Relaxed Saab weekend…

In Sweden a drama is going on without end, I do not like these economic crimes anymore. Let us remember the year 2011. At that time it was about the Saab Automobile AB, the fate of a cult brand. Today, it's just an unresolved change to a possible future that we do not even know if we've liked it. The change has a name: NEVS. Not Saab!

Saab weekend, fun with our cars. © 2014
Saab weekend, fun with our cars. © 2014

The mood is still suffering, that's for sure, and our Saab soul is unhappy. Time to call! Just take a breath, take a deep breath, lean back in the comfortable Saab seat! For us it's about cars, about passion, the joy when we're on the road in the Saab. Not jobs, not investments that may have been speculated. Nothing has changed in the last dramatic days, the vehicles have remained the same - the fun of driving and owning a Saab cannot take away the NEVS debacle.

Hand on heart! Was NEVS ever Saab for us? Were they important to our daily use of cars? Has NEVS done anything for the fans?

Yesterday I discussed this in detail with Saab partners and with Orio Germany boss Jan-Philipp Schuhmacher. Saab in Germany, so the message, will continue to go its way. Aside from the hustle and bustle in Sweden, there are positive things about the brand. More on this over the next few days.

I say goodbye to the weekend after a week that was not for the faint-hearted. That will be very Saab-heavy. In a positive sense

That not only me, but also Saab workshops do the daily work with the small Swedish brand fun, which can be read in the afternoon on the Youngtimer blog.

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    in my Saab ... I'm at home.
    For me the driving feeling was and is decisive, also the light flowing design. The seats since the 80 years, to recover. Saab driving for an hour and the stress is gone. My first 900, 84Bj 16V Tu 170 PS Pure enjoyment. In between Subaru because of mountain, have always tried around with seats.
    Now the sixth Saab, 93 SC Aero XWD the circle will close! Previous owner architect, got too much family with triplets at once.
    My luck, I'm a photographer in Salzburg and car happy with this understatement.
    I've been running now it's even more fluid.
    I am grateful that there was this SAAB ENERGY.
    Will this get as long as possible for me.
    Friendly greetings to everyone

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    Hi Tom,

    do not see that too negative.
    NEVS has certainly made a lot of mistakes in the past but I think that everything turns out well.
    I wish you a great start to the week with good news from Trolliland.

    Every good play usually ends with a happy ending !!!

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      This is just not a play, but the harsh reality!

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    It's funny sometimes, first nobody from our Saab community wanted to know anything about NEVS, a little later they were the saviors and now nobody really wanted them again!?!?
    I think we have to take it as it comes or better who comes! We and our battered SAAB soul probably have no other alternative. So as always: Wait, PATIENCE and the most careful treatment of our “exotic youngtimers” from another time.
    And that Tom never loses his appetite for this blog !! (which would be understandable at the moment)

    Greetings from Thuringia

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    This time I hardly feel affected because NEVS has not put anything interesting on the wheels for me - it can only get better.
    In the meantime, we have invested a lot in our old four to keep them fit for the next few years. We can still wait and see what could come.
    And what's coming up is fun!

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    Staying relaxed is the only thing that works. The last 2 years have been for the Katz, what comes after NEVS is crucial. Maintain your SAABs!

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    Why do not I find it all that wild? Funny. I stay relaxed. Fresh money appears and everything will be fine.

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    Saabige weekend.

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    Nice weekend and good switch off!

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