Dongfeng denied

We can delete a name from the list of potential partners of NEVS. Dongfeng Motors denied yesterday in Beijing that it was in talks with NEVS or had ever run such.


A problem or a setback? Hardly, and to be objective, the name Dongfeng did not come from NEVS, but was traded in Swedish press circles and then solidified as a fact. If the opinion of the Chinese is correct, the likelihood is high, then the question arises, who sits with the Saab producer NEVS at the negotiating table.

Mahindra was approached a week ago by the local newspaper for talks with NEVS and made no comment. No comment is something of a half-baked affirmation on takeovers or participations like these. There was no statement from Trollhättan today, just as NEVS has not revealed the names of the negotiating partners for months.

Who the negotiating partners are, so is still open. Mahindra is likely, Dongfeng outside, the second name so completely in the dark. From the Stallbacka came in the morning only so much: NEVS is still negotiating with two major Asian manufacturers, negotiations are going well. And you can not name names and facts before the negotiations are completed.

Anyway, I'm not getting the word of patience out of the moth box right now. Time is running, and she's running faster than ever.

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  • I wonder if they really denied it. Is the text somewhere? The connection to Sweden is already strong through TEngineering.

  • I can tell you why Dongfeng was treated as a “partner” and this assumption was already obvious. A lot of things seem to be quickly forgotten. With the exception of Saab Parts, all Saab corporate divisions, i.e. Saab Automobile AB, Saab Automobile Tools and Saab Powertrain AB, had to file for bankruptcy. The company T-Engineering AB emerged from the former Saab Powertrain AB, responsible for engine development / drive systems at Saab. The company with approx. 35 employees (develops hybrid and electric drives, among others) is based not far from the Saab car museum on the Innovatum site. Dongfeng has held a 2012 percent stake in T-Engineering since the end of 70 and the remaining 30 percent should be taken over in 2014/2015. Dongfeng's European R&D center is already located in Trollhättan.

  • Jo, and what became of Vic's Buddy, you have also read ... It would be nice if clean money would flow into NEVS / SAAB ...

  • In contrast to NEVS, Victor smoked more clearly ... until he ran out of money. With our friends from NEVS, I would rather talk about hot steam! 🙂 Uncle Victor wasn't so bad - he almost made it if he had dealt with business administration!

  • That's easy: I have to pay wages for 600 employees. If we take an average of 2.500 euros, 1,5 millions of salary payments per month are likely to be due. Where should they come from? I'm sorry, but selling cars from stockpile Sweden to Germany or elsewhere will not help.
    The situation continues to sharpen until this point is clarified.

  • I think the time is up. There will no longer be a new Saab. Too much money and prestige was burned without meaning and reason.

  • Is there still a negotiating partner at all? Who should believe this here? It's all so secret that it's over soon. Money is pending, the production is dead, the models are years old, Phoenix is ​​not a lucky bag any more, so slowly nobody can be more interested. Unless a blender wants to do something important. Which technical highlights of the last years at SAAB are we still talking about here? The production site is getting older and older. The staff, the suppliers / dealers / customers are just left out. The IMAGE and the reputation do not last forever, despite our stamina! But eventually you have to accept the defeat with decency, otherwise you only reap pity.

  • According to the information so far, one of the two manufacturers is only interested in the licenses for the PHOENIX platform and would like to use this variable platform for its own products. He does not want to join NEVS and thus SAAB production. The money should basically only be paid to NEVS for the acquisition of the licenses - always provided that these reports are correct at all.

    The name SAAB would of course still only be reserved for products from Trollhättan - here, NEVS / SAAB shareholders (or possibly even buyers) are always traded as M&M.

  • Korea is also in Asia and their automobile manufacturers do not have much overlap with SAAB, or could use the SAAB know-how ...

  • Only the RIGHT investors have to come into play - then there is peace in the box.

    Various now snooty car manufacturers were on the brink - nobody speaks of it anymore and the vehicles are being sold like hotcakes!

