NEVS crisis - Salaries delayed

It's one of those messages that I do not like to play. If I'm completely open, then I can not stand such days. For business news and crises the blog had over the years already too many. Sweden is bad news.

NEVS - no good news today.
NEVS - not good news today.

The NEVS crisis in Trollhättan continues to escalate and the escalation reaches a new level. The company can not pay wages for the approximately 600 employees on time at 25. Pay in August. As a reason, NEVS calls not received funds from the main owner, which should probably be meant by major shareholder and company founder Kai Johan Jiang.

Spokesman Mikael Östlund names September 5 as a possible payment date. This has no influence on the negotiations, which are said to continue. In Trollhättan the emotional alternation pool, yesterday a prototype - today even more crisis, is not well received. Doubts are growing, and not just there.

It is time for the story to come to an end, and it is probably only a matter of days before the dams break ... there should be no viable solution available beforehand.

I already have the solution for our mood, because Saab is what is at our door. So: take the Saab, go to the sunny evening, enjoy the summer. Spend time with family and friends. That helps - guaranteed. Until tomorrow!

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  • Again: The shown 9-3 EV can only be a gap filler, which should bridge the time until the PHOENIX (of course, there have to be improvements like longer range and slightly higher top speed).

    As a finished product with an acceptable price (+ great marketing !!!), this vehicle would certainly be an alternative for many car buyers - also seen globally. Tesla prices are clearly too high for the general public and the many small e-mobiles usually don't fit for other reasons - serving the still largely idle mid-range segment with the 9-3 EV would be worth a try.

    The 9-3 gasoline engine should definitely be accompanied by a 9-3 diesel (shouldn't be difficult in cooperation with M&M).

  • Seems as if that was it ... NEVS failed not only because of financial problems, but also because of the poor public image. At the last minute, put a prototype on the Alliansloppet. As if there is still an investor interested in ...

    For example, it would have been nice to have presented the prototype of the new 9-3 in addition to the Saab EV.
    (Yes, there are some.) See:
    According to the motto “We have a vision, this is where we want to go.” But simply placing a semi-finished product with an old design on a lawn is simply not enough! As sorry as I am about the Saab brand, NEVS has slowly no longer deserved it ...

    • Sorry, this is not a prototype of a new Saab 9-3, but an old vision from the Victor Muller era. It went through all media and was "burned" with it.

  • Yesterday I looked at a Volvo V60 and was sitting in the final sitting already deceptive. There is nothing better like a Saab seat. The dashboard and instruments reminded me a lot of the Baic Saab replica shown here on the blog recently. So if there are not any new Saab's, then there's probably no new Swede for me either. Will be more like a star or a white-blue propeller

    • This is a matter of taste as so often. I find the seats in my S60 significantly better than the standard seats in the 9-3 (-03) or 9-5. I also like the headrests with integrated loudspeakers for the FSE, as well as a navigation system for which even after 10 years, you get some brand new maps. At least the D5 Diesel are as indestructible as you could say of Saab engines.

  • And the (new) cars are not bad ... I really loved the brand with the Volvo Concept Estate. If only it were built like that ... Hats off, the Swedes have actually been able to hold their own against the Chinese. Who would have thought that. Chapeau!

  • Incidentally, Volvo is back in the black. Current "NTV" today.

    It looked worse there too.

    Cheer up, life goes on.

  • It should really be a slow decision now. You can no longer watch the vegetate there. Nevs is apparently at the end. Let's hope for a takeover from someone who can.

    • Is Nevs only "apparently" at the end? Apparently a deception - what for? Those who cannot pay wages are probably not only "apparently" at the end (unfortunately).
      ( PS Mit ‚anscheinend‘ wird die Vermutung zum Ausdruck gebracht, dass etwas so ist, wie es erscheint. Hingegen besagt ’scheinbar‘, dass etwas nur so scheint, aber nicht wirklich so ist. Quelle: )
      Don't feel like a 'know it all'; just want to really understand what I read.

  • Maybe the negotiations are over and the new owners are going to pay the salary?

    • Boundless optimism .... SAAB fans seem to be do-gooders .. that's good

  • 0 - chance = corpse beating!

    SAAB not only had 7 life, but also felt 70 opportunities.
    The Swedes (and everyone involved) are just too stupid !!!

    Believe me, dear friends.

    All this has nothing to do with Gunnar Ljungström, who rotates in the grave.

  • The Saab story is soon ready for a Hollywood movie.
    How long should the theater go on?
    Is there anything like bankruptcy transgression under Swedish law?
    I feel sorry for the employees most of all….

  • I don't know how such behavior is described in China (first presentation of a “new” vehicle and then the salaries cannot be paid ON TIME…), here in Germany I would feel totally “out of date” as an employee ! Personnel management, employee involvement are probably all Chinese. Foreign words.
    NEVS had its chance ... ..and we hope for new SAABs. Please end the Swedish drama quickly! The employees deserve to be treated honestly!
    And then: complete or SAAB 3.0 is created…. 🙂
    Until then, I think it like Tom: JOY at the existing
    Nice weekend all SAABians….

  • Unfortunately, that will also have to help for the next few years (until the third vehicle is only used for pleasure) - everyday cars will then probably become other brands …… 🙁

  • I had actually expected that for days. Because if in these dimensions comparatively silly 16Tsd € lead to the insolvency application, then where should salaries come from?

  • Actually a very sad chapter. You show a SAAB EV and behind the scenes you can no longer pay the salaries. It's all just a facade. Should have, could, but ... somehow it's enough. Actually, this thing only underlines the result of the survey. There is no mercy in Sweden when it comes to paying salaries. The death of the SAAB brand is completed very quickly.
    For the eternally long plant holidays employees can not do anything. Now the paint is somehow completely off. Very sad.
    With this action you play now also any last credit.

  • If something is really to come of it, this can only happen in the next few days - ie the negotiations must come to a positive end.

    From a renewed bankruptcy, there should be new SAAB cars rather not more.

    • Since you are right. The sooner the better. It should happen in a timely manner before the situation escalates further.

  • Instead of presenting a questionable prototype and playing the big sponsor, NEVS would have paid its employees better. The whole thing is getting more and more bizarre ...

    • Oh right, Marco.
      Unbelievable that the management does something like that.
      It must also have been clear yesterday that the Loehnen could not be paid in time.

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