Saab Turbo X Purchase advice 2 / 2

In winter, the Turbo X is hard to stop. Slopes with snow and ice are his natural habitat. Bringing him to the limit is hardly possible, usually the driver strokes the sails where the technology could go further. But before the Turbo X enjoyment comes, for all those who want to own one, part 2 the purchase advice.

Turbo X in winter, natural environment @2014
Turbo X in winter, natural environment @2014

Sports trolley or limousine

A question that everyone likes to answer to their own taste. The sedan is a bit cheaper to have than the station wagon, is a little lighter, a little more handy, but you only noticed as a sensitive driver in direct comparison. The station wagon, on the other hand, has the charm of a fast transporter. Allowed is what pleases.

Interior & Equipment

Sure, all Turbo X are black. That was it then. Many vehicles are fully equipped, have premium leather, electric seats, sunroof, adaptive headlights and Bose sound system. But not all.

The premium leather is desirable, because then the inserts of the door trim, the backrests of the front seats and the armrest of the center console are covered with leather. The Bose sound system is nice if you have it, but you do not have to. Because even 2007 had better systems; Whoever does not get one does not have to be sad. Adaptive bi-xenon cornering light is ingenious, the sunroof should be an integral part of every TX. Because only then can you enjoy the sound that makes you addicted.

Spare parts & availability

Most parts are compatible with the standard Saab 9-3. The basic service is therefore secured, that is the good news of our Saab Turbo X purchase advice. Things look less good with Turbo X specific things. The rims are no longer available in Nyköping, as is the Haldex clutch for the TX. However, this can be repaired in the event of a defect.

Attachments to the Turbo X are also rare, and the situation is likely to improve. However, there are always some parts, such as new Haldex couplings that can currently be delivered by other suppliers, not the Orio AB. A certain basic networking in the Saab scene and the Saab dealer of trust, which ideally also has a Turbo X in the collection, is therefore recommended.

Prices & availability

It goes without saying that the "price" does not exist for a vehicle that has a stock of around 90 units in Germany. Despite the limitations, there are always a dozen copies available for sale across Europe. Prices start at just under 15.000 € and go up to 25.000 €, abroad for top copies also like more.

However, as I've learned in recent months, the price is not an indicator of how good a vehicle is. There are both acceptable TX for 15.000 € and also run-down copies for 25.000 €. The fact that the Turbo X is a collector's item, has gotten around now, so tried one or the other vendors to do business with it.

When buying one should therefore always take the better copy and prefer vehicles with a clear history and maintenance. In plain language: one should avoid Feierabendschrauber and maintained by independent workshops vehicles with consequence and account of the account balance.

The TX is a complex, modern vehicle, with some peculiarities of the small series. Negligence can be really expensive. A not-maintained Haldex module costs in exchange a friendly 4.000 €, since the fun and understanding of Schrauberromantik ends. A big bow should also be made to vehicles with chip tuning, the hardware already runs in the series close to the limit, cheap tuning can be expensive. There are discounts in the price, for example, if the coveted, no longer available rims are missing. Or another exhaust system was mounted and the original is no longer available.

Who gets his Turbo X from abroad, which should clarify the exact extent of the equipment. After all, the same equipment features do not apply to all markets, and vehicles for southern Europe usually have no seat heating. Retrofitting is possible, but time-consuming, as the required cables have not been laid from the factory.

Why buy?

"The Saab Turbo X turns out to be a convincing successor to the legendary 70 and 80er Turbo models." (Autofocus 6 / 2007)

Because the Turbo X was definitely the brand's last compact 6 cylinder. Because he was also the first vehicle in the world with Haldex 4, and the first high-performance all-wheel drive Saab in series. Because it was the anniversary model for 30 years of Saab Turbo technology, and there was none left for 35 years and possibly, maybe, and anyway, nothing comes after.

The Turbo X is a strong, compact athlete, with which it sweeps wonderfully over small country roads. He exudes the lost charm of a Lancia Delta Integrale - yet another legend, just transformed into modern times. No Saab of the last years is similarly handy and unreasonable on the way, with so much fun potential.

Yes, and because the Turbo X, soberly considered, is a piece of brand history and a collector's item.


Pictures: & goetz welge

My thanks for the support in the realization of the purchase advice goes to the Saab centers in Bamberg and Kielwho answered each question patiently.

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  • The Viggen is only driven in summer in good weather and the TX for the whole year for the time being.

  • Do you already have the pictures of the TX with the US taillights?
    would very much interest me too.

  • Hi Tom,

    thank you - with your article you will hit the "TX nail" on the head without a doubt and also clearly state what is in the heart of every TX driver when he enjoys the morning cold start sound. Even if this 20-second sound orgy seems to be just a "loving flourish" on the TX, it expresses in a very sensual way what the Saab engineers had for the requirements when implementing the TX.
    Because the sound is always under the skin. And then I wish that even such a requirement for implementation on the desk would flutter - what a terrific picture in front of my eyes, if there are a handful of motor enthusiasts in the sound lab on fine tuning to work meticulously.
    Certainly that this is not the only place where SAAB could show once again what they have in Sweden, that you have impressively expressed by your description of the XWD. I had, before my purchase at the beginning of May this year, extensively informed about the turbo adaptation at TX. And then when the car arrived up here in the north, the book was opened again and in many places also the hood, to see how and whether SAAB has implemented this or that delicacy. I've usually found something - but - even with a TX had to pay some turbo features of the narrowness of an 93 engine room and were / had to be implemented differently.

