NEVS wants to show SAAB EV

Things are happening in Trollhättan! NEVS has announced that it will present the Saab EV to the public for the first time tomorrow.

NEVS SAAB 9-3 © 2014
NEVS SAAB 9-3 © 2014

There are four pre-series models of the electric car exist, the Saab EV is based on the 9-3. The range is specified by the manufacturer with approximately 200 kilometers. As part of the Alliansloppet, a race on roller skis, the Saab EV will be on display in Trollhättan on Hansenplatsen from tomorrow.

NEVS is one of the main sponsors of the event. The Alliansloppet is a very popular sporting event, participants from all over Scandinavia travel to Trollhättan.

What makes NEVS out of the event is unknown. It will probably only be a matter for the regional press, but maybe the event will be used to make a big impact on the Saab EV. We certainly can be curious. The body of the electric car is similar to the well-known Saab 9-3 from NEVS, with the difference that batteries were integrated into the underbody and the electric car should therefore build slightly higher. Whether the Saab EV will show changes to the well-known model in the design, we remember a announced update, is not known.

NEVS may issue a press release on the first presentation of the Saab EV, but more likely are reports and pictures about the regional newspaper. Whatever happens, it's exciting and we stay tuned.

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24 thoughts on "NEVS wants to show SAAB EV"

  • Go back it came ein.auch synonymous ne nege nevs because of the new prototype I ask me only why an electric motor needs an air filter? But ok there is a sign of life and I am happy when it finally goes uphill more I hope soon from Tom!

  • I can't get the news on the official NEVS website .... is there anything upset?

  • Better an end in horror than horror without end. I no longer believe in NEVS and currently not in a future for Saab as a car brand. What strikes me: For some time now, you have been seeing Opel and BMW advertising on the blog ...

  • Completed contracts with investors and a ready Phoenix platform I would rather like a 9-3 with electric motor.

  • Whether an e-drive in a sedan with 200 Km range makes sense, let's face it. But with any (existing) vehicle you have to start to bring the technology on the road. If NEVS gets the turn, hopefully it will not stay that way. The infinite announcements of the German manufacturers are also no fame.
    But I prefer to sit in an “old” SAAB than in a new Golf!

  • Does NEVS only want to sell Saab's in the Greater Trollhättan area?
    Why doesn't NEVS invite the national and international press?
    Sorry, but with NEVS it will not work.
    Hope that soon an experienced car maker joins Saab, who understands the brand and brings enough money and also has experience in marketing.

  • This is an “original” from Trollhättan, only the logos are BAIC. The cars have been on the road in China since 2010/11. The full story soon here on the blog 😉

  • Due to the large number of parts that are really identical, this is more the Chinese version of the E_Vehicle - without a logo! To recreate all of this is far too time-consuming. They have to be original parts!

  • No matter if the EV is well done or not. I think after all the obituaries of the past days and weeks in the press, it is now very important for NEVS to hear a sign of life. Whether it is with the EV is on another sheet. In China you will not be able to sell it without public support, and we have many alternatives from well-known manufacturers. Since it is an old, rebuilt to EV, 9-3 with battered name Saab not a rip off. Interesting, of course, will be the price. But to sell something you have to build it first. And in the area is well known at the time again low tide in Trollhättan.

  • On the one hand it is nice to hear a sign of life from SAAB, on the other hand this action also looks like a panicked quick shot shortly before the end….

    Fits somehow not to the current situation.

  • Refreshing design? Well, it's a matter of taste. The i3 doesn't appeal to me at all, this strange belt line that slides down from the B-pillar ... After the pot-bellied pig 1 and the crappy GT line, a new handle next to it. There was a time when I liked the entire BMW range, e30 / 32/34. Owned at least one by everyone. It's been a long time. I might like the design of the i8, however. Otherwise, as Tom already writes. The 200 KM should be practical.

  • Perhaps this electric version will initially be offered together with the gasoline / diesel engine under the new investor - until the PHOENIX models with a new design follow later.

    Another option for the model already produced under NEVS would be advantageous for the bridging time.

  • To send a sign of life?!… Maybe nevs understood something, even if little.
    And seriously: I have lately talk to my engineer at bmw .. the design of the i3 is controversial. Performance and innovation as well as materials are good. But that is not enough.
    VW and the e-Golf? Gentlemen ... Saab can do more, even if the design is from the last decade: it is still more appealing than Wolfsburg and Ingoldstadt uniform design. Let’s surprise you and see what comes tomorrow.

  • Conversely, why should you hide it behind the factory fence?
    No matter what happens now it would be a pity if no one sees what has been developed so far.

  • I do not see any sense in it either! Why this idea?

  • Ditto: The only sensible: Saab production as ever and then possibly in the same body implant an electric motor as an option.

  • The i3 is more like a small car with a refreshing design. The 9-3 a sedan with a design from the last decade. This affects me as a kind of quick shot. As a basis to test the EV technology it is ok. If you had money again, you could redesign the shell around the drive. Only I do not believe in it. The only manufacturer of the well-deserved success has to transplant the drive into an existing body and not to develop body to the drive (as it would be sensible) is probably VW with the e-Golf.

  • That depends ... If the 200 km are real, then it is better than the i3, which does not manage 200 km in real life. Only a practical test could clarify that, but the very thought of it is beyond reality.

  • Sorry that I'm a spoilsport - but with a range of 200 km this is not competitive - there have to be another 200 km (Tesla level) to waste a thought (otherwise I can also buy Renault / VW, etc.) ..)

  • Nice, want one !!!

  • Already bizarre. There scarcely a manufacturer at all ends and corners and is nevertheless always good for a surprise. Had not thought that before any takeover messages once again comes such a sign of life. As a matter of fact. It remains exciting.

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