Saab Performance Team at Tullinge Airfield

After the exhausting business news of the last days, let's take a look back. The legendary Saab Performance Team has long been a legend. Meanwhile, the former Saab crew has switched to self-employment and internationally under the name Dynatech Automotive on road.

Saab Performance Team 2006
Saab Performance Team 2006

Instead of Saabs one is today with other makes on the way. The team drives for Audi and BAIC. Videos of what the former Saab Performance Team is doing can be seen on the website consider.

In 2006 the Saab world was still reasonably in order and the men in the famous red jackets were traveling exclusively for Saab. They were guests not only in Sweden but also in Germany. A short after-work clip from 2006 shows what was going on at the time and what was fun.

The Saab Performance Team, on the road in the night, with the 2006 Saab 9-3 Aero Sedan at the Tullinge Airfield near Stockholm. Scheduled as a military airport in the 40 years, Saab J70 Draken and Saab 80 Safir were stationed there in the 35 and 91 years of Royal Air Forces.

In the late 90s, the airfield was privatized and used for civil aviation until 2004. A year after the Saab Performance Team was shooting, the dismantling of the buildings and the runway began. The tower and airfield are history today, the recordings are historic, and in the hangar blasted into the rock there is a server farm instead of fighter jets.

11 thoughts on "Saab Performance Team at Tullinge Airfield"

  • Interesting, right? The present quickly becomes the past. I still have an 9000er in the yard. It has been hard for me to separate myself from him for years. Nevertheless, I have to give it away (almost) now; I can not scrape it.

    • The 9000 is one of the saddest chapters in SAAB. With that there were some great stunts of the performance team. Today it's easier to find a Jaguar E or Citroen DS than a sensible 9000.

      Why does he have to go? Such a car will not happen again!

      • Unfortunately, that's the way it is. The 9000 is 2015 30 years old, the first copies are ready for the H-plate. It's time to pay more attention to the 9000er as long as there are some.

  • Nice video. 2006 already with the cockpit of 2007? They were ahead of their time.

  • Hello Tom,
    really nice pictures for the weekend. Too bad, too bad, too bad. But I still stick to the Saab and cruise on in the nice weather. Nice weekend.

  • Great! Where can I try this and who gives me his car?

  • Nice clip for the weekend! Thank you 🙂. Impressive driving scenes ... that show, among other things, the possibilities in the SAAB and how perfect the road situation is!
    Yes, yes, in times ...
    But why was a VOLVO truck used to transport the Eros instead of a SAAB-Scanias ???

    • Because there's no more SAAB-Scanias.
      At most VW Scanias

      • The clip is from 2006 ... 😉! Did VW have a hand in this?

        • It was over with 1995, with the Nordic love.
          From 2000 at the latest, the Wolfsburgers grabbed for the griffin.

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