The mood in the Saab community has seen better times. The crisis in Trollhättan continues unabated, the comments on the blog are evidence of frustration; Members of the Saabsunited crew sell some of their Saabs and turn to other makes. Time to catch the Saab flag? Not at all - there are good reasons to relax.

Saab 99 Turbo Meets Saab 9-5 NG. © 2014 saabblog.net
Saab 99 Turbo Meets Saab 9-5 NG. © 2014 saabblog.net

In the last few days it has been discussed in forums and blogs whether you can be a Saab fan, but at the same time use another make as a daily, mobile vehicle? The discussion ignores reality. Because in reality, readers who are not necessarily and not currently driving Saab have been reading and discussing here for a long time. You have some kind of relationship with the brand from Trollhättan, have had a Saab, are looking for a Saab or just like the brand. Or just like cars. On the other hand, there was always a Mercedes, a BMW or an Opel in our parking lots. Because the situation required it or because Saab did not have the right product. They were always good cars, but in the automotive part of the heart there was only room for Saab.

Admittedly, NEVS expects a lot from brand fans, so the misery is understandable. The 2011 crisis was enough for all of us, and what is happening in Trollhättan now hurts and is a portion of misery too much. Still, this is not the time to feel sorry for yourself. 3 reasons:

Reason number 1: Because the NEVS story is not yet fully told. Despite the crisis, NEVS remains remarkably professional. Readers who have sent inquiries to Sweden in the last few days received mail immediately. Representatives of the German motor press have an appointment at the plant today, the NEVS Instagram page is regularly filled with pictures from Trollhättan.

This is unusual behavior for a company whose departure is already a done deal in our opinion. Possibly, written without any evaluation, the future will come from a different direction than previously assumed. A different manufacturer than previously discussed could join NEVS or take over completely. The name of the company is only traded behind closed doors and has not appeared on any of the usually well-informed blogs or in the Swedish press.

Reason number 2: What is changing for us through the NEVS crisis and the uncertain future? Our vehicles continue to age, that's true. If you want, you can still keep them on the street. But otherwise everything stays as before. The supply of spare parts is in state custody, in addition more and more new providers come and fill in the gaps that Nyköping does not want to see or see.

The new car supply is, if we are honest to us, already 2009 / 2010 dried up. What came next, that was hardly measurable, and little more than a handful of new cars. The difficulties of finding a newer vehicle have been known for many years. Conversely, the prices for used cars have risen. The 9-3 convertibles after the facelift have become a safe bank, the Turbo X models as well. And who today closed an 900 Turbo or open, offers a 9-3 series 1 Aero or Viggen in good condition, which achieves a better price than a year ago.

Reason number 3: In the meantime, instead of complaining, we can focus on what we have. Our vehicles ! Saab is that, I repeat what is at our door. Or could also stand ...

I can think of some Saab that would be desirable. A few days ago I was in Kiel - ours Instagram Page followed, was informed. On this occasion I had time to drive two fascinating Saabs from different eras. A Saab 99 Turbo, completely restored, and a Saab 9-3 Viggen. It is also an exceptional model, both vehicles, as different as they are, are more exciting today than ever. If you don't know these Saabs yet, you can read turbo fascination “Made by Trollhättan” on the blog soon.

Because we can not let go of the Saab saga. With Blogger Mark planning a Saab acquisition, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for everything to work as hoped, and the blog is plunging into a new, exciting Saab project. This time, a premiere with community involvement, an exciting story that is set to pick up speed in the coming weeks.

Beyond the bloggers who are completely infected with the Saab virus, report daily about the brand, there are completely normal people. They do not dream of catching the Saab flag just because it does not go well in Sweden.

We are going to publish two articles that show that we are not alone in our passion. This week, for example, a Saab driver who drives hundreds of kilometers to the workshop he trusts tells us about his Saab enthusiasm, and next Saturday we will report on our Saab youngtimer blog about a person who really lives Saab. Catching up the hangover or the Saab flag - not an issue for us!

Text & image: tom@saabblog.net


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  • Dear Peter, I can, and I do not want to. It should come quite soon something about the usual channels. Then we'll see.

  • Hi Tom,

    even if you have written it "neutral" and "without rating": hope makes the (again credited articles) in any case! And the story about SAAB is just a "classic" Swedish thriller, whose screenplay Hollywood could not write better.
    True to the Hitchcock motto:

    1. Everything comes differently and
    2. than you think!

    Unfortunately, our SAAB saga is not a movie, but reality:

    We also rely professionally on our cars. We also use the SAAB 9-3 SC as a family car every day. Now it is BJ 2007 and has only 118 tkm on the clock.

    But my dream would have been to replace our Golf BJ2003 112 tkm with a small SAAB 9-1. Well, fortunately, the two cars are still holding and since we only two years ago have built, is still no new car in sight.

    But when a new car comes along, another one will definitely have to go. Probably the older 3-door Golf here ... But which car should we buy ... As I wrote months ago, I'll let my wife decide: MINI! Or as a sensible alternative, the Skoda Rapid Spaceback as a golf replacement!

