Will NEVS make the turn?

The last 48 hours in Sweden have been full of drama. The NEVS situation is unclear; on Tuesday came an allegedly "accidentally" filed for bankruptcy. Before that, on Monday afternoon, there was an indication from a reputable source that NEVS negotiations with new partners had been successfully concluded.

National Electric Vehicle Sweden
National Electric Vehicle Sweden

The NEVS situation and the development around our small, Swedish car brand is not for the faint-hearted. What is really going on behind the scenes can not even be anticipated from a distance. Eventually NEVS will be able to change the situation at the very last minute, but maybe we will also experience the last days of automobile production in Trollhättan.

Or is the key to the future in the NEVS bankruptcy, which would clear the way for another owner? While I am leaving today with a friend on a long-planned trek - there is no reception for cell phones and no Internet - our readers' assessment is asked.

How do you see the NEVS situation? Do we trust Bergman and his crew who work hard for success? Or is history hopeless and time is up for NEVS? Perhaps around 350 vehicles produced are not enough, and for us NEVS does not even represent the Saab brand. Because we might have seen a better future for the brand with another owner?

Will NEVS make the turn?

  • Yes, NEVS will successfully resolve the situation. (40% 302 Votes)
  • No, for NEVS the clock has expired. (39% 297 Votes)
  • Anyway, NEVS is not Saab. (20% 154 Votes)

Total Voters: 753

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44 thoughts on "Will NEVS make the turn?"

  • Dear Mr.Schue!
    May the exercise / search succeed! With this mantra, the gymnasts of the Chinese State Circus began their performance.
    I keep my fingers crossed for NEVS when looking for new partners. May it become more reliable partners! Because there was probably a lack of reliability ... Without reliable partners no long-term planning and no success of the restart. Because the way from SAAB 2.0 will be hard and arduous, everyone knows (at the latest from now on). A SAABy week 😉

  • I think NEVS will (with new partners) go further and introduce new products a little later.

    Again for my safety. The current situation is due to the payment unwillingness of a PARTNER of NEVS and NOT NEVS itself, right? Because then I do not understand how some people here can demonize NEVS and portray them as thieving standard Chinese, even though they are desperately looking for a new PARTNER and not an investor / buyer. For me, NEVS is still firmly behind Saab and a future success brand.

  • I do not think that LaboTest has withdrawn the application that you can breathe a sigh of relief here. You just have to realize that this uprising and the reactions in the press arose because of a sum of € 16000. Especially here in Germany where Saab has not existed for the "ordinary people" for a long time anyway, with the reports from yesterday, Saab died completely. The reaction of a friend was yesterday, after it was reported in 3 sentences in our local daily newspaper: Like Saab is broke, I thought it hadn't existed for a few years. There was no report in the German press about the withdrawal of the application. If you are in such trouble because of NEVS € 16000, then it is high time for NEVS to finally conclude these oh-so-positive talks with the new investors. My opinion: what takes so long cannot be positive. There is a lot of difficult persuasion to do to keep reluctant investors happy. Everything else is a lot of hot air.

    • NO problems ... far from it! 🙁

    • yes, except that you can not pay the bills, no marketable products and no reliable partners and the production is still everything is ok.

  • Suppliers do not pull against Saab owner in court
    A supplier of Saab has withdrawn its bankruptcy petition against the owner of the Swedish car maker in court. The company had wanted to force the consortium National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) to open bankruptcy due to insolvency. A hearing in a court in Vänersborg had been scheduled for September. Now the Labo Test AB, which manufactures air conditioning systems, has returned.

    NEVS has reported negotiations with potential partners and investors, Labo test manager Hakan Bodin told the news agency dpa today. "Based on this information, we decided to withdraw our request for a bankruptcy hearing," it said in a statement from the company.

    The Saab owners are said to have a bottleneck because a shareholder has not met his financing obligations. Production in Trollhättan, Sweden, has been down since May.

  • INFO from DN.se-LABOTEST has withdrawn requests at 16.35 p.m. !! little break! But 5 mill. Euro outstanding stand still - 1 hour before 12.00 - SAAB fans - hope?

  • But it is once again the typical picture in the media landscape that yesterday still every dumbbells magazine has reported the final bankruptcy, but today, to date, not a single message in the German media can be found, which reports on the withdrawal of the application for opening insolvency proceedings , Let alone a line loses on the opinion of NEVS. It may well be that everything will go down the drain, but you should publish only the obituary, if the patient is really dead.

    • I would be interested in an opinion why Nevs does not deliver to Europe or so I think offering a few basic Saabs as "candy" at separate prices to large companies could things get rolling again, at least towards the future?

      • > I would be interested in a statement why Nevs does not deliver to Europe

        Only via detours, for example to the Netherlands, as an ex-Swedish day permit. I was told, for warranty / warranty reasons, would not ship directly to Germany. But it was planned to deliver MY15 to Germany as well.

    • And who these two partners are 99%: Dong Feng & Mahindra

  • The roots of SAAB are also based in the former Auto Union (3 cylinder two-stroke engine, etc.).
    Scandinavia was once one of Auto Union's most lucrative markets.

