Made by Trollhattan

Update 07-08-14

This clip has been circulating on Youtube for days and I have watched it repeatedly. What it is about is difficult to describe. It's about feelings, home and a little about Saab. The artist and songwriter David Urwitz grew up in Trollhattan, the clip is also inspired by the current Volvo commercials “Made by Sweden”.

You can feel a portion of pride in the last new Saab, the 9-5 NG, and the scene in front of the Saab factory shows a lot of emotion. Saab, the proudest brand in his hometown, as David Urwitz says. Have fun with “Made by Trollhattan”!

Update. Michel (Thank you!) Has translated the text of the clip:

Voice on radio: "So call in and tell us where you're heading towards or where have you been! Are you noticing any differences? 031-7739999 is the number or you can email us. "
Voice on radio: "Hi, who's I speaking with?"
Voice from driver: "It's David"
Voice on radio: "That voice I recognize! Where are you heading to, David? "
Voice from driver: "To Trollhättan. Home. Or, what shall I call it?
Voice on radio: "What's happening?"
Voice from driver. "I do not know. I acted on impulse. As if I should be collecting something. Have you seen what they've done with the school? "
Voice on radio: "David, what a hundred years ago! I think you drive home more frequently "
Voice from driver: "Otherwise, most of the rest seems the same".
Voice on radio: "David, I may have another caller just before the news, I'd like to say good bye and take good care of yourself. Will you drive back tonight? "
Voice from driver: "Yes, I think so. I hope so. "

Song on radio (Hej Då): "I think it started as a longing ..." "... it was something in my chest ..." "... like it would burst, like I could not breathe when you came in ..."
"You were my first love and you know I was yours. I said it was so obvious that it would be us, the world what ours and life now, you need to know that I cried, without making a sound and said farewell, farewell, I said



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  • Then I agree to the "bad." Waiting position on ... ..

  • No, he does not take. The background of the film is different from that of NEVS.

  • THANK YOU for the wonderful clip! 🙂 Even if this makes me sad ... ..
    Does the movie already anticipate something?

  • I would also like to understand Swedish. The movie is really emotional. The emotions that come to me when I look at them, without understanding what is being said, are sadness and sadness.

  • Pure goose bumps. With subtitles would still be nice. Maybe someday a reminder of bad times and the new beginning.

  • That goes to the mind. Very nicely done, the 9.5 is just a dream, mine too. A third Saab will certainly not allow my wife. First of all, it means maintaining what you have, an 9.3. Lim of 2004 and a convertible of 2000. Both are a lot of fun.
    Tom, have fun with your 9.5.

  • I have to join the other commentators on that - a great film, even if I didn't understand a word that was being said. Still, I also have to swallow ...

    WOULD SAAB be a successful manufacturer again, an entire campaign, a kind of “We're back” film, could have been made out of this film. Whether it comes to that now ... well, take a look.

  • Why did not I just buy 9-5 NG?

  • Since you get a lump in the neck! Very beautiful video!

  • The two SAABs from completely different times waiting in front of the factory say everything ... That touches!

  • Beautiful Saab spirit!

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