    When it comes to the SAAB, I have to separate heavy hearts from it. Because for a third, or hobby car is currently missing the space and money.

    I also have to look for a "new" Saab screwdriver in the Oldenburg area and test my way through the workshops ...

    In the hope that the SAAB will drive us for a long time ...

    Sunny greetings from Oldenburg.


  • Hello Tom ,
    even if I do not have the faith in the Savior, I'm still a curious person. Can not you possibly tell where the name is not called?

  • The contributions today are almost entirely positive, no hangovers. Since we had to read the last few weeks quite different lines.

    I drive my three SAAB alternately in daily operation, two of them but not in winter. Longer business trips have become rarer for me, but my well-preserved work 9000 has unwound 13 TKm in the last 20 months without any problems and I think that's not the (turbo) blow for a long time.
    He is next to a MB 190 (also a very durable car) the oldest vehicle in our service parking. I do not have a status problem! SAAB was always free from that, no matter what age.
    If you need status, you can get one of these “one-way vehicles” (good description from Bora).
    Where we are with disposable vehicles: An A6 was certainly the last Audi in the family (parents). There was the constant brake change described by Steve still one of the minor annoyances.
    By contrast, 9000, 900-2 or 93-1 are really easy to maintain and cheap to maintain.

    If the trolls really went out of their lights, I might lease an Octavia or Superb for rough and pick up the SAAB for nice tours.

    But until then we still have a lot of patience.

  • Only those who learn from the past can master the future.

  • This comment speaks from the heart

  • Yes it is. I will take care of my three Saab, but also drive. And if I find a great 9000 Aero or 9-3 Viggen, I'll buy it, despite all the doom calls!

  • Often this has nothing to do with moaning. In my family 5 SAABs drive every day-kilometer after kilometer-all the fans of the brand.
    But when the interface has been reached and you have to drive for many years, the sometimes hasty slogans about longevity + perseverance are of no use. The additional pit stops (e.g. alternator 9-3 BJ 2009! After 70Tkm) are no treats and that plays a role with increasing age. Even with our dealers, these things are not available for the zero tariff. How often do we want to wait for the savior? Not everyone wants to get their car through to retirement age. Of course, you are hoping for a miracle by the time you make your own decision to change brands. But it's been taking too long for that. Still, I like our SAAB brand. What has been done for German customers over the past few years, apart from our dealers? Except for the supply of spare parts — nothing— !!

  • Very well written and makes some courage again.
    The fact that the Saabgeist is still up to date also shows the following:
    My son (31) gave me three car newspapers from 65 and 1998 last Saturday for the 2000th, each of which contained test reports from the then new Saab 9.3 SE convertible, which has been in my garage for 5 months and is simply a dream in yellow. .
    Cheer up!

  • Automakers. But we've heard a lot in the last few years. I would not rate that too much.

  • Nice idea, the search for “kilometer millionaires” ... I like to take up!

  • THANK YOU for the “positive” look… :-)!
    I let it come to me. Don't speculate with ... just don't want an oligarch from SU! 😉 or other Chinese company constructs.

  • Apple! Needs a reference manufacturer for “CarPlay”! A billion investment? Wait a minute, I had it somewhere, oh here, among the other tens of billions, the Schelmin is hiding.

  • Let's organize a competition: who can do the most kilometers on his SAAB speedometer! Suggest different categories: 1A = with original engine, 1B = ATM, 2 = longest, permanent registration, 3rd = used vehicle, etc, etc. - Sorry - that was not really meant, but I still think that SAAB are very reliable cars and cost little to maintain (which is kind of stupid for the manufacturer). For example, a friend of mine has to change the brake pads on his A6 approx. Every 30 miles and the discs every 60 - that's how others earn their money! I also wanted to note: modern cars are sinking more and more into the mainstream - others also earn good money with individuality (e.g. BMW X6) - there is clearly a market for SAAB, but marketing has to change. Volvo does this pretty well and it's paying off! Let's wait and see what the year will bring!

  • Is there a pure carmaker hidden behind the held hands or is it a so-called conglomerate (for example, a conglomerate like Tata)?

    The answer wouldn't say anything in relation to the possible knight - just as a little hint for us curious that one can approach better.

  • Thank you, it was spoken from my soul, I feel the same way, only my 9-5 station wagon is now 11 years old over 250000km and for a few years now we have only heard the word "patience" regarding the continued existence of our beloved brand and newer Models. That's tough, because you sat in a new SAAB model on the 9-5 NG sports combination Germany tour,

  • Like you, I lack faith in it. That is why I deliberately put the matter with the “knight” in the room without judgment. You can only believe in it when contracts have been signed and the money is in the account.

  • A football club can descend and I can also play in the 2. League still be a fan. A car manufacturer that no longer produces new vehicles and the prospect of it increasingly disappears over a few years as well as completely disappear from the streets. Take a look at the daily traffic on how many rovers you find there. Are just 7 years difference from production end Rover to Saab. From brands like Talbot, DAF (automobiles), Simca or even Borgward there are just oldie clubs that keep the history of the industry in your memory.