    Trollhättan still has one of the most modern works.
    The staff is known for innovation (even though the Swedish team is sometimes difficult).

    What would be closer than the Finally Mr. Piech confesses, not only to Scania truck but also the car division.

    That would not be a competition for Audi but a profit in front of the Group and for us as well.
    If VW understands and considers the uniqueness of the brand.
    Incidentally, apart from BMW, I would only trust Mr. Piech.

    • Mr. Piech and a VAG-SAAB ??? No thanks!

    • Piech will not confess because VW already has so many brands and things don't always go well (SEAT). SAAB was drowned in the model, because all corners and edges (symbolically) would be flexed away. So a yawning boring Passat with the SAAB logo ... In addition, he would have to box it through on the supervisory board and there are sure to be those who do not fit ... Probably it does not suit him himself. In addition, the external "consultants" have made sure that SAAB cannot be saved (which in plain language means that it will not generate billions in profits in the foreseeable future). BMW would be a good fit, but since the Rover bankruptcy they have been “banned from thinking” about takeovers. (Which I find pretty stupid and short-sighted, because SAAB as the 3rd brand would fit exactly - in my humble opinion!).

      • E.g. front-wheel drive instead of dogmatic rear-wheel drive, individual, likeable, Nordic brand, turbo instead of displacement, engineering-heavy development, environment, electric concept, hybrid, excellent safety, engines could be installed as a franchise with turbo ...

        • Spend my very best that no major car company (Daimler, GM, VW, BMW, Toyota, or anyone else) is interested in Saab.

          • Unfortunately you will be right. At most one comes from China or India.

        • Funny, as much as I appreciate my SAAB ...

          ... I still have the feeling that BMW overtook SAAB many years ago in all of the points mentioned. And not just BMW.

          Turbo instead of displacement? Build with their bi- and tri-turbo engines
          Meanwhile, several manufacturers have more turbo than SAAB ever developed or built. Who needs tuition from Sweden today?

          Others have long been more fuel-efficient, more torque-efficient and have higher liter capacities (up to 180 Ps / liter). That's nearly double the 110 ps / liter that Saab had recently offered.

          And the front-wheel drive?

          So please, it will soon be 100 years old and is certainly no innovation and no secret anymore. Both BMW and Mercedes know how to do it. Dogma? Not a trace! Much more is the fact that the front-wheel drive encounters its (traction) limits too quickly, which is why SAAB last (late in the Spyker era) had more models with AWD than without it.

          Hand on the heart and sometimes quite honest and realistic: from the point of view of all German car manufacturers, there is nothing in technical know-how, but nothing at all to get in Sweden.

          • not all, just because they have it, can also turbo. Even though there have been many manufacturers who have discovered the downsizing and charging for themselves.
            I know a GTI driver and a 3-series owner (both petrol) who not only got the first charger replaced at less than 40.000km ... a Citroen driver was on 90.000km. Even switching off the engine when the car is at a standstill ("consumption optimization") at traffic lights etc. does not exactly protect the loader.
            And about 2 Asian prospects: Is Volvo not Asian as well?
            Allen still a colorful evening.

          • Depending on the driver's reaction * to bearing damage in the turbocharger, "only" the turbocharger or the entire engine is in the bucket because the defective charger blows the (engine) oil into the combustion chambers and out to the exhaust ...

            This is (unfortunately) the same with SAAB and not otherwise. On my 60.000 it was so far (only the loader).

            Incidentally, to my knowledge, the loaders built by SAAB are not self-constructed but simply bought on the world market. Other people can do that too.

            *Stop immediatly. Do not continue!

          • The SAAB and Volvo chargers have a bypass that prevents the engine from being damaged. I don't have the details at hand now - but that's the way it is. Nevertheless, you should park the car as soon as possible. Of course, the charger is bought from Mitsubishi, for example. I am not aware of any manufacturer who is also doing a development here. What else is there for others to get at SAAB? At least an unused, individual brand with a lot of fans that builds good cars, even if the rest has gathered dust. The longevity of SAAB (but also Volvo) and the quality of the vehicles is still unparalleled. You can't compare a 14-year-old turbo engine with the latest one that BMW & Co have on their shelves - neither does the 9-3 II. A serious manufacturer who wants to invest does not buy SAAB because something is available, but because a "business" can be built there. Removing components and tinkering with them is more like something for the Chinese ...

    • Compare a convertible from Saab and BMW. Hardly a difference

  • ... what if GM buys the whole thing back - just in a purely speculative way, then all licensing issues would first be clarified and GM would have a real development center again. And maybe they'll be able to build a few real Saabs with a want-to-have effect every now and then ...

  • On SU in today's post it says among other things: "I've learned from sources within NEVS that Dong Feng and Mahindra are still working closely with NEVS and that they've done their due diligence, the work right now is mostly about the format of the contracts and to ensure that none of the partners ends up in an unwanted situation later on. "

  • In all honesty, I miss the button too ...

