Reconstruction rejected

Update 18: 44

The Vänersborg District Court has rejected NEVS 'request to open the reconstruction process. NEVS's information on the proposed financing solution is vague and completely undocumented by the court.

Rejected, request for reconstruction
Rejected, request for reconstruction

There is no information as to how much and at what time funds could flow to NEVS, according to the court.

All that remains of NEVS now is bankruptcy. Or a miracle. The company has until the 18. September time to appeal against the decision and has announced that they want to do the same.

Because NEVS does not want to give up. The bargaining position is weaker than ever after today. Whether NEVS will survive depends on how strong the interest of the negotiating parties in the company really is. Or whether it seems more interesting to peck raisins from the bankruptcy estate.

Hard is the situation for the employees. Without a reconstruction process, there is no government wage guarantee. The unions are working on a contingency plan and will be discussing emergency loans tomorrow to cushion the worst hardship cases.


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  • What is it?
    I just got the following message

    Nevs' application for reorganization
    Fri, Aug 29, 2014 07: 39 EST

    The District Court of Vänersborg, Sweden, today August 29 approved the application for reorganization from National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB.

    The District Court has appointed Mr. Lars Eric Gustafsson, Attorney at Hamilton Law Firm in Stockholm, as administrator during the reorganization period.

    to read under:–application-for-reorganization,c9634895

  • I think so too! At the latest when Santa Claus puts presents under the tree, Saab's are produced again 😉

  • I'm not sure if that's a good idea ... They are available in the Netherlands and at dealers in Sweden. Prices will fall ...

  • The question now arises: how can you buy one of the SAAB 9-3 MY2014 for sale - is it worth it now, or should you wait until the vultures land? Does somebody has any idea ?

  • Companies bear risks, meet customer needs, are innovative, generate returns and earnings, and create jobs. ... ..Interesting that every time it goes wrong, the state or politics should be to blame. Asserting yourself as a niche supplier in a global market is not a muppet show.

  • Over is over.
    SAAB had 3 chances to "survive":
    with GM
    -with VM + Antonov
    -with NEVS + further Chinese capital ... ..
    The 4th chance get the economic “vultures”…. what an ugly thought. Hard and emotionally painful. Hard for the region around Trollhättan, hard for the local people. For me the consolation remains, e.g. To drive a wonderful SAAB 9-3 until it can no longer stay with me for rational and financial reasons. From my point of view, this can take a while 🙂 What comes next is open….
    (I will miss the nice greetings from the SAABians ..... 🙁 It has become SIGNIFICANTLY less in recent years ...)
    Good weekend! Nevertheless!!!

  • A very realistic and sober look. There is nothing to add.

    So (consuming) how SAAB developed and built cars, (almost not) advertised and sold in too small quantities - over decades under stoic disregard of economic aspects - that was already quite clear features of hobby.

    It's obvious to the cars and good for those who have one. But the survival of the brand has also been put at risk from within.

    That's why I always got the pink comments of the same mindset, in which yesterday talked about the great potential and the target group (individualists) was stylized into a huge army of tens of millions of desperate drivers who would like to uniform and like to uniform with SAABs - as if there were not the slightest contradiction in it.

    And yet SAAB might have had a chance. That GM and the Swedish state dropped the company when a never-before-seen model offensive was well prepared, with the completion and launch of which a private person (VM) had to try without any support and unsuccessful, is also very , very sad.

  • It was the Denso Navi, which was installed in 9-5 until 2009. There was no software update anymore, maps were still available until 2010. For me the DVD reader was broken. There was no interface to the I-Phone. Clearly an alternative would have been a mobile device. But I would have had no speakerphone over the speakers and cable salad. Have now a current Alpine Navi in ​​it, because I still use the vehicle for business. The BUS system was / is a nightmare. Professionals who are familiar with it are virtually impossible to find. The exchange has drawn a rat tail of other problems, from the fuel gauge to the cruise control was tinkered with mediocre result. Now I've spent enough time and it's the way it is. These experiences will be incorporated into the next vehicle purchase.

  • Already an amazing parallelism of events, when the snapped rumors are so right. Then, in both cases, politics would be guilty of destruction. At Muller, it was the non-approval of Antonov's supposedly contingency plan, and NEVS was now bailing out the Chinese regional government on corruption and misdemeanor suspicions and rejecting the people who wanted to support NEVS.

    In that regard, I do not agree with you that it all hung on Saab.

  • Quickly secure another 9-5II and order a new Volvo ...

  • But Tesla has the same problem as all electric ones. Too little reach if you really need it. And actually too much range and weight for what you need on average in everyday life. Certainly not a solution for me.
    Anyway, that's my opinion on the subject of electric driving.

