Saab 9-5 NG Navigation Update

From Saab itself there is no update for navigation in the 9-5 NG. Which is likely to be due to licensing agreements that existed between Saab Automobile AB and GM. That there is still an update to buy, is due to the GM construction kit.

Map update for the Saab 9-5 NG Navigation © 2014
Map update for the Saab 9-5 NG Navigation © 2014

The Opel Ampera, GM's flagship electric car, uses the same system as the Saab. Mind you the Ampera, not the Insignia. Because of the existence of the Ampera - and for the first time I am glad that this vehicle is available - you can use the card service. "here”Order the 2013 update.

In our case, simply select the Ampera as the model, specify the year of construction 2011. Then enter the Saab VIN - the software is now linked to the vehicle - and pay. € 249,00 is not that cheap, but there is already a mobile Nobelnavi. But the software package covers all of Western Europe, saves on cable work, and the software is legal. We already had the topic on the blog.

After two days, the navigation software is on two DVDs in front of me. The installation is simple and well described in the enclosed brochure. But the whole thing needs an extra dose of patience.

After inserting the DVD and entering the VIN, 95 minutes pass before the process, interrupted by a DVD change, is completed. “Here” gives instructions to start the vehicle and of course to let the engine run. That hurts the environmental awareness, but it makes sense. Because the battery could lose power, the consumer could switch off, the installation would then be interrupted and incomplete.

After 95 minutes everything is done, the system works as usual. No, there is no Opel flash in the display, no Ampera lettering. Only the map software was updated, the firmware with the Saab-specific software remained untouched. Is the update worth it?

As is usual in the industry, an 2013er version works with late 2012er material. In the Rhine-Main metropolitan area, the fresher material is a relief in the navigation through the cities and the price justified. Updated every two years to stay up-to-date, that's fine. Unfortunately, the Ampera 2015 is taken off the market. Too few buyers! Opel and high tech, maybe (and unfortunately) does not fit all together as expected. Updates, however, there will be a few more years. Nice way!

Finally, the question remains as to whether the update will also run in the 2010er 9-5. Because this year is not selectable at the Ampera. For lack of vehicle we could not test that Orio AB as spare parts supplier does not ask. If the navigation is running at least on the firmware version E40B, this was the current version at the time of installation at our Saab, then the update should not be a problem.

In the meantime, the Orio AB Helpdesk has released the E40D version, which fixes a number of bugs, including issues that could lead to device failure. Saab 9-5 NG drivers should urgently have the Saab partner update them to the current firmware version.

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  • Tom, I installed it today September 10th. 90 minutes and it was done. Navteq is now called “Here” and your service has been excellent. Ordered and delivered to the house two days later.

  • Tom, ordered today for a 2010-er.
    Will report later but Lafrentz claims that this could not be a problem.

  • All this is only on site at a Saab partner with server access. Dating works through the Saabparts site of Orio Schweiz AG. You will also receive an email right away ...

  • Do you have an Internet or e-mail address?

  • Online update via the servers of Orio AB, formerly Saab Automobile Parts AB. Should also be available in Switzerland.

  • above is:
    Saab 9-5 NG drivers should urgently have the Saab partner update them to the current firmware version.

    Where can I get such a firmware update? My Saab partner in Switzerland does not have a newer version

  • For EU or US version?

  • Is that synonymous with the 9-4x?

  • Bai Garmin, I get a free update 3-4 times a year within the LT subscription and all I have to do is plug the GPS into the notebook via USB, if necessary on Sunday.

  • Ultimately, this confirms my decision that it is better to use navigation programs in the smartphone, always with the latest map material, with the latest hardware, with the option of getting traffic information via the Internet, and flexibly taking it with you from car to car. At Navigon recently even with HUD, even if I think that's nonsense anyway.

    But good that at least for a while there is a solution.

  • I'll be jealous. With my Gothenburg navigation system, I need 4 DVDs and 6 hours to update it. In addition, a graphic that looks as if it had been developed in the former Eastern Bloc ... And that with a 2012 model. Saab worked much better there ...

  • Obviously because we have an 2011er Saab. We did not test 2012 and 13, why?

  • Why do you have to choose an 2011 Ampera ?? Does not it work if you have an 2012 or 2013 Ampera?

  • Thanks for the info

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