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Yesterday was a busy day for the NEVS press department. Information was sent from Trollhättan to partners in different countries to show some things from the NEVS perspective.

National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB © saabblog.net
National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB © saabblog.net

Which was also necessary, because in the public reporting errors and half-truths piled up.

The bankruptcy petition, which no one wanted, was withdrawn. The situation remains explosive, however, and the next few days will show whether the request will be followed by further applications - a dam break would then be unstoppable. The chances for NEVS are quite good, because for the most part smaller Swedish providers have outstanding claims. Large, international suppliers, including companies from Germany, were usually paid for their projects in advance.

A letter directly from NEVS explains the situation best. The blog is not an official voice of NEVS. Nevertheless, I decided to publish excerpts from the letter that was circulated yesterday.

NEVS status after the negotiations:

Originally, we had hoped that this process could be completed faster, so we could share more concrete information with you. However, we also need to be patient and understanding that this is a significant transaction for our potential partners and that we conduct extensive technical, legal and financial due diligence.

NEVS status at a possible time window:

The discussions are promising and our assessment is that we talk for weeks and not months, until the final contract is reached.

NEVS status to restart the production:

Until the contract is concluded, we can not make any decisions regarding the resumption of production and have therefore temporarily exempted some of our production staff from work.

The basic tone of the letter is optimistic, but it will also be clear to the NEVS management that the clock is running impamously. Suppliers will not be put off indefinitely, a few weeks could simply be too long. The first, small fire has been extinguished, but the problems have not been solved. What we can do is wish Bergman and his employees that little bit of luck that often makes the difference between success and failure.

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  • > The blog is not an official mouthpiece for NEVS. Nevertheless, I have decided to publish excerpts from the letter that circulated yesterday.

    Thanks Tom!

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    Let's assume that, given the current state of negotiations, only a few final “subtleties” are being worked on - Mattias Bergman made a similar statement.

    The two major negotiating partners from the automotive sector (the names are an open secret) would no longer be at the negotiating table if insurmountable obstacles had arisen - these would certainly have become apparent months ago, in the first rounds of negotiations.

    Nevertheless, I wish all negotiating partners (and, of course, the entire SAAB community) a satisfactory conclusion to this enormous negotiation marathon!

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    Anyway, I have great respect for the steadfastness of NEVS here. Alone the fact that employees are only released but not released is a very positive sign. Not every management would do that. With all the bad things NEVS has been accused of and it is still to be determined that you believe much more in Saab and hold on there, as they were hoped for.

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    Oh man, my nerves, if it didn't really happen I wouldn't believe it! I am actually of a stable nature, but now this grueling business thriller again ... Thanks again from me to you, Tom, for providing us with “breaking news” almost every day - by the way, always around half past ten! Press your thumbs firmly and continue driving SAAB!

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    You can really keep your fingers crossed for Begman and all NEVS people and have a good time!

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    Your "what we can do" is the right thing to do, Tom.
    From my point of view you can say: "what we all have to do"

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    I send best wishes to Bergmann and his team to Sweden - and keep my fingers crossed!

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