NEVS makes the turn - result

When you start a survey, you usually have a forecast of the outcome at hand. In the current case it was as follows: to the question “Did NEVS make the turn” and the answer options yes-no-no matter, I calculated a 30-60-10 result.

SAAB survey - is NEVS making the turn?
SAAB survey - is NEVS turning the corner?

Which means I was completely wrong! 40% of readers are of the opinion that NEVS gets things on the right track, 39% do not see the possibility. A tight, flattering result for NEVS that surprises me. The trust bonus in the community is higher than expected. But at the same time a disgrace if we take a closer look. Because more than every fifth reader finds the exit “It doesn't matter”. NEVS is just a company, but it doesn't stand for Saab.

NEVS = SAAB? One in five does not think so.

If, after two years, NEVS 21% agrees with that, then that is a disaster for those in Trollhättan. It is the return coach for 24 months to show cold shoulder and for a misguided focus on the Chinese market. An orientation that has been retained, as it must have long been clear that Partner Quingdao would never fulfill the promised commitments. Which in the same breath meant the end of the China strategy and the end of the assembly plant.

Actually, in retrospect, the situation was and is grotesque. In Europe, the brand has a customer base, but management is moving to China. Other Chinese brands, such as Qoros and Brilliance, here almost unknown, are literally pushing for Europe. Brilliance is considering investing in Italy, a FIAT factory should be on the shopping list. Qoros could be present at the end of the year in Sweden, every car sold in Europe is a gain in prestige for newcomers.

Saab, the traditional brand from Sweden, is a sure-fire success even three years after production ended in the press and TV. Vehicles like the 9-5 NG sports suits are often described objects in the motor press, and more is written about the brand in youngtimer magazines than ever before. Unfortunately, at no point did they understand how to use this home advantage.

Will NEVS get a second chance?

NEVS reads on the blog, the result will cause no excitement in the Stallbacka. But it provides, I'm sure, food for thought. 40% of readers are expecting a good ending, which is not a convincing vote.

NEVS survey in Sweden. More optimism than in Germany.
NEVS survey in Sweden. More optimism than in Germany.

In the home country, one sees the situation, after the withdrawal of the bankruptcy petition, with much more optimism. There they had shown with new cars flag, which pays off. When asked if NEVS gets new capital and then in Trollhättan the accelerator pedal passes, the majority of Swedish Auto-Motor Sport readers with Yes.

Possibly - we all hope so - the company really gets its problems under control and thus gets a second chance. A restart with focus on Europe would be the only logical consequence. Where the brand has a dealer network and customers.


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  • Nobody should be surprised about this voting result. NEVS certainly not. That my SAABs are still running, I have to thank my TOP dealer and SAAB parts. Dealers and customers were completely ignored. We were there air. Here one spoke of the export from Sweden or elsewhere. NEVS is currently working in Europe with no network and no ground. Confidence and will to do something here looks different. Then something would have to happen soon. How can you just leave so much brand loyalty left. Simply fatal. Even criticism must be abkönnen and initiate a reversal effect. At first, 4 SAAB EV leaves me completely cold. Greetings from the north

  • The Nevs people were and are beginners in the auto industry, with a seemingly technically innovative partial solution for the e-drive and a limited, after only one and a half years failed business idea. These people have no business in the auto industry as decision makers. This is a brutal business, where even experienced large corporations are about to retire. I do not see another role for these people, except maybe as technical developers for their subproject.
    Saab will only survive when a large corporation with bulging pockets and a secured cash flow spends years investing heavily in model development, the dealer network, etc., and hires strong management. With only two partners, the leadership and strategy is unclear and contradictory. Everything else is fantasy products. It is best if it is a carmaker, which effectively creates synergies. Neither Mahindra nor Dongfeng are optimal solutions because there are probably few synergies. The comparison of Mahindra and Saab with Tata and Jaguar / Land Rover is completely wrong. Tata has taken over Ford for years, while Saab has no products, major development, broken dealer network, and ruined prestige after GM / broke, Spyker / broke, / Nevs / broke. Halbgare projects do not help anymore after such a catastrophe.

    • A super dealer network have the fewest small batch manufacturers.