    But as a complement to your comments and looking back on "my study of the TURBO drive" I have to keep telling myself - and this is also part of my TX gut feeling: it has earned me the great honor of this turbo spearhead of Saab mine Call and drive your own. My deep thanks to SAAB!

    That is why your purchase advice is the right approach to encourage more SAA lists, because even the fuel consumption of a TX can be limited with normal driving (8.x liters are always feasible with my "overland" - but: the well-known are permanently sporty 13Liter ++).
    For me, your successful purchase advice has certainly come a tad too late - but at least I could now check on the basis of that again, that I seemingly (almost) did everything right. Certainly also thanks to the energetic advice of "the SAAB car dealership from the north"

    If I now really evaluate the response to your article, then it should be a great idea to drum up ALL Turbo Xe from D´Land and the surrounding area for a meeting - I would also like to write a score for the big concert in TX major.

    Greetings from the north!

  • Written very nice and goes through my head with a bit of sadness

    Very nice car, pleasantly snappy, yet comfortable to move.

    Thank you!

  • From me no pictures Tom: ((((My TX, as well as the others soon fly into hibernation !!!!!

  • Nice that the Bamberger Turbo X has remained in the community, great combination in the garage! Always good flight

  • Moin moin Saab archive! Congratulations to this SAAB combination. If the vehicles in the weekly. Change moves or after "daytime mood" ???

  • 1999 I have the unique pleasure on behalf of my car editorial to test the then newly introduced 9-3 Viggen in detail. At that time I vowed to buy a used vigge as soon as I had the money together. 2010 finally got it! 2008 I had the pleasure to know the new Turbo X extensively on a test track and to learn to love. Once again I swore to myself, one day you will own this ingenious vehicle. Now it is time! Next week, a Turbo X will fly to my garage in the Viggen. Is there a better couple?

  • We had the Turbo X as a demonstration car. I still have the sound in my ear. The driving experience: INCREDIBLY !!

  • I got a 9-3 XWD V6 with 280 PS 6 gear automatic two weeks ago really lucky with 31 tkm :-))) and thank goodness I had years ago the luck of a rollover TX to buy the rims as this with Winter tires drove and thus the rims were spared. :-))) Is there somewhere else a price list of the Saabs from 2009?

  • Yes, a V6. In Sweden, one can move the TX really extremely sparingly, with 8-9 liters. One may / can not drive quickly ...

  • Is that a V6? My XWD V6 with Hirsch Tuning is quickly brewing 11-14 liters. It can be driven under 10 liters, but that's not fun.

  • Great report, full approval!
    Even our Turbo X after two years of ownership still a lot of fun! Currently I'm traveling in Sweden, where he has undercut the 10l / 100km brand for the first time, otherwise I come (even with restraint) never under 12,5 liters, rather 14-15.
    An important (because more expensive) point on the TX are the rear shock absorbers with level control. They were exchanged twice within two years and luckily on the second.
    Cost: 2400 €
    In no way a Kostverächter!

  • Hey Thomas, I really wanted to sell the TX in February when the 9-5 NG arrived. But there was a veto from the family, so he stayed. Today I am glad that I have kept him ...

  • A TX Fact site is a good idea, employment for the winter, before I get bored

  • Very interesting everything, Tom maybe you have to make an extra site over the TX. So premium leather was also extra? Then such an extras free TX is indeed a real cash register. Was there a printed equipment list back then?

  • I will publish these in the next few days

  • Hello,

    At the beginning I thought you had separated from your Turbo X !!! The one in the picture in Bamberg and you maintain good contacts there and then the reference to the good care. I already thought something else (sorry). But a really nice report (actually as always from you) and believe me if I do the money would have: o (would I buy one: o) !!!! Nice car !!!!!!!!!!!

    LG Thomas

  • Oh yeeeeeeeeeee, you could really get weak. Unfortunately I have no place

    But the post really wakes up wishes 🙂 Maybe, at some point ...

    Have fun for all who have the pleasure to drive a Turbo X.

  • Unfortunately, I have failed to buy rims in stock. Annoying me today, but can not be changed. I would be very happy about pictures of the TX with the US taillights, maybe the readers. If it were possible…?

  • I'm glad if it pleases. Is also one of the reports where it is fun to write

  • Dear Tom!
    A great report that makes fun on "more"!
    Thank you!

  • As the proud owner of a sports station wagon with all the accessories that were available, including Hirsch accessories, carbon interior, sports steering wheel, intercooler and US taillights, which are much more suitable and harmonious than those of the series, I can only agree with this contribution. The vehicle was redeemed on August 8.8.08th, 15000 and only has 98 km on the clock. The driving pleasure in winter on snow and ice is unique and hard to beat. Only with the premium leather of the seats you have to be extremely careful because it is extremely delicate! I bought rims and many parts in advance so that I can be covered if necessary. Another note about consumption, I only fill up with 10 fuel and the consumption is less than XNUMX liters even at high speeds or in city driving. What more could you want 🙂

  • Yes, such a Turbo X would be very nice .. but just, my collection does not allow this anymore!

    Thanks Tom for the 2 great reports!

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