Must be read. Saabs sista strid.

Sista Striden - new Saab book
Sista Striden - new Saab book

In Sweden - three years after the end of Saab Automobile AB - the history of Saab is reappraised. It is no coincidence that a new Saab book has been published in the middle of the final phase of the election campaign.

In “Saabs sista strid”, television journalist Jens B. Nordström sheds light on what could be freely translated as “Saab's last fight”, the Victor Muller era.

In summary, he writes about broken dreams, economic madness and the greatest bankruptcy in recent Swedish history. He describes Saab as the crown jewel of Swedish industry, while Muller, on the other hand, does not get away as well. For the Dutchman, he highlights the “dark sides”, the losses at Spyker and the often somewhat questionable companions.

Circus Muller - a settlement

You have to know that the author already in 2011 under the title “Circus Muller”Had written a book about the former Saab CEO. The book, at least 320 pages long, begins with the student days, Mullers Playboy time, and continues through the Spyker foundation to Saab. The first details that have now become known from the Saab book published a few days ago appear to be piquant and shed new light on Swedish politics.

Finance Minister Anders Borg is accused of delaying the Saab bankruptcy. With the cessation of production in spring 2011, the EIB would have had to call in the loan paid out to Saab. Borg is said to have prevented this by writing a letter to the bank requesting a moratorium. The EIB responded to the request, Saab Automobile AB went bankrupt only months later 9.

The finance minister, who will not be pleased with these revelations in the middle of the election campaign, gave no statement today. But it leaves Swedish politics, previously classified as passive in the Saab case, in a more active role than expected. The discussion about the events of 2011 - they have only just started in Sweden ... more revelations could follow.

The new Saab book Unfortunately, it was only released in Swedish and has been available for several days.


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  • There is no update on salaries from Sweden. The unions are waiting for information, the lake is still resting. Stay calm, wait, drink tea. Or so.

  • Have the wages been paid yet? What kind of kit is there anyway? Landing gear ? Engine ? Corrosion? Doors? Does anyone have a clue ? I think I'll make a plan how I can get my SAAB 9-3 station wagon fit in case I have to wait longer for my new SAAB than a GDR citizen once on his Trabbi ... a tragedy!

  • And if you also know about Antonov's background, maybe it wasn't Mr. Müller who made the decision about not selling SAAB to BAIC. In any case, I find the whole thing a dark matter and I don't think, from what you read here, that we will ever learn the whole truth about what happened.

  • That would also explain why Vic didn't sell to BIAC. Antonov wanted to continue gambling ...

  • A true business crime. The book also highlights the secret funders behind Lucky Vic. According Antonov should have been involved from the beginning. Officially, 2010 was propagated its exit. Lt. However, the author of the book, Nordstroem, is said to have been on board Antonov until the time of the compromise and to have put behind the dummy investment companies Taurus and Gemini. Apparently not a problem for GM but probably one in the highest political circles in Sweden.

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