  • Did you get caught in the 2007 nor the old sat nav? That would be bitter. And among other reasons why I want to get rid of my 2004 convertible soon. If there is something stuck you can deliver the coal with the wheelbarrow 🙁

  • Why zero numbers? It would certainly have become exciting what Spyker made from SAAB. Unfortunately, the air went out too. Or was GM putting too many obstacles in his path?

    The Chinese can (so far) only copy or make pre-digested. What independent there are not (yet) of them. Can (still) change. And the Chinese will have to change as well.
    Anyway, the electric model does not convince me at all. Reinstate batteries in an existing car? Sauschwer and yet a very modest range? Holiday trips impossible because too limited? Nope, I do not want to have that.

    Very good, and some of you will not love me here, I think the concept of the Chevi Volt / Opel Ampera. Short distances up to 50 km cover everyday life quite well and can be driven electrically. If it goes on vacation and thus really far away, you have with the gasoline engine unlimited range. This is in my eyes the much better project for a spoiled Central European (er, sorry, Swiss) like me. On this basis a nice convertible and I could be weak 🙂

  • A little boy asked his father, “What kind of car is that, Dad” when he noticed my parked 9-3x. “It's a Saab, SAAB”. How much I would like the little boy to have the chance to drive a new Saab at some point. The history of Saab MUST be continued!

  • please delete the comment from flor.It is an oversight.

  • flower

    The faster NEVS goes bankrupt as things stand, the better. If there really is the deus ex machina, which is rumored again and again, then this waits for the bankruptcy, and then access.

  • Just to clarify, dear Heiko: I am one of those people who are currently quite sour about the idea that NEVS has been delivering for a long time. I've just invested a large four-digit amount in my SAAB so that it will last a while. It has become so expensive, among other things, because no one, neither mechanic nor vehicle electrician with SAAB experience, is still familiar with the vehicle's BUS system and because SAAB sold me an outdated navigation system when I bought a new one in 2007 that was practically no longer updateable at this point in time. In addition, the leatherette inserts in the seats sold as leather seats, which the saddler has now repaired by hand.
    And yes, the next time I will invest my money in a valuable company and not throw windy investors.
    I do not know serfdom towards a company.
    What that has to do with XXXXXX, I like to explain.

  • Over is over!! It is a lot of fun to drive a Saab and I enjoyed it and will enjoy it for a while, if I'll take it as a third vehicle and maintain it will show! One thing is clear to me, that what I have connected with Saab, I will probably not find elsewhere! There Saab was unique because it was not just the vehicle itself, but the whole thing around it! Too bad, very, a great pity!

  • Ohohoh ... As if we didn't already know these things!
    It remains exciting - and of course hope!

  • To come to the classic question of the scapegoat in the Saab case ...

    Saab had never written continuously green numbers in the past, then at some point GM came along, which Saab did not necessarily “help” either. Then Spyker and NEVS. One can of course ask the question: Could the companies involved have reacted differently? Should the Swedish state have intervened? Should the lawyers have decided differently? And above all: Does that still have to be the case with NEVS?

    But to remain quite objective: automobile production, especially in Sweden, is expensive. Many engineers are expensive, Saab's development costs were high. All this can only be economically operated if the sales or sales volumes are correct.
    In addition, Saab had premium claims and always aimed a little at the "individualists". The target group is accordingly quite small.

    It is really sad for all of us, but to be fair: Saab had enough chances and maybe it's not that easy to position on the market. What hurts is that this debacle is happening to OUR brand. But, ultimately, it can only be said: that's economy.

    Put simply: What we do is a hobby but there are also people who have to generate income with Saab. In the past, this could never be done really well. Every halfway sensible, large car company will see it similarly. Otherwise it would not have come that far and even now a serious “savior” would be there.

    The moment has come when you might just have to let the Saab brand go inside ... purely sensible ...

  • One way or another, Saab is becoming more and more a hobby / cult / lover object. Even if there is a solution in Sweden, however, it is still unclear whether and when there will be new vehicles. The NEVS misery shouldn't spoil the fun with our vehicles ...

  • On the way in Spain - today I went on a small shopping tour - 20 km - 6 Saabs from Spain and 1 red 900 convertible from Germany - strong waving on both sides - I'll keep my two too, until they no longer want to ...

  • I am similar to my colleagues before.
    I will continue to drive my 1996 900II convertible, protect it in the garage in winter and am currently on the road with TESLA. At the beginning of October I will test drive the “S”. in my opinion this would have been the right partner for the “EV” version.

