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Yesterday, the plant holidays ended at NEVS. As expected, there was no good news for the 250 production staff at the Saab factory. However, no blue letters. A small portion of the workers will be used at the factory for maintenance and repair over the next few weeks, while Saab production will continue to rest.

SAAB plant in the morning sun. © 2014
SAAB plant in the morning sun. © 2014

The much larger part is released from work. NEVS keeps the laboriously built up production competence on the payroll, which could either be considered as a positive signal or as very remarkable. There were no extensions for employees with temporary contracts who remained more than 50. Most of the contracts expired during the summer break, so there was no return to the factory.

Saab production is indefinitely; no further information came yesterday for employees or union representatives. “We have got used to NEVS communicating sparingly,” commented a union man on Monday. But IF Metal and the blog are expecting an update on the situation in the next few days.

The ongoing crisis and the uncertain future are leaving their mark on NEVS. TechRoi Fuel Systems, the company that supplies innovative tank systems to NEVS, maintains an office in Trollhättan and has a laboratory in the factory, released temporary production workers before the holidays. NEVS is an exclusive customer, the dependence is huge. There are contacts to other customers and the market for tank systems is large. From a production for other automakers, the manufacturer is still far away.

While the course of NEVS is still unclear, the clock is ticking louder and louder. The Kronofogden has started to operate a low six-digit euro amount. NEVS has two weeks to make payment since yesterday, or a Kronfogden employee will determine and enforce assets. In the meantime, more creditors have registered their claims, bringing their number to 88.

And what does NEVS say about it? Negotiations are ongoing but not over yet. And when everything is signed, it will take a few weeks for Saab production to restart. That was the official text from the Stallbacka yesterday, and I - quite frankly and honestly - have no idea what I can and cannot believe!

At the latest on Wednesday we make a swing, because it is a lot on the desk, which is worth writing about. Then comes car instead of crisis on the blog, Saab Turbo X and Co held business news. That is more fun!

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  • Good morning

    Well, events are precipitous. In addition, there was bad press in the Swiss newspapers. SAAB is insolvent .. the court has filed for bankruptcy ... for the third time, SAAB slides into bankruptcy ... also poorly researched. SAAB was not available to comment, in the end, the most negative report.

    With these new facts ... there will definitely no longer be a SAAB. Negative press for years. It is definitely “passé”! Even someone who has only a little knowledge of business, marketing, etc. will be careful not to invest in such a project. The brand name is ruined. A few enthusiasts, of whom I don't count myself, also help. That's a drop in the ocean. VW / Audi / BMW / Mercedes probably sell more vehicles per day than there are SAAB enthusiasts worldwide.

    It will only be about how the assets are distributed in Sweden. The brand name may later be launched as a premium segment, for one or 2 aufgepeppte vehicles of a mass supplier without premium claim. If you are interested in the production site in Sweden, here are some in question, because here was again upgraded and redeveloped. Who takes over the platform, if this is really so great. But here I also do a big questioning. If that's true, then why NEVS has not been able to develop a new car on this platform within 2 years and had to resort to the old car.

    A “normal customer” would definitely not buy a SAAB anymore. Even enthusiasts are jumping off. There will be classic car and brand clubs later on, as we are in principle already. The trust is more and more completely gone. Even a perfect new development would no longer be able to do that. The dealer network is practically non-existent. SAAB are still looking for some enthusiasts, but their target group is not big enough.

    Due to the new press releases and the current situation, the last possible takeover has clearly been missed. The press is now doing the fatal blow. A few days or weeks ago, the takeover report would have been very positive. A new strong partner would have created trust. But in my opinion it is finally over. NEVS was a bad successor. What did NEVS do? A really old car assembled. A real slow-moving ... if you look the facts in the eye. An electric car on this platform. First, too heavy. The design too old. An electric car is bought by a “futurist” and he then wants something very modern and not an ancient model, which is already a flop in terms of development, because it was in no way designed for an electric vehicle. Quindao will have recognized this and will not want to throw the money into the Rhine and has waived the payments.

    The reissue of 9-3 was a stopgap solution for me as capital demand became apparent and NEVS thought it would sell in Sweden. The car no longer meets today's safety requirements anyway.

    Hold on to your great SAAB's and maintain them. Those who want to drive SAAB for a long time would have to secure a 95 NG, newer 9-3 or 94 X. In principle, you can hold out for a long time and the investments are moderate. My Viggen got a new gearbox last year. Is at the saddler's and is getting a new interior. Then a current navigation device with Bluetooth and the most modern options. Then in a few years an engine overhaul or a new engine. If I calculate that over several years and have no loss of value, it is more worthwhile than buying a new Audi, BMW, Mercedes or something similar, because the loss in value more than makes up for the investment. So I drive cheaper. I have more driving fun than on a model, which has a negative impact on my driving style here and there.

    That’s how I kept investing with the 900 turbo 1990. It drives like the first day. Meanwhile has down 380 km. Will do the same with the 000X and 94NG. Viggen is the everyday vehicle.

    So don't let your head hang ... take care of your SAABs and consider investing in your SAAB instead of a new car.



  • The further use of a part of the employees for maintenance and repair of the manufacturing plants also suggests that in the longer term (only after PHOENIX completion?) It should be restarted there.

    In the event of an impending partnership, I could also imagine VALMET in Finland - without changes, they would still have to rely on contract work (currently Mercedes has outsourced the production of the A-Class there). A little more independence would perhaps be in the interests of this manufacturer with a lot of SAAB experience.

  • Hello PhiBo.
    As Tom has always described, I fear that the union is talking about internal communication. It is good not only for the workers who have already been bruised and for a possible partner / buyer that NEVs keeps them but also for the employer SAAB! After all, who wants to work for a company where survival is questionable and possibly after a few months rolls the next wave of layoffs. Employees who are good and flexible will certainly find a job even with top employers.
    So if there is a possible new start, then you need good and trained staff ... But if nobody wants more, because they think it's not worth it anyway, a lot of persuasion has to be done not only here. Therefore, it certainly makes sense to buy top engineering work externally from companies such as startups.

    “Cars instead of crisis” the slogan for NEVS!

    Then do not hang your head.



  • So, by and large, as expected. But I find the comment of the union representative significant ... does he mean public communication, or is NEVS also so secretive internally? Is that still a reaction to the, ahem, “communicative” times among former owners?

    Also in the sense of a partial / complete sale, it will make much better for NEVS, before not kicking out the staff completely, which one himself or a partner / buyer would have to woo again laboriously from other employers, re-train, etc.

  • I'm looking forward to Wednesday!
    and thank you for the description of the current situation in Trollhättan!

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