  • NEVS has done so far, as some critics would have believed it in his most colorful dreams even rudimentarily.
    Also among the SAAB fans there were a large number of critics and still NEVS has done it, which nobody really believed.
    Then (once again) came the problem of financial commitments not being kept from China ...
    NEVS knows how to fight! I am confident that they will be able to save SAAB.
    And if they do, that will be a very important aspect for watching! An almost priceless marketing effect for the future, if you have managed to survive as a small carmaker once again!

    If NEVS can not make it, start cheating on SAAB again, bankruptcy, sell off, messing up, dismembering, wrestling for licenses, etc. (we all know that), it will be very hard to find another new buyer and that Trust and a possible buyer would be many times less than it was at the beginning of NEVS.
    SAAB's reputation would be even more damaged, so that it would hardly give the brand a real chance for a revival.

    So all you have to do is believe in NEVS!
    From my side, I wish all NEVS employees a good hand in the negotiations and much, much success!
    we need a brand like SAAB! Very urgent!

    • What did the NEVS do that nobody believed?
      On the other hand, it is true, I would never have believed that a car manufacturer would collect old junk from the factory, assemble everything and then sell it as a new beginning. That's quite an achievement ...
      For those who love to hope ..., the supplier company's bankruptcy petition was allegedly withdrawn after NEVS disclosed its plans for the near future.

      • +1

        What should NEVS have actually done for a successful Saab future? NEVS only showed us in the last months or 2 years that their concept has nothing to gain.

        The achievement is just that Saab did not go down the abyss in one but made it easier for all of us, spread over months and years ...

  • For orientation I quote the agency text from Switzerland - just as things come across with agency "writers":

    (sda, 12.08.2014/19/18 XNUMX:XNUMX pm) <>

    It remains to be seen whether NEVS is actually 'insolvent' or somehow 'unwilling to pay'. Tom will explain it sooner or later.

  • It is definitely "passé" Exactly, I just explained my thoughts in detail in the last article.

  • NEVS is finished, its concept failed industrially and financially completely. The only chance for the survival of the brand would be a complete sale to a large manufacturer, not to a start-up or a financial investor with limited breath and interest. At the moment it is difficult to predict what a big manufacturer wants to do with Saab. No products, no ready-made new models, no significant sales network and a badly damaged reputation. In essence, it is reduced to a modernized work and the Phoenix platform, which is very difficult to assess from the outside.

  • From my point of view, NEVS has demonstrated the behavior of a financial investor right from the start:
    Active buy cheap
    Parts of it more expensive to resell
    Bring the bride up and get ready for a quick resale

    I could not recognize a really conclusive business concept for the continuation of the brand at any time.

    In that sense, the time of NEVS has clearly passed. It's time for the locusts to say goodbye, the brand name is already battered enough.

    • +1

      ... I fully sign! NEVS would never have had the means for strategic (long-term) maneuvers, as we now have to painfully watch.

  • I hope that Saab does not necessarily go for NEVS. I'm not a big friend of electric cars but of this brand. With the right investor, it can still succeed. Hope dies last.

  • The thought that NEVS only wanted to acquire (copy!) The know-how “cheaply” has stuck to me.
    Chin. Companies are never innovative in my view, but can only cheaper. Under what conditions do we all know! 🙁 And that was probably always in the foreground. Fans and brand were always concerned. SAAB was a no-name product in China, and NEVS wanted to make it big!
    I would be happy 🙂 !!! if it somehow continued WITHOUT NEVS….

    • Hello mountain goat,

      if I'm not mistaken, but there are certainly experts here who are willing to correct me, Saab is known as Shenbao in China and highly regarded. Had in my view so can already work.

      Best regards,

      • Moin Daniel!
        You mean that if “Das Orginal” were to hit the Chinese market, the sale of vehicles would start off right away? I have my doubts: the original may be higher in price. I can't say whether that still makes you want to go to SAAB. The Chinese money people love big cars so far .... :-(
        So far it has worked the other way around: first the original (Renault, then the cheap "entry" from Dacia or VAG and then the cheap "VAG family alternative" from Skoda. But those are all thoughts that are in the current situation should rather be filed under "Waste of Time" ... 🙁
        Have a nice day!

    • Hello mountain goat,

      I think you are too strong with NEVS to the court. Do not know why we Germans are always so negative approach to things and Asian-looking people just as economic spies label. If NEVS had only been concerned with the know-how, then the history of Saab would certainly not have continued for so long.

      And since the sale on the Chinese market has a psychological background. Chinese customers want new products - Saab is boldly on the market, which means that customers are showing increased interest. This is different in Europe, where we are fundamentally more skeptical about new things. In addition, and many overlook this, NEVS in China would not have to compete against the latest cars for example, because China will be supplied with new units later - just as an example

  • Moin Tom, I am missing the button “I cannot assess at all”….
    I wish you a nice and "relaxed" tour.

    Greetings from the coast

  • I voted "Yes, NEVS will succed" but they need someone to replace the investor that dropped out.
    I have a feeling that nevs triumf card is the battery tech, and the two factory owned by the mother company.

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