New Saab 900 - Most Wanted Cars 2014

For about three years, there are no new cars from Saab, let's see from the faltering short-term production at NEVS. Nevertheless, the brand does not disappear from the minds of the people.

Saab 900 2014. Most wanted cars, car express.
Saab 900 2014. Most wanted cars, car express.

The British magazine Auto Express has readers after the “Most Wanted Cars 2014" asked. Suggestions for one came out Minithat looks like a Mini again and not a driving caricature of the brand name, a Ford Capri successor Alfa Montreal, and also one Saab 900.

Apparently in Sweden can happen, what wants. The brand staggers from tragedy to tragedy, over Trollhättan hang thick, black clouds. Nevertheless, the classic Saab hatchback is present on the wish list and in the hearts of the buyers. Saab is more and more a phenomenon, a self-runner. It must be frustrating for the auto industry. As you fill every niche you think you can see, the offer continues to fan out as ever. And what happens? The stubborn Britons, and not just those, want a Saab 900 back in the showrooms.

Do we remember the British brand Rover? It disappeared in 2005 and has been dead since then. Also on the island, it doesn't play a role in “Most Wanted Cars 2014”. In China, what is left haunts the area as “Roewe”. By the way, the trademark rights to Rover have been with Tata for years. Nevertheless, there is no talk of a comeback.

For the brand from Trollhättan, however, Britain has always been and still is a strong asset. Saab was and is considered as an alternative to the German manufacturers. An active club scene holds the flag up, Saab is alive.

The design shown is a mix of Saab 9-5 NG style elements, Castriota ideas and Turbo X rims. Not bad, but I found the 2014 design from the Saab design studios in Trollhättan to be more Saabian. More pictures and details are available Auto Express.



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  • That's exactly what it looks like…

  • Only Saab, Volvo, S-class and sevens seem to suit me.

    Anyway, as far as the seats are concerned.

  • What, no, the design by C. doesn't look really fancy, more like a fat duck (and that doesn't mean the car) ... 😉 There were prototypes of the vehicle, take a look at the pictures. Creepy…

    Since the Swedish design is really chic!

  • That's probably the proof that NEVS with their China and E-Auto mesh was wrong. People want the cars of Saab as they are known and loved, and where they are known. Turboseize has put it in a nutshell: Saab is needed, what else should one buy?

  • I find the Castriota design very elegant and classic. The mish-mash pictured above is almost a bit of a cross-over between BMW and Audi. The draft from 2011 would have been more my thing ... (was - the emphasis was on)! Nevertheless, respect for these two beautiful designs! Thanks for the article!

  • Haha Opel: you also have the problem that the seat doesn't fit. God knows I'm not overweight or a wide bum, but in the Opel Astra from the rental car company my bum feels like it is in a vice ... - cannot be adjusted - disaster!

  • Sorry, but the Castriota design has a lot more class and goes back to the roots - that would be exactly the right vehicle that (we) Saab fans need now. Visually a new, modern Saab 900. I praise Mr Castriota to the heavens, but his designs have an individual and class that would imho be groundbreaking. A new 9-3 would be the next vehicle on my list.

  • So I like the study of the new 900er Coupe. I would probably put it in the garage, but unfortunately it's idle to ponder it. Let's enjoy our Saab in reality and enjoy driving with it as long as possible!

  • The other day I had to drive a new VW for a week and an Opel for a day. Anyone who has this torture behind them wants new Saabs. Even as a self-confessed scrap iron driver. As far as ergonomics are concerned, Saab has always played at the forefront - no, actually all alone in a league of its own.
    You sit in a 9-3 Sith and then in a current kdF car. The 9-3 fits like a tailor-made suit, the Golf is pleasing, but it pinches. In the details you can clearly see that its developers obviously don't drive a car ... at least not long distances.

    This eye for small, meaningful details, the insistence on unusual but sensible solutions, the focus on the driver - that also sets GM-Saabs apart from the rest of the car market.

    Saab is needed. What else should you buy?

  • Thank you, I thought I had missed something. I also like it better, but I think it's great what you think about. We would definitely take this too, the main thing is SAAB!
    Have a beautiful Sunday!

  • Which design of 2014 do you mean Tom?

  • Why is not turbo in the radiator grille?

  • Hello a new Saab 900 not bad, but could have more of the 1er in the rear. The spoiler is already correct !!!

  • This may not be from Jason Castriota's hand, but I still really like all of its elements. He would have been the right one for the new Saab models ...

  • Haa from the British edition of Auto Bild that comes… Also interesting to see….

  • The beautiful black bumper is also missing as 9-3 coupe would be much better

  • Looks more like a newly designed 9-3 turbo x. Only as a coupé, the only thing about the 900 is that it says “turbo” on the sides :-)

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