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The first electric car from Saab, a prototype that was manufactured at the factory in May 2014, can be seen in Trollhättan. The fact that the batteries were placed in the subfloor, the appearance changes slightly. The Saab EV looks higher like an 9-3x.

SAAB EV, electric in the future.
SAAB EV, electric in the future.

The electric motor has an output of 136 hp and the battery has a capacity of 37 kilowatt hours. The range should be 200 kilometers, which - as we heard - should be a very conservative estimate. For the electric car, the manufacturer speaks of the Saab EV2, NEVS has achieved an optimal weight distribution of 50:50.

The acceleration of 0-100 done the Saab EV in 10,0 seconds, the speed is limited at 120 kilometers. Inside there are electric car-specific details. Instead of a gear lever, the direction is selected via buttons on the center console.


An Ecometer instead of the turbo display indicates the best economical driving style. Where the tachometer was, an indicator for the range is now installed in the same look.

A new infotainment system has moved into the dashboard, which we have already processed the list of visible changes. The exterior design of the prototype resembles the Saab 9-3 series production. Really good pictures that show details and give an impression can be found on Teknikens Värld.

Journalists who wanted to take the EV for a test drive today were rejected. Questions about a possible series production and the further development of the Phoenix platform were answered with "We don't know when ...". NEVS showed a prototype today, which was positively evaluated in Sweden. The problems and the uncertainty remain.

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  • Unfortunately, one thing became absolutely clear to me - the target market for NEVS “SAAB” s is by no means Western or Central Europe. The presented prototype does not pull out in front of the furnace in these areas. Since China promotes EVs, I see the best opportunities there, especially since the “car taste” of the Chinese tends to go in this direction. What is currently desired in Western Europe / USA are branching out from the large German manufacturers and in particular BMW in an unprecedented range. If NEVS had their sights on the local markets, they would have assembled a vehicle a la 9-X Air Concept as an EV. At that time the Swedes also showed with the sonnet that something like this can be done quickly and, if necessary, in a shirt-sleeve.

  • Both the range and the performance and features are disappointing. Not because they are worse than the general competition (eGolf, i3, ...), but because NEVS has tinted that the electrified Saab 9-3 is competing with Tesla.

    A Tesla Model S (admittedly also correspondingly more expensive - but the only model with which NEVS could currently compete), has significantly better driving performance - which is also accepted in countries that are not allowed to drive on the motorway at a maximum of 80 km / h and a range which is unparalleled and has drastically changed the reputation of e-vehicles.

    I am still excited about the vehicle and hope that NEVS will not throw the car on the market like this, but operate it as a research project until it can be switched to the Phoenix platform. I'll stick with it - e-vehicles are great and even better when they are Saabs. However, they must have “Tesla genes”.

  • In the 9-3 e-Power estate Saab had placed the batteries in a wide center tunnel. The advantage was that a cooling could be done by the automatic climate control, no additional cooling system was necessary.

  • Where should the batteries but otherwise? We are not talking about a starter battery, but about volume. The only meaningful place appears below in the vehicle, already because of the center of gravity. At the moment, the parts may still weigh 200 kg, but for better ranges, it can be 400 ever. I can only hope that the Phoenix platform is really flexible enough to accommodate the batteries.

  • Actually, it is already right and important that NEVS is doing something right now in this situation to show, yes we still exist. However, I do not think that NEVS did a favor with the presentation of this prototype on the Stoppelacker. Here to present something unfinished that does not drive yet is crap. It would have been better at the opportunity to put the finished gasoline engine for a public test drive. If you could have sold a few and a few kroner would have come into the cash. If you can not say anything about the final look, the future price, and mass production, and you put such a thing out there with switches from the Conrad range, that does more harm than good. At Saab, things are different and sometimes that's good, but this event looks like a presentation of a garage screwdriver. Presentation on the Green Meadow, I think that would be unthinkable in a presentation of an SUV of any Korean. Profesionell looks different. Looks more like desperate act.

  • I just see it as a sign of life from Nevs and therefore positive. Even Nevs will realize that they can not sell such a car in Europe, it was about the fact that they kept their word and the 9.3 drives electrically. I am sure that a completely new car will follow.
    Is actually known who works on the design?
    Let's go through it!

  • Tom,

    you have never posted so much on comments as here!
    I take it with gallows humor.
    Let's face it, a cart that is old and only has 200 Km range will not be a success.
    Since I can still keep my fingers crossed.

  • The current design either doesn't like it or doesn't like it - it can only become more contemporary with new models.

    However, as many comments have revealed, it is more important that, above all, the range be extended significantly.

    I still see this model (with improvements) only as a “gap filler” until PHOENIX brings a breath of fresh air!

    Where are the statements about the new investors / shareholders ???

