Aero steering wheel & sports seats for Saab 9-5 NG

A Saab 9-5 NG is a great car, many owners take long journeys when it comes to special requests. Reader Klaus Amschl drives from the beautiful Styria with his Saab 9-5 NG to Kiel. For example to visit his daughter. But not only.

Saab 9-5 NG Aero steering wheel and sports seats with perforated leather. © 2014 Klaus Amschl
Saab 9-5 NG Aero steering wheel and sports seats with perforated leather. © 2014 Klaus Amschl

But also to visit the Saab center Kiel, when it comes to nice upgrades such as sports seats and an Aero steering wheel for the 9-5. He writes to us:

As you already know, I go to Kiel once a year to my daughter Conny. This is also automatically accompanied by a visit Saab Lafrentz connected.

Since I am in constant contact with Markus Lafrentz, I also signed up for another cosmetic embellishment for my 9-5 II TiD Vector. I always wanted to have the Premium Sport leather seats / perforated in shark gray. Markus took care of my little worries and took good care of finding the whole thing.

Since you can't buy something like that on every street corner, I drove back home and waited for his call. I counted on about 4-6 weeks waiting time. After about ten days the phone rang and Markus announced that he had the seats (with pull-out seats) including the rear bench in his workshop. In addition, a third headrest, in the middle at the back, which I didn't have before.

But the best is yet to come. Also a perforated Aero steering wheel in shark gray is ready for installation. I could not wait anymore. After thanking God anyway, I went on vacation the next day. That was so early at 4. About 1300 kilometers were ahead of me, but with a 9-5 NG even the long journey is really a pleasure. Even if that was four times in 14 days.

As usual, I received a warm welcome from Mr. Olaf Koch, the administrative employee, and the beautification started immediately. In the meantime, Markus really took a long time for me and we could talk intensively about our favorite brand.

Then my car was handed over to me by the Saab technicians. Mr. Dallmann, the techn. Has made my Vector a true Aero. Dear Tom, I was really overwhelmed. I did not think there would be such a big difference between the seats. A dream came true and I do not need to tell you how the Aero steering wheel feels.

The one moment, rather battered brand like Saab can still be kept alive, is due to such artists with Saab heart blood at Lafrentz.
I'm sure to say thanks on behalf of many Saab fans. One only thinks of the meeting pilot wanted in Kiel. A big thank you to you and Markus.

Text & pictures: Klaus Amschl

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  • Does anyone know if the vehicle was equipped as standard with the memory function for the driver's seat? If not, that would be great, that would like to retrofit my NG and I am a bit hesitant if after procuring the parts reprogramming of the control unit works at all. When Insignia you need to have your own codes and whether you get from a manufacturer that no longer exists? LG

  • I know ... 😉

  • At present there are unusually many, good 95NG, see If I did not already have one, I would buy one now! This sovereign driving and individuality is unique. Saab!

  • That looks more like a spray bottle from the workshop to me ...

  • One should be grateful for dealers like Lafrentz ... the impression of a still active, lively brand remains. There may be no more new cars, but when I see the modifications to the 9-5 shown, there is no feeling of deficiency.

    SAAB is alive ...

  • Taste is present. Congratulations to the upgraded SAAB! A lot of driving fun and always accident-free travel!

  • Looks great. Congratulation. However, the fire extinguisher in the passenger footwell would not necessarily be my favorite ... 😉

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