 “more current” models! 😉 You can also paint it yourself so that you have your color.


    - Saab 9000 Turbo (cc)
    - Saab 93 my08 (SS / SC & Cab, the constellation from the Unveil event 2007)
    - Saab 95-II


  • Does the 9-5 AERO sedan MY02-05 actually exist as a model car? I only have the Aero glasses….

  • The model is certainly not 1992. I have 1: 1 !!

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