  • I'm a little mean and say a Chinese less in this case, according to experience may not be a loss.

  • It can be that there is someone in Asia who does not think so fast. Russia is also largely in Asia. There are z: Ex. the gaz group with a lot of oligarchs. There was already a Saabbegeisterten Russians. Let us remember Mr Muller's buddy. Also Magna wanted to take over Opel with Russian money some time ago. When expanding the Russians are just very busy.

  • Nevs, that's kind of Victor Muller 2.0, a lot of smoke for nothing. Obviously, it's all about trademark rights and a factory. This has not had anything to do with Saab for a long time. That reminds me of companies like Telefunken or Grundig. They have not been around for years either, but they still produce devices under these names. However, that has nothing to do with the traditional brands of the past.
    They are supposed to close down the store, this back and forth is unworthy and a burden for the employees. Who, outside the very manageable Saabworld, would buy a new car there, if one can not be sure that the game does not start every two years from the beginning.

  • I've been racking my brains for months, who could be the second big Asian manufacturer:
    I'm boldly excluding all Chinese manufacturers (the wish is the father of the thought). With the Japanese, I see no need for a noble offshoot with Toyota, Honda and Nissan (cf. Lexus, Acura, Infiniti). I think Suzuki can be ruled out, Subaru is a similar - albeit more successful - niche manufacturer like Saab and I can't imagine a cooperation with Mazda either.

    What would make sense to me, would be a collaboration with Hyundai: I had once read that Bergman was active for a long time in Korea and Hyundai / Kia is still missing a noble offspring and the plans of the Koreans are more than ambitioniert.Technisches Know-How exists and if Saab served as a bridge to strengthening Indian business, one certainly would not be averse.
    But I'm afraid that here too the wish is the father of the thought ... What I also don't realize: Why doesn't Mahindra dare to do this alone? It is more than unusual for a (small) car manufacturer to be bought by 2 large car manufacturers.

  • I still see hope there, NEVS seems to be in direct contact with the blog, which is also a very positive thing. I keep my fingers crossed for all NEVS employees and ourselves that the situation is resolved soon!

  • The whole thing looks like this to me: Kai Johan Jiang has gambled away. Instead of realizing that he has blown his fortune, he tries to save some of it by conducting so-called “negotiations” in order to get something back from the money that he spent largely without result. In doing so, he risks that Saab will not only go over the Joha ... er Jordan again, but will also continue to forfeit its image, while the dubious negotiating partners can easily wait until the ripe fruit falls into their lap without Jiang contamination. It will probably take a few more weeks.

    Also sad, how few lawyers as insolvency administrators understand development costs for new technologies.

  • Thanks for the update, Tom!
    Regarding the region “Asia” I would like to point out that this continent does not only include the countries China, Japan and India.
    Even countries such as Malaysia and Iran have significant car production and producers.
    In particular Proton (Malaysia) would be interested in a European brand and the European market, as they have already been involved in Lotus in the past and already have a foothold in the market, at least in Great Britain ...

  • Thanks Tom, as always fast, exciting and up to date.
    Actually, I should work effectively here at the desk - but as with such messages ??????

  • Hello.
    As long as there is still negotiation there is still hope! The question here is what we can hope for.
    Which certainly would be interesting: Mahindra has cooperations with other car manufacturers from Asia.
    And what about Toyota, they should already have been seen there then.

    But if the salaries are not paid:

    The situation continues to grow!

    Greetings from Oldenburg.


  • I've been wondering all the time why just Dongfeng should be interested in Saab. The Asian manufacturers can only be Chinese or Indians who want to get a foot on the ground with Saab in Europe. Dongfeng has already left a footprint in PSA in France.

  • There is a lot to be said for the discreet conduct of negotiations at NEVS, but a little more detail would not make me so torturous.

  • THANK YOU Tom, for the factual information about the weekend. I'm going into the same now, with nice thoughts in my head 🙂! Greetings to everyone ...

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