Orio AB - Stable sales

Good news comes from Sweden in our mailbox after work. Orio AB, formerly Saab Automobile Parts AB, reports its quarterly figures. Accordingly, sales of original Saab spare parts remained stable compared to the same quarter last year.

Stable sales at the Orio AB with original Saab spare parts.
Stable sales at the Orio AB with original Saab spare parts. © 2014 saabblog.net

For the second quarter of 2014 Nyköping reported a turnover of 28.8 million €. Sales of original Saab spare parts remain consistently stable in all markets, with Orio aiming for additional market share in this segment. Earnings declined slightly to 3.8 million in the second quarter.

At the same time, they are actively working on further expanding the range of products to include other brands and expanding the customer base. Together with a range of technical and logistics services, the company sees itself well positioned for expansion.

Orio AB employs 260 staff in Nyköping, Orio secures additional 50 jobs at the former Saab headquarters in Trollhättan. The German subsidiary Saab supplies drivers from Eschborn in Hesse Germany and Austria with spare parts.

Anyone who has not read enough about the Saab theme after this eventful and dramatic week can discover the story of a Saab 9000 company car on Saturday on our Youngtimer Blog.

Allen Saab drivers, wherever they go, a sunny weekend!

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    I also think ORIO is a speculative object of our funny Chinese - hence the name change. They want to gain a foothold in the spare parts trade for all brands in the long term. If that doesn't turn out to be another bad speculation ... In business people usually say: "Concentrate on what you are good at". That would be SAAB spare parts in the first place! But I don't need to change my name, I need goods, sales and I have to listen to the customer! I can see from the above comments that this doesn't always happen.

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      Orio has nothing to do with our (funny) Chinese, is a Swedish state enterprise. Of course, the name change has its reason among other things in the expansion strategy. Out of the Saab world, what is and remains the core competence, there will be a multi-brand strategy. Unfortunately, many other opportunities remain unused in the area of ​​Saab, in Nyköping you may not see some gaps and opportunities in the delivery program. Incidentally, there are revision kits for engines, we have donated one of our 9-3 I Aero one.

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        Sorry - I thought Kai had already taken over ORIO for a long time - said I had read it several times ... - Error

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    I would go even further. Why not develop and offer improvements as well. For example, the 9-3 I had the Viggen variant with significantly improved aerodynamics (from 0.34 to 0.3, if I remember correctly). You could also offer something like this for other models. Or finally these wonderful clear taillights for the 9-5, which so far are only available from the BioPower in the Saab Museum. Or improved noise insulation. Or "revision kits", with which the common wear parts can be exchanged in one set, with a new factory guarantee (yes, I can imagine that something like this costs 15000 euros. But what? A new car is more expensive and has zero comma nothing the amount is written off as a loss of value).

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      The idea with the kits I find very good!

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    That's when I join in! Orio should look to reproduct all parts. For example, the original carpets. It's useless to have them on offer for 10 years, but then when the car is 20 or older, there is no original replacement. Too bad.

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    That's good news, but it would be great if you would prefer to reproduce parts instead of other brands for Saab that are no longer available. But probably that's not lucrative enough.

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