  • Should it really exist now, the knight of the held hand. I would wish it but only the faith is missing. I'm not a screwdriver and not a vintage freak. I use my Saab in the normal everyday life. My 9-3 is now 8 years old and in the next 1-2 years I wish something new again. Since the current situation is something hopeless at this time to get something useful from Saab. It would also be possible to push things a bit further, but as soon as possible NEVS and / or the Rescue Knight should offer an opportunity to do so. There are mainly people who want to use their vehicle quite normally in job and everyday life, and then there are just the collectors and hobbyists of which but no manufacturer can exist.

  • That's right - we can still start the hangover when the lights are finally off. And even then, thanks to legal guarantee rules, we can still enjoy spare parts for our SAABs for years and decades.

    But with the new bidder you make it exciting again ... somehow reminds me of gift rates before Christmas 🙂

  • My words. The brand will have to reinvent itself if it is to continue.

  • Last year a futurologist from Switzerland gave a lecture to automobile manufacturers and their senior employees.
    He warned them to ignore sudden (pop-grain-like) twists and turns and innovations in automotive technology.
    Although he spoke mainly about the future of e-cars, but also mentioned completely new, previously outside the industry investors and manufacturers.
    Some time ago, there were several SAAB studies (including in beautiful white), all of which could have been from APPLE.
    Fantasy or not, only something completely new (investor, technology and also styling) could be the ultimate salvation of “our” brand.


  • I see a good to very good mood in the community and the popularity of older vehicles in particular. Anyone who drives a lot in everyday life needs a different brand for better or worse in the long term, but that shouldn't be a problem. But if you really like the brand, you can keep your car alive for a very long time in everyday life. I recently read that drivers who are enthusiastic about oldtimers and who move other factory files on a daily basis mainly move Saab, Volvo, Jaguar as oldies. Which is also a fact for me: There are a lot of Saab fans who leave little or no traces on the internet, which is why certain fan developments on the internet are not representative. The forums and blog pages are mostly used by people who spend a lot of their time in front of the computer - these are by no means all Saab fans.

  • Where the mysterious manufacturer that is being talked about behind closed doors has its headquarters, I would be very interested - I would definitely prefer a European or American company to a manufacturer from China or India.

    An extremely difficult puzzle - should Ford be interested again after all? In Europe, they currently no longer have any real premium mid-range vehicles in their range and suitable engines for NEVS / SAAB would certainly be easy to get under Ford.

  • Isn't it precisely this phase of slowly occurring hopelessness that gives us a more and more “Saab feeling”?
    However it ends ... Saab has fought for years!

  • If you travel a lot for work, use the car on business, it will eventually be unavoidable to drive a different brand in everyday life. I also see it in the circle of friends: Where 9000, 9-3 and 9-5 have been at home for years, now A6, Q5 and the like are being moved. But there is still a convertible or an oldie in the form of a SAAB in the garage. And if there were new cars, you would become SAAB riders again!

    If I were still active as a driving instructor and needed a driving school car, it would be the same for me. Since I “only” use my everyday car as a private person, I will stay with SAAB!

    Why you should give up your SAAB hobby because of the current crisis, I can not understand?!?!?!
    Where is the logic left?
    There are many fans and collectors of obsolete brands!

  • it matters what I have ...

    not what i could have ...

    Surely it would be nice to know that next year the new Saab 9-Xx will come out which can blah blah and burn blab blab ...

    To buy a car magazine where there is great coverage of Saab without a question mark at the end of the sentence ...

    But let's take a look at all the cars that drive around like that ... With the attitudes mentioned ... Type company vehicle, serviceable car, sales agent carriage ... there are so many of ...

    Disposable vehicles ...

    I claim that not even Ferrari or Maserati have nearly as much spirit as a SAAB ...

    I myself can not cling to anything, but it's really special for me to sit in a Saab. No matter which.

    So ... let's enjoy what we have ...

    Above all, investors should see what kind of people, how, are behind the brand. So…

    Up with the flags ... !!!

    Love from…


  • In football, this is called the success fan. If things go well, everything is great, but if not, they complain and they are gone. Let's just wait and see. Maybe the great Savior is closer than we think. Everything is still possible. It's hard times. Yet again ….

  • Saab drivers have always been seen as idealists and individualists. Who drives Saab does not have to specify. And with Saab it's like in a two relationship even in bad times you stick together (if you like each other)

  • Great article that speaks to me from the heart! I have been following the discussion on SU for some time. Of course, everyone should do what makes him happy. But why would you want to buy a 4xx BMW instead of a 9-5 NG? I can not really understand, or is from SU now BU

  • Great article, Tom.
    That makes my day !!!

  • Why do you sell your SAAB because of any newspaper reports? Either you like the brand, or .. you can not specify with your car in front of friends / colleagues etc (oh SAAB who are broke) and sold therefore? Just a guess.

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