  • The important question of today's event should be: who is the target audience of this presentation?

    The customer?
    Who, except perhaps a few Saab enthusiasts, should this package convince of a future for the SAAB brand? Sorry, but a range of 200 km in an older, compact mid-range sedan is no argument that customers who have emigrated are even the least interested. Anyone who looks around the market even a little can only shake their head in disbelief.

    The dealers?
    Has NEVS already noticed that distributors are also part of the distribution?

    The press?
    Sorry, but the photos that NEVS published in its press release are probably not meant seriously. When did NEVS come up with the idea of ​​conjuring up an event here? The thing is more than just knitted with a hot needle. E-mobility on stubble fields - is someone else responsible for marketing at NEVS? And then you can't even drive the thing, what's the point? At the moment one can only hope for the grace of the press!

    Possible investors?
    If today's presentation is the result of two years of work and is supposed to outline the possibilities for the future, then it looks really dark ... here a development status is presented that does not seem as interesting as the products of other manufacturers already in the trade to have. Who is this supposed to convince of a billion-dollar investment?

    A look at the development department can only have one goal: to convince potential customers that the patience of the past few years and the patience that is still necessary in the coming years will pay off in some way. Customers need arguments that it is worth waiting, hoping, and even praying - with the best will in the world, I cannot recognize these arguments today.

  • Hi Tom,

    such a brand as Saab Global still has a place
    That's just not enough of what's coming from NEVS at the moment, I know it's simple, but on a longer run it just can not be that way.
    Are there any marketing departments that try to at least rudimentary the few dealers that still exist and also to keep the Saab fans happy or motivate them?

  • Have you ever heard of Formula Student? Put simply, this is a design competition for students that also includes the category of electric cars. There, each of the participating universities builds a new car every year (financed by donations and donations), which has to prove itself on the slopes at the end ...

    NEVS manages to install an electric motor in an already existing body / proven vehicle in 2 years ?!

    With all the love for Saab ... but you could have expected a little more today, right? In any case, I prefer to continue to watch the students build electric cars ... because it won't work that way!

  • So that may all be great and good !! And yes, one should not overestimate the Saab EV and what was presented, both positive and negative! But, Saab back and forth, as nice as it is to drive a Sabb, I would like to be able to buy a new one soon! I'm happy to wait a little longer, but not endlessly! I am a customer and have expectations! I'm not begging for the Saab to finally get things going, I would like it, there are reasons why I'm driving a Saab today (to my absolute satisfaction), but that doesn't mean that I'm making a prisoner of what NEVS is doing on your feet! There are enough alternatives to do it better! I want to be able to identify with what I'm driving and that's becoming increasingly difficult for Saab!

  • Why is there a huge air filter box?
    But otherwise I'm happy that there is still life in Trollhätan. Hopefully it will continue with a lot of money in support ... for all employees who have put their heart and soul into the rebuilding ...

  • What NEVS is doing there would not pass as a delay in bankruptcy in Germany? A company files an application for insolvency against NEVS, which then withdraws it because NEVS presents the EV as the “big hit” for the future. What has now been presented (from a technical point of view) is a joke for a mid-range vehicle. A lot of development work is still required and I can't imagine that NEVS has the (financial) breath for it.

  • With a half-finished product at one of a local event.
    Is that the right way?

  • Of course there is not enough, but we also know the situation in which the company NEVS is located. There is a marketing department at NEVS, which maintains contact with Orio branches in different countries. From there, information, such as the clarification on the insolvency petition, goes to the traders. The communication is right in the beginning, which is basically good. To do more, the situation as such would have to be clarified.

  • Good question, which I have asked myself. In any case, Swedish press today found its way to Trollhättan and reported positive about the prototype. Apparently the bill goes up for NEVS.

  • I like the infotainment system. The rest is an old 9-3 that drives as fast as a Trabi. (but not so far) Looks like something quickly screwed together from leftovers that were still lying around somewhere. So this should be the challenge to Tesla. Very funny.

  • So an e-Golf is also governed and doesn't look any better in the engine compartment. The shift buttons should really give way to a real shift lever. Otherwise: thumbs up !!

  • Well observed 🙂 The “boys” are quite relaxed indeed. A friend who came back from THN yesterday also noticed this. And the employee parking spaces at the plant, he says, were fuller than when he last visited a few months ago.

  • You are absolutely right! It looks like the thing was put together in a week! True to the motto: now something has to be found quickly so that people believe that an innovative product has been created here from years of research! Very sad the whole thing! Incidentally, Tesla has released practically all patents and everyone could make their own electric SAAB .......