  • Up and down again and again, slowly it's enough. Such a traditional brand simply doesn't deserve that, not for the devil. Saab has always built cars outside the mainstream, not a mass product, only nobody understands that. Folks, we're not talking about VW or ………. Saab is Saab !! And with a handful of cars a week, that won't work. Saab has been away from the window for far too long. Either NEVS gets the curve (I don't think so) or perhaps a new investor understands what is important. If all does not bear fruit, let Saab die with dignity - or what is left of it - because the image is pretty battered anyway. At some point the fans' ability to suffer is also exhausted. In any case, I will cherish my convertible and and know that I drive an exceptional car.

  • I am sure that we ALL hope that you are right ... The only problem is that even if it continues and it turns into something really big, it will take time. You have to bridge this time somehow. In other words: inevitable, albeit temporary, brand changes.
    Besides, personally, I have asked for forgiveness!

  • Sorry. But the constant whining does not change anything. Nothing is decided yet and you only hear who changes to which brand. Maybe it's just the beginning of something big right now.

  • Short modified. Even if emotions are involved, which I understand well, please pay attention to the tone. Thank you!

  • Perhaps it is an unworthy term for everyone reading along here ... Or? It could even be that some of you will feel offended, dear Heiko!

  • The XXXXXX are leaving the sinking ship ...!

  • Possession! Now you should finally let the matter come to an end! SAAB can not even die properly with dignity. All unbelievable. My SAAB fleet is now in the next 2 years (5 piece) in the disarmament. One from the year of construction 2009 will drive a little longer. Save a little money and go to new shores. Nobody needs pity anymore. Everyone here tried to stay at the wheel with sportsmanship, but it's not up to self-employment here. The life goes on. Almost 4 years of stalling tactics is just too much. The German customer was down to his faithful dealer anyway no longer there. We wish our SAAB dealers every success with a hopefully good hand in the conversion. Any wild investor should not build my SAAB anymore.

  • Already sworn that he, if he wants it, will accompany me all my life. Promised!!! 😉

  • What can still shake us today? Noble Japanese is okay, we are all tolerant - as long as you stay loyal to the convertible ... 😉

  • Well finally!!!
    I do not think the news is that bad.
    I hope that finally finally the time is finally here for one
    Investor (carmaker) who is serious about SAAB, who has both the financial means and the spirit of SAAB.
    Hopefully there is currently a solution for the employees !!!

  • I could not have summarized my thoughts on the subject nicely. Unfortunately!

  • You can always talk to Mr. Antonov ... ;-)

  • I think the message is not that bad either. If there is even a chance for a new beginning, then certainly WITHOUT these zero numbers that have mixed so far. The trademark rights are still with the SAAB Group.

  • What the stupid bankruptcy attorneys (Bergqvist & Co.) say about it - probably nothing. Of course, they only have their income in mind - self-criticism of the great selection from NEVS will be sought in vain. It's a shame that these guys can't be held liable!

  • ... because as it looks, in the foreseeable future no decent car from the factory in Trollhatten will see the light of day ...

  • Since Dudenhofer had nothing to do actively that have the eager helper GM, Muller-Antonov, NEVS all by itself. SAAB not only had 7 life like our cat, but also missed 70 chances. Always close is also over.

  • In this situation, you may not find it heretical that I signed my signature today on the purchase agreement of a Japanese Nobel competitor of German premium brands with hybrid technology. Why? To better protect my beautiful 9.3 convertible. From November I will only get him out in the sunshine and on the other hand I will continue to move an individual car to the last and best state of hybrid technology.
    Please forgive me!

  • PS The boats were a failure - they were sunk in Lake Vänern.

  • The SAAB may not come back so I'm already resigned a while ago.
    And actually, I do not think that's so bad anymore.
    Because the SAAB that I prefer have not been built for 21 years anyway.

    The only thing I really like about the whole thing is that the Dudenhöfer would have been right in the end.
    That would be really bitter !!!!!!

  • Such a Shi ... .. But since hope dies last, I still believe in a miracle. It just can't be that everything should end like this

  • With what??? With prefabricated houses, kitchen appliances and light boats made of aluminum - the idea already existed at SAAB.
    Before the car construction.

  • One way or another, bring it to an end. Just do it at last. Let's hope for a sensible new beginning….

  • Hmmm ... it's all kind of no fun the last few days. 🙁

    GM, Müller, NEVS…. slowly the hope is fading a little bit more ... .. and whether that will still happen with the two "ominous" interlocutors ...?

  • So that's it then ?!
    I wish everyone a lot of fun with what is at the door. Our sabbs will accompany us in everyday life for a few years. What comes next ... I let myself be surprised.

  • That was expectable. Courts are not as good-natured as SAAB customers because only facts count. We were also served hot air for years. Let's see what's coming now.

  • END ... from NEVS - now comes the deal, or not ...

  • As it is said by the master mechanic: "We do the impossible immediately - miracles take a little longer". But NEVS managers are probably not automotive masters.

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