      Even years after the takeover by Tata, Jaguar is often still supported in Ford branches - there are hardly any independent Jaguar dealers to be found. I think, at least here in the north of the republic, there are more small SAAB bases than Jaguar companies.

      Should M&M strike, even Ssangyong dealers (Mahindra is now known to be the owner) could also offer our well-known brand if interested.

      SAAB's image is certainly a little scratched. But this can only get better under the aegis of a well-run corporation - I don't see any problems with M&M. The Internet pages for the Ssangyong Korando, for example, have already been done quite well.

      Incidentally, the PHOENIX platform continued under NEVS should not be dismissed as “not a major development”. I think the current stage of development can certainly be seen - otherwise Dongfeng would certainly not have shown any interest. In addition, NEVS has not yet gone bankrupt.

  • If M&M is involved as a shareholder, e-mobility will probably not be in the foreground - according to your own statements, you want to serve the premium segment above all and thus compete with the well-known models from well-known manufacturers.

    Additional hybrid models on the PHOENIX platform are therefore mandatory!

    Should another shareholder come into play, the orientation will perhaps be unclear at first - for Dongfeng (the third party), only the new platform will probably be of importance. What they do with it in China is of no importance for Europe - they are not allowed to use the name SAAB anyway.

  • The situation raises even more questions than ever before. The fact is that with the Saab brand a) you have to enter the European market (+ possibly North America) and b) have to manufacture combustion engines. Otherwise, no turnover, let alone profit, can be achieved in the near future. But how will NEVS (National ELECTRIC Vehicle Sweden) react to that?

    @ Tom: NEVS has yes 2 Asian negotiating partner. Are these perhaps also pushing for the non-E strategy?

    • In other words, it will become clearer than ever in the near future whether Saab will have a future or not. Depending on which route NEVS takes. Are you sticking to the e-strategy or are you making the turn in your own ranks?

    • Depending on who gets in which form, everything will be put to the test. How the future orientation will be is not clear.

  • Not just disappointment. I have to say I am downright angry. At first I was angry with GM because it didn't work out with Youngman. But after seeing how it went with Youngman and Spyker afterwards I have to say: who knows what it was good for. Then I was angry that the insolvency administrators chose these e-car freaks of all people, and now I'm angry with NEVS because, as I said several times here, they haven't done it for "their customers" in 2 years, by which I mean Europe, something to do with To bring ways. All improvements in the situation for us Saab fans can be traced back to Saab Parts and not NEVS. And I'll be very angry with these China experts if I have to buy something other than a Saab in 1 to 2 years.

  • The German survey result probably also represents the disappointment that many Saab supporters have experienced here. NEVS has not been able to serve existing customers for 2 years. Instead, they wanted to open up new markets, far from down-to-earthness and rationalism. These are just the predicates that many Germans have.

  • Just found this video if you don't know it yet…. that's why we know why we need SAAB,

    • I also had one, but with a hatchback. In the same color: Indian Yellow! Were those times!

    • THANKS to the saabler! At least the video puts you in a good mood during these times! 🙂 The pure joy when a SAAB is on the doorstep ...

  • The result is not surprising at all. NEVS has never prepared the market. Neither advertisements, nor the dialogue with the customers searched. If the Tredwende succeed, then rethinking and hard work is announced so that it can become a success story.

  • My speech, why you try to sell Saabs in China even though nobody there knows them and has to start from scratch and in Europe and America where Saab has a name and there are sales channels and possible customers you don't want to know anything about it. I hope the NEVS people are reading here and above all I hope that those who take what is written here to heart and also incorporate it into their decisions about the future of Saab. To win back the old customers at Saab is easy, especially at Saab. I don't think there is any other brand in the world where the drivers are so loyal, almost stubborn to their brand as at Saab. Then of course you can and must look for new customers. How was a comment again on the list of most wanted cars from England: Saab is needed - what else should you buy. I think this statement is so nice that it should become the new advertising slogan. Above all, however, this sentence should be read and internalized by those responsible for NEVS.

    • Gaining back is the right word. Whether that is so easy, I dare to doubt. Also SAAB drivers are not serfs and supplicants. I have not seen a truly conclusive business concept for years by any of the investors, so the willingness and confidence to invest here once again is at the zero point. NEVS is NOT SAAB as little as it was GM or VM.

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