  • So for a prototype very successful, as I have seen on the highway already driving around with the star with Baumarktheckleuchten. The atteries in the ground should provide for a deep Schwerpumkt and good road holding.
    And when is infotainment available as a retrofit kit? (Orio: please read along)

  • The guys in Trollhättan look happy and relaxed ... how do they manage to relax with the p ... vulture behind them ??? RESPECT! And they weren't alone in the idea! So SAAB continues to be interested ... hopefully it will continue !! I like the EV-SAAB. The higher level doesn't bother me ... the dial buttons will surely be exchanged 😉 ..., I find the info display in my current 9-3 already edifying. Enough for me.
    So NEVS: hang in on the rescue of SAAB! Would also be a shame about the EV-SAAB….

  • Well, it's at least something. The whole listens and looks very good for me for a prototype of the first series. Up to the production model, however, the maximum speed and range (at approx. Vmax 150 km / h and 300km range) would have to be increased. The integrated infotainment system and the buttons of the gear selection are also well done.
    At any rate, I'm looking forward to more. Could imagine to buy such an electro 9-3.

  • Gear selection console ... these key closers are at Conrad for
    5,99 pieces available, unbelievable…. even if it is a prototype.
    High-legged body, because I lost the desire for ever. Am on
    my 95-2.0t so proud, that is really nice full.
    “Ecometer”?!? Every stupid drill / driver shows how long
    he still turns, the EV you have to guess if and when to stop.
    It may be that the inner workings are the hottest, I don't want to have to look at these achievements ...

  • Yes, the time of the thermal engines is over. I think that's good, I have been busy for some time with the subject of electric cars. I'm looking forward to it.

  • Yes, for a prototype the EV looks quite neat (more pictures on Tekniken's Värld). Compliments to the boys in Trollhättan !!!

  • Well, I do not think it's that bad. A normal automatic selector lever would be better for me, personally, because it also looks good and feels good. The keys do not look perfect. The new multi-purpose device is a win and that he stands higher than a normal pebble vacuum cleaner does not bother me at all. I like it, like the 9-3x. It's just an EV and not a TurboX, we should not forget that, only the information no test drive and nothing to know if and when built worries me personally. Sounds like we've built one, we could do that, but nothing more.

  • Was not it iQon

  • NEVS clearly communicates to show a prototype. No more - no less. Neither a model that will go on sale nor a car from the pre-series. Korean prototypes don't look any different either ...

  • Hey - keep calm! This is a prototype - not a production vehicle! I'm sure there is still something to come. I would also be interested in where the IQOS has gone! Otherwise RESPECT to show the flag in public with the bankruptcy in the back - well done! I am proud of you !

  • To present such a construction site in the open, oh dear, what an indictment. You can not watch that. The infotainment system looks like an 50, - € China smartphone from the Aldi. The travel switches are reminiscent of the self-built control of the model railway club. If this is the result of last year, then good night. Hopefully someone will find someone who takes pity and stops this craft project. I do not recognize a premium approach here. That makes every Korean better. Sorry, but it will not work.

  • Bmw i3 has 170 ps and 300 km range or maybe even 160 km.
    Was too much gelaver on the webstite of bmw anyway I would buy the saab the costs 6000 € less and at least looks like something. But probably no one will buy the saab he looks for many people not modern enough for an electric car aus.die buy today a car that looks like a square small cabinet with housewife technology. This car can not buy any eco anyway are the only ones the electric energy environment friendly find it will be coal stream of error of the green bioladen types. Saab ev anyway monkey horny.

  • Super fast response!

  • yes that's right, that would also be the case with the Asteroid Smart ...

  • The infotainment looks very much like something with Android behind it.
    What has become of iQon?


  • I can not quite understand the reviews. In the interior, this looks very well to me (except for the emergency stop switch). The elevated body is certainly the only thing that disturbs the overall picture. s

  • Well the Emergency button is certainly due to the prototype base, maybe that's the rule in Sweden.
    But the multimedia system looks tidy and well integrated at first, it would be interesting who was involved in the background. Has something from the Parrot Asteroid Smart ...

  • 10,0 seconds, which can develop a missing comma in effect. Who does not write, makes no mistakes

  • The “emergency stop” switch can of course only be found in the prototype.

  • Sorry, but somehow I don't like it at all. The vehicle is the purest improvisation. Looks like students have let off steam in the car ...

    Higher placed body
    at 120km / h decelerated
    this Ecometer
    the “Emergency stop” switch
    The gear-selection console in the middle

    ... who should buy that ?!

  • I do not want to be know-it-all, but I hope the 0-100 sprint will be done in 10 and not in 100 seconds, otherwise NEVS should think about extra pedal drive.
    Incidentally, I think about the future of NEVS again in retrospect at the end of 2015 or 2016, which saves frustration.

  • “The Saab EV accelerates from 0-100 in 100 seconds”
    Sporty sporty!

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